Styrian GP – Riders explain themselves after the 2020 MotoGP Styrian Grand Prix –

Riders explain themselves after the 2020 MotoGP Styrian Grand Prix

Styrian GP - The riders explain themselves after the MotoGP 2020 Styrian Grand Prix -

Fifth round of the 2020 MotoGP season and second race in a row on the Austrian circuit, the Styrian GP marks the first victory for Miguel Oliveira, the first victory for a Portuguese rider, the first victory for Tech3, the incredible jump from Viñales… and the difficulties of the two French, even if Fabio Quartararo retains the lead in the standings and Johann Zarco finishes in points. Explanations.

Winner: Miguel Oliveira, KTM Tech3 (9th in the championship)

"First of all, I wanted to make sure it was the last lap because during the whole race I couldn’t see where my stand was and I didn’t know if the fourth was really close to me or not. … So I was completely focused on what was going on ahead. When I got to the last lap I saw that Pol had started to keep a pretty defensive line and I thought they could both lose a lot of time, so I was able to enjoy it.

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On the last corner I let them both fight and just went inside. When I saw the checkered flag and no one around it was just pure joy! I’m very happy to give this team their first victory, they are very human people, very professional guys in all areas and they really deserve it. We deserve this victory, after all the difficulties we have gone through since last year. This year we arrived with a lot of potential but we didn’t really manage to materialize, but it’s finally there. I am happy to be one of those who donate this trophy to the team. A big thank you to all the people who believed in me starting with my family, everyone in the team, the sponsors and the Portuguese public. Thanks a lot for your help ! It is a historic day for me and my country and I am happy to live it here, at KTM and Red Bull ".

2nd: Jack Miller, Ducati Pramac (3rd in the championship)

"Well, it was really a roller coaster! Friday I’m the fastest in the first few tries and I’m really confident, Saturday I find myself in the gravel after crashing in FP3 and injuring my shoulder and I wondering if I could race. And then Sunday … I finished a few steps away from my second MotoGP win, my first in the dry, and… yeah, you saw what happened…

OK so I can be disappointed that this didn’t turn out, especially after leading most of the restarted race on a track that suits our Ducati, but after what I felt on Saturday … Careful don’t get me wrong no, it’s never satisfying to be so close but it’s still two podiums in two weeks, my very first second place in MotoGP, and now I’m third in the championship !

The second race, the sprint race, ended very quickly – 12 laps, much like in the days of the Australian Championship! I thought it would play out between me and Pol for the last lap, I didn’t know Miguel was that close and when I passed Pol I thought I would win … but anyway it’s a great result. I took the lead and tried to close the doors I heard Pol just behind so I braked as hard as I could in the last two corners.

Miguel clearly took me by surprise because I thought it was between Pol and me. I congratulate him and the Tech 3 guys on their very first MotoGP victory. It’s huge for Herve Poncharal, for Miguel and for Portugal, it’s huge for him to be their very first MotoGP winner. Well done to him! He was there to pick up the pieces, he made the most of the chance we gave him so I congratulate him. ".

3rd: Pol Espargaro, official KTM (10th in the championship)

“Anyone can win those kinds of races! It’s pretty crazy. I fought with Jack until the last corner and Miguel got to enjoy it, but it’s racing. It was a great race. , we got on the podium and I’m really happy ".

4th: Joan Mir, official Suzuki (8th in the championship)

"Today the luck was really not on my side, but the good thing is that I was very fast. The truth is that in the last corner Pol came out very wide, outside the limits of the track, and opened the throttle. I didn’t see him very well, but I thought he would be penalized by the race management for that. It’s a shame and I’m not happy with the inconsistency of the rules I felt good all weekend and in the first race I felt I could win for sure but in the second I had to come away with the worn tire and it was very difficult to stay with the others drivers. I gave everything I could, but in the end I could not do better than fourth. I will try again in Misano! "

5th: Andrea Dovizioso, official Ducati (2nd in the championship)

“Unfortunately, the day did not go as I had hoped. In the first race I had problems with the tires and I did not feel like I was driving well. Luckily with the second start. we were able to make another choice of tires and it gave me the feeling I was used to. Despite this, in the second race I was not fast enough out of the turn and that prevented me from We will have to work hard to improve this aspect in order to be more competitive on other tracks. This fifth place today brings us closer to the top of the standings (3 points behind Fabio Quartararo, Editor’s note) and now we must continue to be consistent and to progress in the next races ".

