Second hand advice Yamaha Vmax

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Second hand advice Yamaha Vmax


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Second hand advice Yamaha Vmax

Second hand advice Yamaha Vmax
Max the last

In 18 years of sales, the Vmax mutated into a cult bike. The last new vehicles are now being sold. Get it quickly or rely on the used market?

Peter Limmert


The beginning was rather difficult. Who the Yamaha Vmax 1985 in Germany had predicted that it would take on the status of a cult super monster bike in the mid-90s, which all experts would only have smiled gently at. In any case, the Yamaha branch, which was still operating under the name Mitsui at the time, did nothing at all against the increasingly lively parallel imports for a full ten years. It was only after pressure from angry dealers that the decision was made to take the still lucrative business into their own hands.
However, the prospect that gray imports would dry up in 1996 was not all that rosy. In view of the voluntary self-restraint, the official importer had to leave around a third of the spectacular muscle mass of 140 hp in Japan. It was not until 1999, after the restrictions were abolished, that the Neuss branch was able to attack with full performance, but also almost 2000 euros more expensive than the gray competition. So much for the origin of the local stock, which amounts to more than 6,000 specimens, either imported from North American contingents or imported directly from Japan.
The imposing V4 engine leaves fewer unanswered questions. Originally in the rather phlegmatic touring ship Yamaha XVZ 12 installed, it is considered to be convincingly cultivated. Those interested in Vmax should know whether they want to appreciate the bad boy image in the throttle version or openly. Because without the booster? a servomotor releases a larger cross-section from 6000 rpm between the opposite intake ducts ?? the additional horsepower cannot be mobilized. The 2EN version imported by Yamaha does not have this V-Boost, only the 2LT version can release the full thrust by connecting a cable and removing the throttle valve stops. Second-hand buyers who want to enjoy the full smoke without financial outlay must buy the 2LT version.
While everything on the engine side is in the green thanks to its great mechanical reliability, up to 1995 there were already destroyed regulators, defective alternator windings and failing ignition control units. From 1996 onwards, reinforced alternators and a heat-resistant rectifier ensured electrical peace.
The factory did not want to do anything on the chassis of the Vmax. Its weaknesses are legend, but a patent recipe is difficult because various series variations can occur in all vintages. The sometimes generous manufacturing tolerances for the steering head and swing arm bearings, and the lack of wheel alignment with a deviation of up to 15 millimeters significantly reduce the straight-line quality. Companies like Emil Schwarz, Egli, Fischer, Kainzinger and a few more have a good reputation in the scene and can provide effective remedies for good money.
In the show sector, of course, there are still much greater possibilities for operation: 17-inch rims with 200 mm slippers, wider, more stable swingarm and telescopic fork, three wheels (teams or trikes), drilled out motors and even supercharging ?? everything is represented that makes Vmax riding even cooler.
For the cheapest ticket to the fan base, of course, an ordeal 98 hp copy of the 2LT version will do the job. During an extensive test drive, primarily assess the chassis, and whether you want to belong to the touring or macho faction, age and account balance may determine.

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Second hand advice Yamaha Vmax

Second hand advice Yamaha Vmax
Max the last

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MOTORCYCLE Checkpoint – Yamaha Vmax

