Protections – Bering launches its electronic motorcycle airbag at a price of 490 euros –

Bering launches its electronic motorcycle airbag at a price of 490 euros

Protections - Bering launches its electronic motorcycle airbag at a price of 490 euros -

The French manufacturer Bering (Holding Trophy group) is the first to market a wireless airbag vest for motorcycles and scooters. Thanks to sensors placed on the two-wheeler, this vest sold for 490 euros (launch price) reacts in 0.08 seconds.

A real sea snake in the world of protection for bikers and scooterists, the electronic airbag without a physical link (cable) to the machine is regularly talked about … but is slow to come and line the shelves of motorcycle dealers and accessories manufacturers and scooters.

Bering (Holding Trophy group) has just put an end to this situation by being the first equipment manufacturer to offer a reliable and successful product in the form of a simple vest of less than 2 kg (1.75 kg) to be put on above a jacket or jacket (read in particular our).

Already presented at length on the Site (read in particular), the Bering electronic airbag presented this morning in Paris (see our video below) therefore arrives in a hundred points of sale at a competitive price – given the on-board technology – as expected. of 490 euros including tax for the first 500 units sold, then of 559 euros.

The insurers Axa Club 14 and Macif are already supporting the product, guaranteeing their policyholders the replacement or repair of the airbag vest after a fall..

Video demonstration: scooter / car crash at 50 km / h…

Consisting of a bag with a capacity of 60 liters which inflates in just 0.080 seconds after detecting an impact or loss of control, the Bering airbag requires the installation of two sensors (on the fork and on the frame) and an electronic control unit, the three then being paired with the BC. This pairing mission is carried out exclusively by Tecno Globe technicians specially trained by Holding Trophy "by appointment and within approximately 15 days of ordering", specifies Bering.

Thanks to electronic systems proven in automotive and aeronautics, Bering claims record reliability: the risk of non-tripping or unwanted tripping is evaluated at 1 in 10 million, for an estimated lifespan of ten years without falling (i.e. 5 euros per year). In the event of a fall, Bering recommends changing the complete device (life jacket, sensors and electronic control unit).

Shock and loss of control

Capable of differentiating between a shock and a loss of control (slipping from the back, loss of the front, high side, etc.), the Bering electronic airbag is designed not to be triggered during a fall "beast" when stationary: as long as the vehicle does not exceed 5 or 6 km / h, only the sensor placed on the fork sleeves – which is used to provide information on the intensity of the impact and especially on the deceleration of the two-wheeler – is activated, but not the loss of control sensor.

As we had already specified, the specificity of the Bering electronic airbag lies in the fact that it does not require any physical link with the machine, but also that the electronics installed on the motorcycle or the scooter can order the inflation of the bags. two different vests.

The Bering airbag vest can therefore protect the pilot and his passenger, on condition that a second vest is purchased for 290 euros. Likewise, a single vest can be connected to two different systems: a user with two frames can thus switch from one to the other without disassembly or other adjustments than those provided by the technicians during the purchase..

Bering intends to sell "between 150 and 180,000 copies per year in Europe", specifies Olivier de Roaldès, CEO of the Holding Trophy group, who also wants his project to succeed in the administrative market (police and gendarmerie bikers).

French technological advance

Asked by Site during the demonstration organized this morning Monday in Paris, during which a scooter launched at 50 km / h hits the front of a stopped car, Mr. de Roaldès did not hide from us his satisfaction at being the first to invest in this growing segment !

Because the direct competitor of the Bering airbag, the long-announced D-Air Dainese (read in particular), should only be marketed in April 2011 in its "racing" version and not before 2012 for its road version (D- Air Jacket). The latter uses the same process as the Bering airbag (opening of the vest triggered by sensors placed on the motorcycle), but its advertised price would oscillate between 650 and 800 euros..

The French brand Bering should therefore be able to count on its technological advance and its price advantage over its Italian competitors (see also our) to attract a biker population that is sometimes a tad conservative … To be continued: stay connected !

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