Practice – NKM and environmentalists ask for paid parking for motorcycles and scooters in Paris –

NKM and environmentalists demand paid parking for motorcycles and scooters in Paris

Practice - NKM and environmentalists ask for paid parking for motorcycles and scooters in Paris -

At the request of Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet (constructive and independent progressive Parisians) and the environmental group, the Paris council reopens this afternoon a debate as old as two-wheelers in town: making parking pay for motorcycles and scooters , as provided by the neighboring town of Vincennes (94). A project that does not appeal to Anne Hidalgo … for now ?

Charging for parking motorcycles and scooters in Paris is a matter as old as it is contentious, which each time comes up against the very insufficient number of parking spaces dedicated to two-wheelers..

While "150,000" motorcycles and scooters circulate daily in the capital, the places available there amount to … "40,000", estimate our colleagues from. Even if this number would increase by about "a thousand per year", more than 100,000 two-wheelers remain mathematically on the pavement or rather on the sidewalk, where most users are used to parking less and less. tolerated.

 Practice - NKM and environmentalists ask for paid parking for motorcycles and scooters in Paris -

This imbalance and its consequences may be quite simple to understand, some elected officials are nevertheless annoyed by the fact that motorcycle parking spaces are free, unlike parking for cars. In other words: why do motorists pay for a service that the municipality offers free to bikers ? 

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The same "forget" that a motorbike occupies three to four times less space than a car, that it helps to fluidify traffic and that for many it constitutes the only economically viable means of moving between Paris and its surroundings. agglomerations. But this reality often escapes those whose journeys are the responsibility of the taxpayer, including the driver….

Bikers asked to checkout, as in Vincennes

This is the case in particular of some elected representatives of the “constructive” movement of the Republicans (the “progressive and constructive Parisians”) who are presenting today to the Paris council a proposal aiming to make owners of motorcycles and scooters pay a sticker for occupy the spaces dedicated to two-wheelers. 

 Practice - NKM and environmentalists ask for paid parking for motorcycles and scooters in Paris -

This measure also resonates with David Belliard, president of the environmental group in Paris, in favor of "the establishment of an annual package of around thirty euros" for users of these parking lots. This obligation would take the form of a sticker to be affixed to the two-wheeler, which will soon look like a display wall between the parking lot sticker and the Crit‘Air sticker. !

This project is in the footsteps of the neighboring town of Vincennes (94), which has decided to pay its 780 motorcycle parking spaces from April 1, 2018 to the tune of € 1.50 for two hours. A first in France, to our knowledge: "until then parking was free, but it seemed legitimate that users of motorized two-wheelers pay a fee for occupying the public domain like other users of the public space ", is justified by the town hall of Vincennes which considers that" the increase in travel in motorized two-wheelers "leads to" a new sharing of public space ".

Paris city hall kicks in touch

Good news for bikers and scooter riders: this file does not seem to thrill the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo (PS), who has been repeating since her election that this question was "arbitrated during the municipal campaign" and that it is therefore no question of reopening it … for the moment. Short respite therefore, but respite all the same !

His deputy in charge of transport, Christophe Najdovski (EELV), even believes that the solution would be "to continue creating parking spaces for two-wheelers: by 2020, there will be 10,000 more on the road and 10,000 more underground ", he underlines, quickly slipping over the fact that underground places are rarely free. !

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