SWM Six Days 440 put to the test: city-country-river speedster


SWM Six Days 440 put to the test: city-country-river speedster
Jacek Bilski

SWM Six Days 440 in the test

City-country-river runabouts

Are you looking for a chic and affordable city-country-river runabout? Great, that’s exactly what the Italian company SWM is offering with the Six Days 440 as a 2019 newcomer. Scramble in style!

No matter where it appears, this stylish scrambler will arrive. People flock to admire this red beauty. She stands there, coherent and stocky S.WM Six Days 440th SWM? Three-letter brands are in, as BMW and KTM prove. Well, SWM stands for “Speedy Working Motors”. The company produces in the former Husqvarna factory halls in Varese, Italy – in 2017 at least 7,000 machines. SWM was only revived in 2014: The historic brand existed from 1971 to 1984 in the north of Milan. After all, in this short life the Italians won the Silver Vase at the Six Days, the most famous and image-rich enduro race in the world.

Shineray supplies four-valve singles

The stylish retro bike cites that past. SWM is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Chinese manufacturer Shineray. He delivers the 445 cubic centimeter four-valve single. Therefore, it has two manifolds and two catalytic converters. The stew thunders heartily from its two high-grade stainless steel mufflers – the exhaust system with its handsome welds is cleverly forked. It’s a shame, you can’t play football. So press the button. Sounds robust, the China cracker. The air-cooled short-stroke engine chops between 3,500 and 4,000 tours, especially in the final fifth gear. The single needs speed.

Jacek Bilski

When viewed from a distance, the Six Days is a chic, neat motorcycle!

After all, it turns as lively as it is brave up to over 8,000 tours. Vibrates violently, it tingles wildly. The small, strong fellow pushes a real 31 hp. With a machine weighing only 173 kilograms, you have no trouble. The cross-country hopper drives playfully in the city. It hits the tightest hooks on narrow tires in traffic jams and on country roads. There are also good facilities for scrambling around: These include the wide handlebars with off-road struts, the metal engine protection plate, rather coarse Pirelli MT 60 (front 19 inches!) And jagged enduro foot pegs with rubber pads. Everything as it should be. But delicate 130 millimeters of spring travel at the front and only 109 of the stereo struts on the tubular steel swing arm clearly speak against serious off-road ambitions.

Telescopic fork is only partially suitable for off-road use

The telescopic fork from “Fastace Performance” in particular does not perform off-road at all: it is extremely clumsy and gets stuck mechanically on the machine, which is still almost virgin at 318 kilometers. The suspension struts, on the other hand, are rather tightly damped. No, with bellows in a classic look, pretty metal fenders and in some cases a very fine surface finish, the Six Days 440 wins more beauty than sports competitions. Plump regulates the ABS. Its hydro-block is unconventionally on the right behind the engine.


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Inexpensive brake calipers and simple brake pumps are more likely to meet the “rustic” attribute. Nevertheless, the fork twists when anchoring heavily. Regardless, it doesn’t detract from driving fun. The boldly padded bench pampers your bottom. The knee joint on the rounded sheet steel tank is correct. Only the footrests are a tad ahead. Contact with the machine is not ideal. Frankly, the electrical system appears misplaced, including exposed plugs. Once the entire on-board electrical system failed in the middle of the journey: no more juice, no electricity, no more brake lights, nothing at all. Gone well again.


The price tag is forgiving: a tender 5,240 euros! That’s a fat pound. Because even if not every detail of the Six Days 440 knows how to convince: The chic Italo bike with the Chinese heart hits a nerve with precision.

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