Protections – Medical Invent: an A.M.I.S. who wants you well! –

Medical Invent: an A.M.I.S. who wants you well !

Protections - Medical Invent: an A.M.I.S. who wants you well! -

Created by doctors from the Inter-sports medical assistance association (A.M.I.S.), the Medical Invent cervical protection collar offers maximum protection on these sensitive areas and its price makes it accessible to all.. Made in France !

Fruit of the desire of doctors to optimize medical assistance at sporting events, the Inter-sports medical assistance association (AMIS) was created in 1993. The structure brings together doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, nurses and volunteer rescuers passionate about motorcycles.

Thanks to a collaboration with Kawasaki first and now Yamaha, the friendly team has motorcycles for events such as the last Trèfle Lozerien, the Montee Auvergnate or certain events of the French enduro championship, to quickly come to the aid of the participants, whatever whatever the topography of the place and the weather conditions.

Quickly adopted and appreciated by the organizers of rallies or enduro events, A.M.I.S. also looks at the protection of the motorcyclist: on the strength of their experience as rescuers, these professionals know to what extent the protection of exposed areas is essential to avoid the worst…

This is how two doctors and a physiotherapist from A.M.I.S. create the Medical Invent structure to develop devices for the safety of the motorcyclist, including the Medical Invent cervical protection presented this year at the Mondial du deux-Roues. Using the principle of Neck Protect (read) or Neck Brace developed by KTM and BMW (read), this product is simple, light and usable in all terrain, but also on the road.

Because whether it is "off road" or during our daily walks, putting on cervical protection should become a reflex as natural as wearing a helmet: "after the head, it is the cervical spine that must be protected as a priority, quite simply because the lesions of the spinal cord and the disability that results from it are irreversible", explain the doctors of A.M.I.S.

An edifying observation but which is still struggling to find its way into the habits of most of us: however, the Medical Invent does not present "no discomfort when using"(it will even replace your fleece neck warmer in winter!),"reduces fatigue and helps support the head by the support between the helmet and the shoulders". Made of hypoallergenic material, the protection will suit the most sensitive and its ingenious micrometric rack locking system allows optimum ergonomics..

All the more so as Medical Invent has succeeded in the feat of offering its product at a particularly reasonable price: offered at 89.60 euros including tax (shipping costs offered in mainland France) on, this cervical collar only has advantages !

Better still: the protection system is recognized by the Mutuelle des Motards, which offers preferential rates to its policyholders who hold them. Awareness on the part of motorcycle professionals, fully aware of the extent of the damage in these highly exposed areas…

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