Practical – Why Aprilia is recalling 300 RSV4s around the world – Used APRILIA

Why Aprilia is recalling 300 RSV4s around the world

Practical - Why Aprilia is recalling 300 RSV4s around the world - Used APRILIA

Aprilia’s new hypersport icon, the RSV4 sees its debut slightly upset by a recall campaign covering 300 models around the world. A simple preventive measure according to Alain Roger, spokesperson for the brand in France. Explanations.

True technological showcase of Aprilia, the RSV4 Factory (read our) and its slightly less sophisticated “road” version, the RSV4 R (read our) have badly shaken a Hypersport category until then almost entirely cannibalized by the Japanese.

Sensual, expressive and terribly addictive, this racing beast and its fabulous 180 hp V4 are also the flagship of the coveted return to the fore on the international scene of the Piaggio group. Under these conditions, the error is not allowed for the coat of arms of Noale which must absolutely erase a reputation somewhat tainted by a perfectible after-sales service….

Thus, following the problems encountered during the press presentation of the RSV4 R last November at Mugello (a defective batch of connecting rods greatly shortened the tests), Aprilia took a close look at these worrying mechanical problems in order to eradicate them. at the source, without harming the commercial career of his beautiful.

"As part of our experimental tests on the RSV 4 R and Factory engines and after having deepened the checks, we located a batch of components that did not comply with our quality standards: it was immediately intercepted and eliminated from production., explains the brand in an official letter. "However, some of these components were used in production on a limited number of Aprilia vehicles. The company has voluntarily decided to organize a recall campaign in order to eliminate the risk of breakdowns that could occur and jeopardize the safety of the user".

Cautious, the brand thus provides for nothing less than the complete and free replacement of the 999.6 cc V4 "fitted to affected vehicles". Alain Roger, Aprilia’s spokesperson in France, returns for Site on this measure relating to 300 specimens of RSV4 (R or Factory) precisely identified.

Site: Can you explain the reasons for this recall? ?
Alain Roger, Aprilia France communications manager : This is a simple precautionary measure, following the detection of a batch of non-conforming parts fitted to certain RSV4s sold around the world. Aprilia not wishing to take any risk to its customers, it was decided to purely and simply replace the engine block of the machines that received these parts..

M. N. C .: How many RSV4s are affected in total ?
A. R. : Thanks to our very close traceability, we are able to identify and recall the only motorcycles on which the incriminated batch of parts was used: it is about 300 RSV4 on more than 3000 machines already sold in the world. In addition, no motorcycle on the market has so far encountered mechanical problems: it is indeed a preventive measure on the part of Aprilia who does not want to take the slightest risk or allow doubt to germinate..

M. N. C .: Could this recall harm the image recovery on which Aprilia is capitalizing with this RSV4? ?
A. R. : No, I don’t think it affects the success of our machine. I repeat: this is an isolated fault detected by Aprilia on certain engine parts. All manufacturers are subject to this kind of more or less important recall campaigns and, I want to clarify, not all of them necessarily make them public … Moreover, Aprilia has a very good reputation in terms of reliability and it it is very rare that we are forced to recall one of our models.

M. N. C .: Are the two RSV4 models (R and Factory) meeting the success expected by Aprilia, especially in France? ?
A. R. : Absolutely ! We’re even pleasantly surprised at the expectation and enthusiasm for the RSV4! To give you an idea, nearly 50 RSV4s (R and Factory combined) found buyers in France in December, while the icy climate and snowfall did little to promote commercial activity! Given these excellent beginnings, we are targeting around 500 sales in France for 2010. Moreover, I am very happy to announce to Site readers that to support our ambitions, Aprilia has even decided that the launch price of the RSV4 R (€ 14,999) would constitute its final price !

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