6th: Alex Rins, official Suzuki (13th in the championship)

"I led in the first part of the race, but it was extremely difficult to overtake Pol even if I managed the situation. Then in the second I made a big mistake at the start because I released the clutch very quickly and the rear skated, so I lost a lot of ground and it was difficult to come back up. I still managed to get sixth place and therefore some important points and the bike was running really well. shoulder was a bit sore today, but now we have two weeks without a race so hopefully in Misano the pain will be less. I can’t wait to be there! "

7th: Takaaki Nakagami, Honda LCR (6th in the championship)

"Of course, we are a little disappointed to finish in 7th position. It’s a shame that there was a red flag, but this is the race. As you have seen, in the first race we had everything under control and we were on the podium. I even thought I could win. Unfortunately the race was stopped and restarted for 12 laps. Anyway I did my best in both races? It was a fantastic weekend overall, although we could have won the first race. We are looking forward to the next one in Misano where we can still fight ahead. I want to thank my team, all the guys did a very good job this weekend and we’ll see how the next Grand Prix goes ".

8th: Brad Binder, official KTM (4th in the championship)

"It was a good race. The first part went very well and I gradually gained ground. Being 6th was already great, I felt really good, but unfortunately with the red flag and the new start I didn’t make the best tire choice. I had a really hard time braking even from the start in turn 1, but I was able to come back to 8th. Overall we can be happy. did my best and the bike was fantastic. The team worked really well and I’m really looking forward to the next race. I think we can do a good job at Misano ".

9th: Valentino Rossi, official Yamaha (7th in the championship)

“I knew we would have a little trouble here, especially the second weekend because all the other manufacturers and drivers were stronger and able to improve their pace after Spielberg’s first race weekend. worried because although we knew this track was not great for us, we were hoping that the gap to the others would be smaller, so it was a tough race, with red flag again. Fortunately Maverick was able to jump off his bike in time, but it was a very scary moment. During these last two weekends we were at the limit with the brakes, especially with the Yamaha. I already had a problem with the braking last week and this week we modified it, in collaboration with Brembo. In the first race the brakes were not great, but in the second race they were good and I didn’t have any particular problems. Now we have to work and hope that on others circuits like Misano we can be more competitive. I live very close to this circuit so it is easy for me to access the track. We hope to be more competitive there, because last year we were strong (editor’s note). We hope to be able to fight for the top spots again this year ".

10th: Iker Lecuona, KTM Tech3 (17th in the championship)

"I’m obviously very happy to finish in the top 10 again. In the first race I passed a lot of drivers, I had a very good pace and I was ninth. The best for me was to pass Rossi, because he has always been my idol. This moment was very important for me! In the second part of the race my start was not great, I lost a few places but I came back and I stayed in 10th position with nice fights. I’m really happy. Thanks to my team, thanks to KTM for the opportunity and congratulations to Pol and of course to my teammate Miguel! "

11th: Danilo Petrucci, official Ducati (14th in the championship)

"Unfortunately, both in the first and in the second part of the race, I could not gain places after the start and had to stay behind my opponents. Before the red flag I had managed to find a good rhythm and I was trying to close the gap on the group in front of me, but at the restart I did not find the same conditions. For the next GPs, we will have to finally get a good qualifying position to make the difference in the first laps ".

12th: Aleix Espargaro, Aprilia (16th in the championship)

"I’m happy, especially with the second race because we kept an excellent pace. We could have fought in the top 6. It’s a shame that problems in qualifying forced me to start from so far away. starts the race with a gap like that, catching up is very complicated, even when we turn very quickly. In any case, we leave this difficult track for us with some progress compared to last year (, Editor’s note). am convinced that our potential is higher. Unfortunately, so far we have not been able to fully exploit it for one reason or another ".

13th: Fabio Quartararo, Yamaha SRT (1st in the championship)

"It was more difficult today than we thought. I was behind a lot of riders in the race and we saw that the potential of our bike was not that huge compared to the others. We were losing a lot of ground. in different areas. We have to find the solution because it will be a problem in Barcelona, ​​Aragon and Valencia where there are a lot of straights. This is something we have to understand in order to be able to improve it. I am really waiting with it. impatience when we went to Misano because we should be better there. It was not very fun riding here today! The good thing is that we are still leading the championship. We have to be on the podium in the next races and rediscover the sensations we had in Jerez. This will be the main objective for Misano ".

