Rideet app: analyze, track, secure

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Rideet app: analyze, track, secure


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Rideet app: analyze, track, secure

Rideet app
Analyze, track, secure

The Rideet app is intended to make the motorcycle experience smarter and also safer. A smartphone app and a data dongle for the motorcycle are combined.

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With Rideet One, another smart motorcycle assistance system is pushing its way onto the market, which is intended to further improve the driving experience and also make it safer. Like many of its competitors, the Italian supplier Rideet relies on the interaction of an app for the smartphone with a hardware component that is directly connected to the motorcycle.

Comprehensive data evaluation

Rideet One enables the cloud-based exchange of information between rider and motorcycle. The intelligent Black Box Rideet One, which is permanently installed on the motorcycle, records all relevant data and parameters of the motorcycle. The functions are not limited to the determination of essential parameters such as speed, acceleration or duration of a journey, but also to view, save and evaluate extensive status information on maintenance, service activities and lean angles.

Rideet app: analyze, track, secure


Help in an emergency

Algorithms based on artificial intelligence recognize accidents and trigger emergency messages via SMS including position data and important medical information. The integrated SIM card guarantees worldwide connectivity as long as a cellular network is available. In addition, an anti-theft device informs the owner of an unplanned movement of the motorcycle via push notification on the smartphone. In addition, the module sends real-time position data and is compatible with Amazon Alexa. The installation of the compact black box does not require any special knowledge or a workshop, so that every biker can do it himself. All that is required is a connection to the vehicle electrical system.

The Rideet One package is available for a price of 249 euros including usage fees for one year. The year of extension costs 50 euros. The Rideet One package can be obtained from the manufacturer or, in the future, from specialist retailers and large chain stores. The corresponding contracts are currently being negotiated.

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The Rideet app collects a lot of data and makes it available for analysis. This should make the motorcycle experience even more intense. There is also an automatic emergency call and an anti-theft device. The smart experience must be worth around 250 euros at the start and then another 50 euros annually.

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