Tires – A new legal Goldspeed slick tire –

A new legal Goldspeed slick tire

Tires - A new legal Goldspeed slick tire -

Omnipresent in quads in the top 10 Elite of the discipline, the tire brand Maxxis / Goldspeed is stepping up its involvement in the motorcycle world. Rather Supermotard oriented, Goldspeed is launching a new approved road tire. The rally weapon ?

Soon to be tested on Site !

The motorcycle newspaper on the Internet is preparing to test this tire in all conditions: Maxxis Goldspeed is a partner of the Team Site in the French rally championship: our three riders will test them in length, width and especially across !

  • An incomparable support structure thanks to the now famous 2RTeam of Raphaël Bonifay

  • Thierry Canazzi, the sympathetic Corsican from Ajaccio on his KTM 690 SMC (read)

  • Pierre Mouneu, the famous must-have "Moon" who will pilot a high-performance mono

  • Marc Troussard, vot ’Marcus Himself himself, also on a KTM 690 SMC, the most present machine on the 2009 French rally championship.

    This shock team does not intend to be too soft and is of course aiming for the title of the category and why not the supreme podium of the Scratch Elite! The 2009 championship promises to be exciting … First event on March 15 in Laverune (34) for the first Rallye des Garrigues: stay tuned !

  • With its Supermotard tires, the Dutch brand Goldspeed imported by Shuurman timidly reached the middle of the motorcycle.

    But the approval of a brand new model for road use, which already existed last year on some models, will extend its products to a wider customer base..

    Present at the JPMS last week (read our), Maxxis / Goldspeed therefore presented its novelty, the very last Supermot Ultra Street Sport, which also equips the KTM 690 SMC of Thierry Canazzi, Goldspeed rider since 2007 and French "Sport" champion in rally this year.

    The Pre-cut slick, a pre-cut slick with "medium" rubber, already allowed to use public roads with a tire with very typical competition characteristics..

    Its evolution, the new Goldspeed Supermot Ultra Street Sport, confirms this idea: a tire with an intermediate quality of rubber and a versatile design that could well be an interesting compromise for use in all weathers … and in all conditions. !

    The new Maxxis / Goldspeed range also has a rain tire which should also be "road" approved in June 2009.

    Goldspeed range prices

    Pre-Cut Slick (medium rubber)

  • AV 120 / 80-17: 121.60 € incl.

  • AR 160 / 60-17: € 161.10 incl.
    Intermediates (medium gum)

  • AV 120 / 70-17: € 110.96 incl.

  • AR 160 / 60-17: 149.99 € incl.
    Intermediates (hard gum)

  • AV 120 / 70-17: € 86.85 incl.

  • AR 160 / 60-17: 114.75 € incl.

  • AV 100 / 80-17: 117.20 € incl.

  • AR 130 / 70-17: € 161.50 incl.
    Supermot Ultra Street Sport

  • AV 120 / 70-17: € 117.42 incl.

  • AR 160 / 60-17: 159.60 € incl.
    Rain tires (*)

  • AV 120 / 60-17: € 110.96 incl.

  • AR 160 / 50-17: € 161.10 incl.
    (*) The rain models will not be approved until June and will also be available in 16.5

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