Tires – New Dunlop tires in Moto2 and Moto3 from the Spanish GP –

New Dunlop tires in Moto2 and Moto3 from the Spanish GP

Tires - New Dunlop tires in Moto2 and Moto3 from the Spanish GP -

The 2019 Spanish Grand Prix, to be watched all weekend on MNC, will be an opportunity for Moto2 and Moto3 riders to show off new tires developed by Dunlop, sole supplier of both categories. Explanations.

The tire situation will change considerably (Spain), the scene of the first European race of the 2019 Grand Prix season: Dunlop will unveil a new, wider rear tire for the Moto2 and more choice of rubber hardness in the Moto3.

A larger p (n) eu in Moto2

The Moto2 rear tire is changed from 195/75/17 to 200/75/17 for an easily understandable reason: mid-class performance has gone from 128 to 140 hp at the crankshaft since the replacement of the Honda 600 cc 4-cylinder by the 765 cc Triumph 3-cylinder !

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More power and torque available sooner: the rubber is more strained in terms of traction. Widening the tire increases the rubber surface in contact with the track and improves traction..

Logical evolution, but in this case why wait three races – Qatar, Argentina, Americas – to offer this better adapted tire? "So that the teams can focus on adapting to the new engine," replied Dunlop, sole manufacturer of the Moto2 since its creation in 2010.. 

Tires - New Dunlop tires in Moto2 and Moto3 from the Spanish GP -

It is likely that the English tire maker – owned by the American group Good Year – also took advantage of this time to collect valuable data collected under racing conditions. What better understanding of the needs of the Moto2 Triumph, especially with regard to the crucial aspect of maintaining performance for around twenty laps.

The other reason is linked to the circuit itself: several sections of Jerez have been resurfaced this winter for better grip. But who says more grip means more wear, hence the need to prepare for it with more efficient tires (in the MotoGP category, Michelin will also offer Jerez an additional harder tire). 

More choice in Moto3

The Moto3 category is not left out as two new tire mixes will be released at Jerez (Soft S2 and Hard H4), while a new soft tire will appear..

This more varied allocation will add "an additional factor in planning a racing strategy," said Gary Pardy, Dunlop Senior Engineer for Moto3. Note that Dunlop medium compound, sole supplier of the Moto3 category since 2012, was so far the most frequently used.

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