Practical – New prices and ABS at Suzuki this spring – Used SUZUKI

New rates and ABS at Suzuki this spring

Practical - New prices and ABS at Suzuki this spring - Used SUZUKI

In 2009, two additional models will be equipped with ABS at Suzuki: GSX 650 F and Burgman 400. The manufacturer takes the opportunity to announce its new prices, valid from April 1 to June 30: it goes up, it stagnates… and it goes down for some !

As much to announce it from the start: only two motorcycles will see their price drop in April at Suzuki … and these are not the most common: the B-King version Yoshimura and its ABS version (read).

Admittedly, the information will only interest a small proportion of the Site’s readership, but it is worth the "cost" (uh uh) of being relayed since the prices of these two roadsters will be cut by € 1,200 each, ie € 12,799 for the standard B-King Yosh ‘and € 13,299 for the one equipped with ABS.

"We have imported a hundred and there are still a few at our dealers", explains Pierre Feriti, head of communications Suzuki France….

Unlike Honda, which recently decided to face the crisis by raising the prices of almost all of its range a further notch (read), Suzuki is content to readjust the values ​​of eleven models.

Among these increases, we note for example that of the Bandit 1250 S ABS which goes from 8,749 to 8,999 € and that of the standard version which also increases by 250 € to reach 8,499 €.

The Bandit 650 S (without ABS) 2009 suffered an increase of € 300 compared to the 2008 model (which remains at € 5,749) by crossing the psychological threshold of € 6,000 – yes dad, 40,000 francs … yes grandpa, 4 million! The ABS version knows the same fate (+ 300 €) and goes to 6 549 €.

More and more ABS at Suz ‘

"As we announced at the Cologne Motor Show, the Burgman 400 will be equipped this year with ABS", confirms Pierre Feriti of Suzuki France. It is therefore in May that the scooter will land: in" Winter Pack ABS ", it will cost € 6,499. As a reminder, the Burgman 400" Winter Pack "is at 5,999 € and the basic version at € 5,799.

As for the road, it will arrive in France with ABS from April 15 and will be displayed at € 6,999, or € 500 more than the standard version. Next model on the list? "Gladius, next year", informs Suzuki.

While the prices of the 600 and 750 sports cars rise by 200 €, that of the GSX-R 1000 K8 does not budge – there are also some left in the network, some of which are equipped with Yoshimura pots – and that of the GSX-R 1000 K9 amounts to … € 14,299 !

A very well placed price for the Suzuki Superbike since it remains € 1,391 below the Honda, € 991 less than the R1 and just € 350 more than the Kawa, not to mention the Italian, Austrian or German…

"We don’t pay less for titanium", nevertheless assures Site Pierre Feriti! Asked about the reasons for such a feat, the French manager explains that"Suzuki has always maintained a very strict cost policy: there are fewer of us, we have less costs, even our salespeople drive Swift", he jokes … halfway.

"We save on general and fixed costs, but not on the quality of our motorcycles: it is a way of working that allowed us to remain profitable in 2008".

Would Suzuki therefore be better equipped than its competitors in the face of the crisis? Could the brand maintain its prices – with a few readjustments – after June 30 ?

"We cannot guarantee it 100%, however, if we had had drastic changes to make to our prices, we would have made them at the same time as everyone else, namely before the season started.", notes the French manager … It’s your last word, Pierre ?

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