Practical – The 2009 Honda prices are also increasing – Used HONDA

2009 Honda prices also increase

Practical - The 2009 Honda prices are also increasing - Used HONDA

Japanese manufacturers have announced in recent months, one after the other, price increases for 2009. Honda is no exception to the rule and the world number one is also taking the opportunity to drop the prices of these latest novelties.

"In a difficult economic context with in particular an unfavorable monetary parity, we are forced to review the prices of several models", informs the French Honda team.

After the price increases of Yamaha (read), Kawasaki (read) and Suzuki (read), that of the prices (maximum turnkey recommended) of Honda two-wheelers was inevitable. Jean-Luc Mars, CEO of Honda France himself, had warned during our – yours! – Site chat: "Concerning the price of motorcycles, it is feared that the general trend is upward"(read).

At Honda therefore, this unfortunate trend corresponds to "an average increase of 2.9%"but naturally, all the models are not housed in the same boat (see summary table below).

This almost negligible general increase of 3 points is indeed reflected in significant price increases on certain motorcycles, even striking on certain scooters, even if Honda emphasizes the fact that "great efforts have been made to maintain the prices of the Hornet 600 and S-Wing 125 for example".

Thus, the Lead 110 sees its value climb by 200 € and is now displayed at 2 190 €, a substantial increase of nearly 10%. In the economy utility segment, such an increase may not go unnoticed.

However, it is difficult to quantify the repercussions of such an increase on Honda sales in the "125 cc" sector in 2009 and it will be necessary to wait for Site’s first monthly reports to rule..

In a word, the value of the Zoomer makes the "yoyo" … Posted at € 2,490 last summer then at € 1,990 this fall (read), the friendly moped won the palm of inflation with an increase of 510 €, i.e. a price at the start of 2009 set at € 2,500.

Even the GoldWing does not undergo such an increase: +500 € for the imposing GT, which represents an increase in its price of "only" 1.8% … Proof if necessary that in life, everything is relative! The price of Deauville undergoes a similar increase (+ 2%) and stands at € 9,490.

Its false twin – they share the same 680 cc parallel twin – the Transalp, for its part, has increased by € 200 in its ABS version and € 300 in its "standard" version. We see the same increase on the Shadow Spirit 750 (€ 8,290) and on the CB1000R, whether or not they are equipped with ABS (€ 11,390 "with" and € 10,790 "without").

This surplus will not penalize the Honda maxi roadster against the FZ1 since the price of the Yamaha has also been revised upwards, but this could leave a little free field for the Z1000, Speed ​​Triple or Monster 1100.

As for the parents of the little budding "Robby Bell" – mud, sand, etc. -, they will have to add a few tickets to acquire the CRF50, 70 or 100F: respectively 40, 60 and 90 €.

As for new products, the prices of the winged brand’s SW-T400s and sports cars are now known. The new scooter will be exchanged in a few days against € 5,990 in standard version – it is roughly the same price as the Silverwing 400 it replaces – and € 6,590 with ABS.

In the CBR family, the 600 appears at € 11,490 and the 1000 at € 14,490, each being € 500 more than their 2008 models. It takes € 1,000 more to equip them with the ABS system (read).

Finally, Honda reports that "promotions are underway at participating dealers", where it is possible to find 2008 CBR1000RR at a price of € 11,990, 2008 CBR600RR at € 9,780 and 2008 Hornet 600 at € 6,390. !

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