Buy-a-second-hand data box descriptionMOTOR: Water-cooled four-cylinder, four-stroke, 70-degree V-engine, two overhead, chain-driven camshafts each, four valves per cylinder operated by bucket tappets, displacement 1198 cm³, rated output 103 kW (140 PS) at 8500 rpm, maximum torque 101 Nm at 3000 rpm, constant pressure carburetor, 0 35 mm, contactless transistor ignition, no exhaust gas cleaning, electric starter, five-speed gearbox, cardan chassis: double loop frame made of tubular steel, telescopic fork, standpipe diameter 43 mm, twin-arm swing arm made of tubular steel, two spring struts with adjustable spring base and rebound damping, double disc brake at the front with four-piston calipers, 0 282 mm, rear disc brake, 0 282 mm, spring travel f / r 140/100 mm, tire size front 110/90 V 18, rear 150/90 V 15 SEAT HEIGHT: 780 mm WEIGHT FULLY FUELED: 285 kg PAYLOAD: 195 kg TANK CONTENT / RESERVE : 15/3 liters 0-100 km / h solo 3.3 seconds MAXIMUM SPEED solo (with pillion passenger): 232 (221) km / h CONSUMPTION: 6 to 10 liters / 100 km normal SERVICE INTERVAL LE: every 6000 kilometers CONSTRUCTION TIME (NEW PRICE): from its international debut in 1985 in Germany only offered via parallel importers; Only officially imported from 1996 onwards. 1996 (9525 euros) until today (10760 euros) USED PRICES ACCORDING TO THE JACKLING LIST: 1996 (52700 kilometers) 4150 euros1997 (44300 kilometers) 4450 euros1998 (35900 kilometers) 5250 euros1999 (27500 kilometers) 5900 euros2000 (19100 kilometers) 6750 Euro 2001 (10700 kilometers) 7675 Euro STOCK: approx. 6000 pieces IMPORTANT TECHNICAL CHANGES: The officially imported from 1996 onwards Vmax there were two models. Version 2 EN had no booster and 72 kW, with the 2LT model the booster for the declared 103 kW version had to be activated. In 1993, the version imported at the same time had the brakes of the FZR1000 model and a stronger telescopic fork with 43 instead of 40 millimeters Diameter. 1996 alternator and rectifier were modified. STRENGTHS: – super powerful engine- up to 160 km / h comfortable seat position- surprisingly manageable WEAKNESSES: – high-speed swinging- chassis weaknesses- very small fuel TESTS IN MOTORCYCLE1: Test 9/1985Comparison test 13/1985Comparison test 22/1990Used 10 / 1995 Test 6/1996Comparative test 19/2001Spare parts pricesCarpet partsClutch armature 127 eurosHandbrake armature 109 eurosHandlebar 82 eurosRear-view mirror 39 eurosBront indicators 30 eurosRear indicators 30 eurosTachometer 144 eurosTachometer console 224 eurosTank 259 eurosSide light 215 eurosFork stanchion at front 221 eurosFront tube front light 215 € 1156Fork rear wheel 221 € 499 men complete 1749 Euro wear parts front brake pads (complete) 39 Euro rear brake pads 34 Euro front brake disc 266 Euro clutch friction disks 87 Euro air filter 34 Euro oil filter 10 Euro battery 96 Euro shock absorber, set 512 Euro speedometer cable 12 Euro gas cable 17 Euro fork sealing rings 17 Euro Euro 297 valve seat bearing, rear wheel bearing set, Euro 677 Steering head bearing, 3 Euro steering head bearing

Readers’ opinions – Yamaha Vmax

“With fork bridge, steering head and swing arm bearings from Schwarz, Fischer 17-inch rims and Ohlins spring elements 90,000 trouble-free kilometers” Gerhard Sauer, Neuburg

“The designers were ahead, including the engine developers, the trainee was responsible for the chassis.” Roger Feldmann, Hanover

Insider interview with Fritz W. Egli – Yamaha Vmax

? As a Vmax pioneer from the very beginning, are you still fascinated by the concept? Yes, without reservation, because my world is not plastic-clad machines with the look of painted Easter eggs. The Vmax uniquely combines sheer thrust, smooth running and technical purism. Are chassis weaknesses? Fork, non-round steering head bores, imprecise wheel alignment ?? still topic? Despite minor improvements in 1993, the Vmax remains a moody woman who wants to be treated properly. However, if you overdo it when you accelerate, you run the risk of damage to the connecting rods? If you think you have to keep turning the agitator at 9000 rpm, we have Carillo connecting rods for you? or a rev limiter.? Are there serious rumors about a Vmax successor? Rumors are better when you don’t know for sure whether they are really true.

