Practical – MV Agusta motorcycles go up in range … and in price – Up in range and in price

MV Agusta motorcycles go up in range … and in price

Practical - MV Agusta motorcycles go up in range ... and in price - Up in range and in price

The MV Agusta price update for the end of 2013 reveals several changes: EAS and ABS are becoming more or less widespread and leading to more or less significant price increases while the Rivale, already available and soon to be tested on MNC, is also increasing….

Upgrades and prices

MV Agusta has decided to revise the price list for its motorcycles for the start of the 2013 school year. "We added the Rivale at the ex-works price of 12,590 euros, tell us the Italians before pointing out that at this price "it is equipped as standard with the EAS".

"We have also eliminated the non-ABS versions on the 4 cylinders. In 3-cylinder, we only offer EAS versions", continues the manufacturer before summarizing:"we are refocusing our offer on upgrading equipment"… which is accompanied by a more or less significant price increase, and sometimes more or less legitimate !

The Brutale 675 and 800 entry-level products are therefore now only available in the EAS ("Electronic Assisted Shift") version, ie equipped with a shifter. The price of the small 3-cylinder roadster goes up from 400 euros to 9,990 €.

MV Agusta is making a small effort on its mid-capacity model: it only increases by 300 euros and thus remains below the 11,000 € mark (see the complete page for the price of new MV Agusta motorcycles). On the contrary, the Italian firm is revising upwards the price of its future rival…

Announced at the EICMA show in Milan, the "Supermotard" is finally displayed at € 12,590, ie 1,600 euros more than expected! Difficult to justify this increase by the presence of the original EAS…

"Our core business, our DNA, is Premium", retorts to Site the commercial director of MV Agusta, Michel Schietequatte."La Rivale intends to represent a new benchmark in its segment, particularly in terms of finish. And this one at a cost"…

The site will soon be judging on parts during a first test of this 2014 novelty in two weeks, and French customers can take advantage of the big test session organized by MV Agusta on the occasion of its arrival in concession on October 26 and 27 (see the list of concessions on the next page).

The "maxi" roadsters undergo much larger price increases than their "Tre pistoni" brothers, legitimized according to the manufacturer of Varese by. MV Agusta takes the opportunity to re-level the prices of the Brutale 1090 range, recently headed by (€ 21,490).

Thus, the standard presence of ABS on the Brutale 1090 results in an increase of 1,500 euros, while it is limited to 1,200 euros for the R and RR versions. The three motorcycles are therefore now displayed at 14,490, 15,490 and 18,490 € respectively.

The same principle is applied to trackers: when they leave the assembly lines – "the cost of transport is the responsibility of the dealer, but the registration fees are the responsibility of the buyer", remind us the Italians! -, are respectively labeled at € 18,990, € 20,990 and € 25,990. That is to say 2000, 1700 and 1700 euros of increase compared to the old versions without ABS.

Like the small Brutales, the F3 675 and F3 800 now receive the EAS as standard. But unlike the F4, the F3 is not yet available in ABS version. Their prices therefore increase "only" by 400 and 600 euros: count € 12,990 for the F3 675 EAS and € 14,590 for the F3 800 EAS.

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