14th: Johann Zarco, Ducati Avintia (12th in the championship)

“I’m happy. During the race I fought to get the best possible pace and gain positions and it took me six laps to catch up with the group. At one point in the race I felt pain at my hand but during the red flag I was able to cool down. The second start was good, I stayed in the group but I still have to improve the overtaking. I’m proud of my team. It was a good one fight with Quartararo and I passed him, but he was very strong on the brakes. I’m happy because it’s been a difficult week and I’m finally entering the points. Now we have to integrate all that and come back stronger to Misano ".

15th: Franco Morbidelli, Yamaha SRT (11th in the championship)

“It was a tough race and a weird weekend. When we were alone on the track and could take the lines we wanted, we were pretty quick. However, in the race with the other bikes we ended up ride at their pace and couldn’t attack. For me it was about riding to the end without much drama to get the point for 15th place. This is an encouraging point after the events of last weekend "Now I can go home and rest a bit before heading to Misano. It’s a completely different track, very twisty, and that’s the type of track we’ve been pretty quick on so far. Hope we can be quick there ".

16th: Alex Marquez, official Honda (15th in the championship)

“I learned a lot today, although the result is not ideal. I followed a lot of experienced riders and learned a lot from them. I wish Maverick all the best, he seems to be doing well but it was a really scary fall seen from behind. I see a lot of positives in this race, I had a better feeling and now we can improve some specific details. I have to continue to refine my riding style and that is Misano’s goal. These three weeks have been intense and now we will have to recharge our batteries ".

17th: Cal Crutchlow, Honda LCR (21st in the championship)

"Today is pretty much what we expected from this race. I qualified 17th and I finished 17th, so it’s not the best day of my life. Since yesterday I wanted to improve the bike, but it looks like we weren’t really successful. I felt better in the first part of the race than in the second, probably due to the choice of the rear tire (I used the medium in the first race and I felt a little better than with the soft rear tire). In the second part the bike was moving a lot under acceleration and in the corner entries. I tried to stay with the group but didn’t couldn’t do that. We have to continue working with my team and looking at the data from the last few races before Misano, where we hope to have some of our issues sorted out. The team and HRC are working hard on that and we are looking forward to drive to Misano in two weeks ".

18th: Stefan Bradl, official Honda (replacing Marc Marque)

“Not riding for six months and then coming to do three races in a row is very difficult, but we did it and we learned a lot. In the first half of the race I didn’t make a successful start and I lost a few places in the first corners. In the second part, I got a better start and I felt better with the bike. My pace was not too bad and I was able to close the gap on Alex Espargaro and Cal Crutchlow. We have made progress ".

19th: Bradley Smith, Aprilia (19th in the championship)

“Unfortunately the conditions didn’t work in my favor today. We were prepared to get the RS-GP to perform well with higher temperatures, but it didn’t turn out that way. , in the first race we followed the group so the red flag was not an advantage for us, we didn’t have any new soft tires to fit and the second start ended up being a qualifying session. Many riders on new tires managed to maintain a pace that we couldn’t keep up, but I see the glass half full after this weekend: we have really improved and I hope I can confirm it on a track like Misano which is more favorable to us ".

20th: Michele Pirro, Ducati Pramac (22nd in the championship)

“The race was unfortunately conditioned by the second part but I still tried to do my best. It’s a shame because I could have fought for the points. I’m sad but I also want to thank the team for these two weeks of work ".

21st and last: Tito Rabat, Ducati Avintia (20th in the championship)

"It’s a race from which we can draw some positive aspects: we managed to follow the group and I saw that where we lose a little time is in the first few meters in acceleration. You have to work to be able to be able to do so. solve this problem. We know which way to go and we will come back stronger to Misano ".

Retirement: Maverick Viñales, official Yamaha (5th in the championship)

"I lost the brakes from the fourth lap. I did my best, I tried to pass Dovizioso and I succeeded, but suddenly in the straight line he passed me again. three really tough races where we could have done a really good job but because of our mistakes we are not in the lead. Of course today‘s crash was amazing. I have never had this feeling before , completely losing the brakes to the point of having to jump off the bike! I understand how it happened: the brake overheated, but this is certainly not a common problem … Luckily I’m fine, it’s the most important. I will be in good shape again in Misano. You know, we have to stay positive and focus on the next races. Misano is a good track for us, last year I was very strong there (, Editor’s note) and I think this year I can do even better ".

