Practical – The price of the new 2019 BMW R1250 GS starts at 17,400 euros – Used BMW

The price of the new 2019 BMW R1250 GS starts at 17,400 euros

Practical - The price of the new 2019 BMW R1250 GS starts at 17,400 euros - Used BMW

The R1250 GS, a major novelty for BMW, saw its base price rise from 16,500 euros in 2018 to 17,400 euros in 2019. This increase of 900 euros is partly offset by its better endowment and the drop in the price of packs options. Explanations.

The, like the, receives in 2019 a new engine whose displacement goes from 1170 to 1254 cc which mainly releases a variable distribution called "Shift Cam". More efficient (136 hp and 143 Nm), the GS would also gain in mechanical "roundness" as well as in consumption and control of pollutant emissions.

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  • MNC special file :

Its cycle part is renewed identically, as is its characteristic silhouette. In short: this vintage does not mark a clear break, with the exception of the mechanical aspect. The German manufacturer has however improved its standard equipment by installing the 6.5-inch TFT matrix screen and the hill start assistant..

These changes unsurprisingly impact the price of the benchmark maxi-trails, which goes from € 16,500 in 2018 to € 17,400 in 2019. MNC is eager to check the handlebars in hand if the new engine and additional equipment justify – or not – this foreseeable increase of 900 euros…

At this stage, the Journal moto du Net already regrets that several fairly basic equipment for a motorcycle of this caliber are still not included as standard: hand guards (on a trail, anyway?), Heated grips, supports suitcases or even the cruise control. 

Practical - The price of the new 2019 BMW R1250 GS starts at 17,400 euros - Used BMW

As many elements included, for example, on a 17,850 euros … The Triumph also adds a new electric adjustment of the windshield as well as an ABS sensitive to the angle and suspensions controlled by electronic, while ESA is always optional on the R1250GS.

The fact remains that other rivals also charge dearly for their services like the, which is also equipped with a variable distribution: the Italian maxi-trail starts directly at 18,490 € in the basic version and climbs to 20,790 euros in the S version. , which also carries a shifter and piloted suspensions. 

Reduced pack prices

To better pass the pill, BMW is making price readjustments of these traditional option packs, three in number on the R1250GS: Comfort (555 euros, down 10 euros), Dynamic (1,000 euros, down 510 euros) and Touring (1,585 euros, down 40 euros). 

Practical - The price of the new 2019 BMW R1250 GS starts at 17,400 euros - Used BMW

A fully equipped R 1250 GS is thus barely more expensive than the old 1200 "full options": the difference varies from 125 to 250 euros, depending on the choice of versions and colors. Some will consider that this increase is negligible in the context of a purchase on credit or a long-term rental (leasing), while others will see it as an insurmountable course: a question of point of view … and of means. !

Note that the standard R1250GS is only available in black as standard: to get it in blue, count 105 euros additional as in 2018! The "Exclusive" and "HP" variants increase the note by respectively 445 euros and 710 euros additional. 

Questioned by MNC, BMW France reveals to us that the R1250GS will "soon arrive in dealerships, as will the R1250RT". These two 2019 novelties will also be the stars of the BMW stand at the Intermot show in Cologne (Germany), where the propeller brand will not a priori present any other novelties.. 

  • MNC of September 6, 2108 : 

The EICMA show in Milan (Italy), scheduled for early November, will serve as a showcase for other BMW innovations, as for most other manufacturers. It should also be remembered that the German manufacturer will not be present in the motorcycle part of the Mondial de Paris next week, but will exhibit some two-wheelers alongside its new cars in hall 2..

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