Practice – Ride: the next motorcycle simulation video game – The ultimate new motorcycle game?

Ride: the next motorcycle simulation video game

Practice - Ride: the next motorcycle simulation video game - The ultimate new motorcycle game?

The Italian video game developer Milestone is currently working on a new game that should appeal to bikers: simply called “ Ride ”, it will allow you to pilot a hundred motorcycles on thirty circuits.. Trailers…

The new utime motorcycle game ?

Video game bikers inevitably remember the excellent Tourist Trophy on PlayStation 2. Developed by the colossal Polyphony Digital studio and based on its phenomenal Gran Turismo 4, "TiTi" for close friends included no less than 134 motorcycles to ride on 35 different circuits.

But this is more or less what Milestone intends to offer in its next video game called "Ride"! At the origin of the console adaptations of the 2014 MotoGP and MX World Championships (the WSBK fell by the wayside in 2013), the Italian team takes over from the Japanese.

Milestone took advantage of the recent Eicma show in Milan to announce the arrival in the spring of 2015 of its new motorcycle racing simulation which "will offer players the opportunity to drive more than 100 motorcycles in four different categories (Superbike, Supersport, roadsters and old) and make them roll at full speed on tracks in town, in the countryside or and on prestigious circuits".

Seven Grand Prix circuits will be on the program, as well as five routes "nestled in sublime landscapes all over the world", two routes in city centers"recreated in every detail"and a track"special where real pilots can push their own limits"…

To increase the lifespan of the game, the Italians have provided lots of accessories and parts to be mounted on virtual motorcycles: from indicators, license plate holders, mirrors or levers (!) To ECU kits, prepared cylinder heads, discs and calipers for brakes, gearboxes, rims or suspensions.

Thanks to the first trailer published on the official YouTube channel, sleuths can learn that the main motorcycle manufacturers should be present: BMW, Bimota, KTM, Kawasaki, Honda, Aprilia, Ducati, Triumph, Yamaha appear stealthily … They should be 14 in total.

In a second video, Milestone unveils its digital version of the 1190 RC8R 2014. The beauty of the graphics is simply impressive: we are far from the game of our – yours? – early childhood, no ?!

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