MotoGP Styrian Grand Prix 2020 result

  1. 88 Miguel OLIVEIRA (POR) Red Bull KTM Tech 3 KTM 183.5 km / h 16’56.025
  2. 43 Jack MILLER (AUS) Pramac Racing Ducati 183.5 km / h +0.316
  3. 44 Pol ESPARGARO (SPA) Red Bull KTM Factory Racing KTM 183.4 km / h +0.540
  4. 36 Joan MIR (SPA) Team SUZUKI ECSTAR Suzuki 183.4 km / h +0.641
  5. 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO (ITA) Ducati Team Ducati 183.3 km / h +1.414
  6. 42 Alex RINS (SPA) Team SUZUKI ECSTAR Suzuki 183.3 km / h +1.450
  7. 30 Takaaki NAKAGAMI (JPN) LCR Honda IDEMITSU Honda 183.2 km / h +1.864
  8. 33 Brad BINDER (RSA) Red Bull KTM Factory Racing KTM 182.8 km / h +4.150
  9. 46 Valentino ROSSI (ITA) Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Yamaha 182.7 km / h +4.517
  10. 27 Iker LECUONA (SPA) Red Bull KTM Tech 3 KTM 182.6 km / h +5.068
  11. 9 Danilo PETRUCCI (ITA) Ducati Team Ducati 182.5 km / h +5.918
  12. 41 Aleix ESPARGARO (SPA) Aprilia Racing Team Gresini Aprilia 182.4 km / h +6.411
  13. 20 Fabio QUARTARARO (FRA) Petronas Yamaha SRT Yamaha 182.2 km / h +7.406
  14. 5 Johann ZARCO (FRA) Esponsorama Racing Ducati 182.2 km / h +7.454
  15. 21 Franco MORBIDELLI (ITA) Petronas Yamaha SRT Yamaha 181.7 km / h +10.191
  16. 73 Alex MARQUEZ (SPA) Repsol Honda Team Honda 181.7 km / h +10.524
  17. 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW (GBR) LCR Honda CASTROL Honda 181.5 km / h +11.447
  18. 6 Stefan BRADL (GER) Repsol Honda Team Honda 181.4 km / h +11.943
  19. 38 Bradley SMITH (GBR) Aprilia Racing Team Gresini Aprilia 181.3 km / h +12.732
  20. 51 Michele PIRRO (ITA) Pramac Racing Ducati 181.0 km / h +14.349
  21. 53 Tito RABAT (SPA) Esponsorama Racing Ducati 181.0 km / h +14.548


  • 12 Maverick VIÑALES (SPA) Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Yamaha (not starting in the second race)

World Championship classification after the Styrian GP

  1. Fabio QUARTARARO Yamaha FRA (70 points)
  2. Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati ITA (67 points)
  3. Jack MILLER Ducati AUS (56 points)
  4. Brad BINDER KTM RSA (49 points)
  5. Maverick VIÑALES Yamaha SPA (48 points)
  6. Takaaki NAKAGAMI Honda JPN (46 points)
  7. Valentino ROSSI Yamaha ITA (45 points)
  8. Joan MIR Suzuki SPA (44 points)
  9. Miguel OLIVEIRA KTM POR (43 points)
  10. Pol ESPARGARO KTM SPA (35 points)
  11. Franco MORBIDELLI Yamaha ITA (32 points)
  12. Johann ZARCO Ducati FRA (30 points)
  13. Alex RINS Suzuki SPA (29 points)
  14. Danilo PETRUCCI Ducati ITA (25 points)
  15. Alex MARQUEZ Honda SPA (15 points)
  16. Aleix ESPARGARO Aprilia SPA (15 points)
  17. Iker LECUONA KTM SPA (13 points)
  18. Francesco BAGNAIA Ducati ITA (9 points)
  19. Bradley SMITH Aprilia GBR (8 points)
  20. Tito RABAT Ducati SPA (7 points)
  21. Cal CRUTCHLOW Honda GBR (7 points)
  22. Michele PIRRO Ducati ITA (4 points)

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