Presentation of the Yamaha MT-01


Presentation of the Yamaha MT-01

Presentation of the Yamaha MT-01

Vision and reality

Visions and dreams rarely come true. It happened with the new Yamaha MT-01, it made its way from study to series production. And promptly creates new dreams.

What do we know for sure about the new Yamaha MT-01? At the moment, little, but at least the most important thing: it will be on the
Intermot was presented in Munich and will start massaging Europe’s streets with its torque force from spring 2005. In addition, she looks pretty sharp
and martial. Revels in black-
silver contrasts, carries a mighty mountain of air filters and tanks that towers above the already tall engine. In the deep valley below there is a narrowly cut bench with two thick, conical silencers stretching backwards on the flanks. Streetfighter look,
a skillful game with monumentality and elegance, as it is currently very much with Naked Bikes from Benelli TnT
is popular, is indicated by the MT-01.
This makes the production motorcycle a practically loss-free implementation of the MT-01 study (see page 22 below), which caused a sensation in late autumn 1999. What has actually changed? the recordings of the radially screwed, front brake callipers, the omission of the strut on the side, does not take away from the design’s neat, brutal charm. The curve of the exhaust manifold looks even nicer than the straight pipe routing in the first draft. And the fact that the rear brake disc is no longer to the right of the sprocket does not detract from the concept.
Especially since the driving dynamics idea behind the study is even stronger
is emphasized: a huge V2 like him
was previously only found in cruisers, in
to bring out a chassis that is not just for relaxed gliding,
but is also good for real cornering action. This huge V2 was still the engine of the 1600 Wild Star in 1999, but will be a performance-enhanced 1670 in the production motorcycle that comes from the Road Star Warrior. With a 97 millimeter bore and a long 113 millimeter stroke, it already produces 86 hp and pushes 140 Nm. By moderately increasing the nominal speed from 4400 to around 5000 revolutions
should be in the M.T-01 almost 100 hp can be achieved. However, the maximum torque may then no longer be quite as high due to the increase in speed. Whatever the case, there will certainly be no lack of traction on this bummer. And because yes also the bad and big ones
are usually very well behaved among motorcycles, U-Kats and a secondary air system ensure low-pollutant thrust.
The fact that Yamaha has taken chassis construction very seriously can be seen from the fact that the upside-down fork, the large triple clamps, the brake calipers and the radial brake pump could also be found in a YZF-R1. Likewise, the rear swing arm, made as a cast part with stiffening beams, would not be a bad choice in a super sports car. As can be seen from the driving image of the MT-01 on page 20 ?? there protrudes below in front of the swing arm
a little knob in the light ??, the strut is slightly offset to the left behind the engine. The space on the left front of the engine, which was originally intended for the suspension strut mount, is now used by the oil tank for the dry sump lubrication.
Yamaha causes slight confusion when asked about the two-person operation. An emergency pillion seat ?? after all ?? can be seen dimly. Where the valued passenger should put his feet and how he should get past the exhaust pipes with his legs is not clear from the pictures. However, there is so much
crystal clear: for longer tours for two is
the MT-01 not thought of. This also makes it ideal for modern naked bikes.
Despite the proximity in some style elements ?? Yamaha is about to bring something really new and distinct to the market. No major manufacturer dared to put such an engine in such a chassis. Good for dreaming on. Imagine a well-rounded, widely drawn curve, imagine yourself hanging in the middle of the MT-01 at a crisp diagonal. And look forward to the
Moment when one of the 1670s growls in a friendly but relentlessly forward-outward torque.

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