Improvement tips – Yamaha Vmax

Chassis Before wild and cost-intensive modifications are made, every Vmax driver should better analyze with a trusted expert which chassis weaknesses are bothering him and how they can be remedied financially relatively cheaply. It is primarily important that the steering head and swing arm bearings work without play and that both wheels are aligned. Specialist Emil Schwarz installs high-quality bearings for around 360 euros and adjusts the wheel alignment one hundred percent with backlash-free seals for the swing arm bolt for an additional 50 euros. Its special fork bridge at the front at a price of 500 euros for the top and bottom brings even more peace. Despite the stronger 43 millimeter telescopic fork installed in gray imports from 1993 onwards, many Vmaxers choose more progressive, sometimes longer fork springs for a more stable front wheel guidance (Ohlins, White Power, Wilbers, Wirth from 75 euros and up). Instead of the original suspension struts with too slack compression stage damping, Vmax specialist Fischer offers suspension struts (Bilstein, Koni, Ohlins, White Power, Wilbers) from around 260 euros. Egli in particular has Koni struts with adjustable damper valves on offer for around 390 euros. If you are looking for a wider rear wheel rim not only for the brutal look, but also for optimal handling, you can choose a 5.00 or 5.50-18 rim (in exchange from 1420 euros at Egli) in order to get maximum grip and lateral guidance with the Pirelli MTR 23/24 or Metzeler Z 4. The inexpensive trick with this solution: The 18-inch front wheel can be left as it is. The flat series brakes can be optimized with a Brembo Racing four-piston caliper and brake discs as well as Spiegler steel-flex lines (all from 2300 euros) A liter tank in the rear is not enough for touring riders with the well-known thirsty Vmax. From F. Marz and Egli there are additional tanks from around 1000 euros, which are installed instead of the dummy tank. BRM offers a 20 liter plastic tank for the rear for around 500 euros. The new digital multifunctional device Motoscope (see photo), which also shows oil pressure and temperature with connections, is available from the Berlin Yamaha dealer Motorradtechnik Reisberg from 404 euros relate.

Addresses – Yamaha Vmax

Importer GermanyYamaha MotorTelephone 02131 / 20130www.yamaha-motor.deImporter AustriaTelephone 0043 (0) 1 / 8651503www.yamaha-motor-europe.comImporteur SwitzerlandTelephone 0041/9266111 www.yamaha.chFahrwerkBilsteinTelephone 02333 / 7910www.bilstein.deBremboTelephone 0041/9266111 www.yamaha.chFahrwerkBilsteinTelephone 02333 / 7910www.bilstein.deBremboTelephone 02333 / 7910www.bilstein.deBrembo Telephone 02504 / 73440www.brunegmbh.deOhlins Telephone 08669 / 8660www.zupin.deSchwarz Telephone 07181 / 995290Spiegler Telephone 0761 / 611010www.spiegler.deWhite Power Telephone 05924 / / 04wirthTelephone 05910 .deUmbauten / TunerBRMTelefon 07161 / 39300www.basler-etd.deEgli-MotorradtechnikTelefon 0041/56667 / 2360www.egli-racing.chImporteur GermanyTelephone 02371 / 25292www.egli.deFischerTelefon 02236 / 1262www.motorradfelgen.comKainzingerTelefon 06205 / 28ME Motorrad EhrenTelefon 02151 / 700333www.mek.bizMotorradtechnik ReisbergTelephone 030 / 75702773www.reisberg.deZweirad-Technik F.MarchTelefon 06551 / Ges breakdowns and trikesRTM-FahrzeugtechnikTelefon 08333 / 3939SauerTelefon 04644 // 893www.sauer-sidecar.deWalterTelefon 05683 / 06371 / 18637www.corbin.deDeget RacingTelefon 02235 / 77G114www.wwweget33 .deget.deSpare parts via InternetNatuschke and LangeTelefon 04221 / 65070www. yamaha-parts.dewww.vmaxxers.netYamaha-Vmax driver community of more than 700 members www.dievmax.dePrivate homepage with a lot of information, technology and tips

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