Road – Test Turismo Veloce Lusso: with weapons, without luggage – A Turismo Veloce plus, plus, plus

Turismo Veloce Lusso test: with weapons, without luggage

Road - Test Turismo Veloce Lusso: with weapons, without luggage - A Turismo Veloce plus, plus, plus

Six months after participating in the official launch of the Turismo Veloce 800, Site went to MV Agusta in Varese (Italy) to test the high-end version nicknamed “ Lusso ”, equipped in particular with electronic suspensions… Andiamo !

A Turismo Veloce plus, plus, plus

At the end of April 2015, Site had traveled to the south of France to try an MV Agusta like no other: the first motorcycle from the Varese firm – of the modern era – made for tourism (read our) !

Turismo Veloce Lusso: availability, colors and prices

  • Available: immediate in the

  • Colors: Red and Silver, or White and Gray

  • Price: 17,790 €

Our readers – who travel through time without Delorean but without faltering – remember it as if it were yesterday: MV Agusta’s unprecedented road trip had us thrilled with its convincing Tre Pistoni 800, its compact size, its quickshifter – "up and down", per favore! – and its sublime line.

Side weak points, we unfortunately found the price of the beautiful Italian too high (20.05 € per cubic centimeter, against 11.81 on an MT-09 Tracer, mamma mia!), Its rear axle too moving, its tiresome mechanical noises and its limited motorway comfort…

At the end of October 2015, Doc and Marty McFly unload the Journal moto du net this time in northern Italy, in order to test the high-end version of this "bella macchina": the Turismo Veloce Lusso !

Like the standard "TV", this deluxe version had been on the MV Agusta stand at Eicma and again on the same Milanese catwalks. In all, we therefore had to wait three years to put the gloves on this bike. It was time !

When we discover it in the courtyard of the MV Agusta factory – based on the shores of Lake Varese, in Lombardy – the Lusso seems more beautiful to us than the Turismo Veloce "quite simply". The two motorcycles are however scrupulously identical…

The reason for our – new – love at first sight is simple: if the inevitable red and silver MV Agusta is available in both versions, the gray of the standard is replaced on the Lusso by a sparkling white, which goes perfectly with the frame – and saddle stitching – red.

The Turismo Veloce Lusso, more beautiful thanks to this simple color? Site recognizes that this remark is highly subjective … So let’s move on to more concrete considerations: the equipment is more complete, the price higher. Nobody can deny it.

More beautiful, more equipped, more expensive !

Already damn well equipped, the Turismo Veloce receives four additional accessories with its Lusso name: "the central stand, the heated grips, the GPS sensor for our dedicated application and, its best asset, the electronic suspensions", lists the Italian press manager.

Please note, as last April, the suitcases fitted to our test vehicles are not part of the original equipment: "they are available in our accessories catalog", informs our interlocutor, Daniele Torresan.

Made by Alfa Plast – Italian company that produces motorcycle helmets, funeral urns and many more! -, the 30-liter cases always house a full-face helmet, without increasing the total width of the machine (900 mm on the handlebars) and without increasing the number of keys (two additional barrels are automatically supplied with the motorcycle).

"Our designer Adrian Morton had placed the suitcases at the heart of the project", reminds us Signore Torresan. As proof, this had led the Briton to design for the Turismo Veloce a particularly fine, perforated rear buckle. Superb..

It is all the more difficult to understand the decision taken by MV Agusta not to include these suitcases in the original equipment of his Touring motorcycle, and all the more so in that of the "over-equipped" version on which it is no longer missing. big thing (the consumption calculation maybe?).

Displayed at 955 € on the official MV Agusta France website, the pair of suitcases pushes up the total bill for "our" Turismo Veloce Lusso to 18,745 € (or 23.49 € per cubic centimeter to take up our previous value scale! ).

During the launch in St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat of the Turismo Veloce "quite short and a little cheaper", the Italian officials tried to justify the price of their future Lusso by comparing its equipment with that of its cousin in Bologna, the Multistrada S…

"Certainly our main opponent has ABS on the angle", observed our hosts,"but it does not have an up & down quickshifter, the suitcases are also optional, as are the central stand and the heated grips which are fitted as standard on our Lusso".

In his argument, MV Agusta also underlined the 20 kilograms which separate their machine from that of Bologna (respectively 192 and 212 kg dry), as well as the two additional liters of their tank (22 liters against 20, see our technical sheet last. page).

Estimated at 19,540 € by MV Agusta at the time – displayed today "from 20 190 €"by Ducati -, the Multistrada is a step above price question … But compared to the displacement, the price of the Ducat ‘is not that inflated: 16.31 € / cc.

Varese’s men quickly passed over the engine performance of the two rivals. Fairplay, they still indicated on their file that the 1198 cc Testastretta DVT develops 160 horsepower and 136 newton-meters … 50 hp and 53 Nm more than the 798 cc Tre Pistonni !

On this specific point, MV Agusta would have benefited from comparing the maximum values ​​of their Turismo Veloce with those of the sister of the Multi ‘, the Hyperstrada, of which the 821 cc Testastretta 11 ° produces 110 hp and 89 Nm … match would then have been much more balanced.

But MV should have admitted that the "small" Ducati is 10 kg lighter than their "standard TV", and that the price of the Bolognese is more reasonable: 13,050 €, for a comparable electronic arsenal (ABS, DTC, 3 modes engine) and inferior but acceptable Touring equipment.

However, the time has not come for the comparison between MV Agusta and Ducati! Invited to the official launch of the Turismo Veloce Lusso, Site focused on the specifics of this – very – high-end model compared to the standard Turismo Veloce.

Before you start reading the second page of this test, MNC therefore advises you to re-read our previous one … Is it done? So let’s get on the Lusso !

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