Tires – New Dunlop Trailmax Meridian Motorcycle Tire –

New Dunlop Trailmax Meridian motorcycle tire

Tires - New Dunlop Trailmax Meridian Motorcycle Tire -

Dunlop launches the new Trailmax Meridian motorcycle tire to meet the growing performance needs of the latest generations of road trail bikes, without neglecting longevity. Presentation.

With this new Trailmax Meridian, Dunlop (Goodyear group) adapts its range of motorcycle tires to the success of the trail segment, with motorcycles that now frequently exceed 130 hp with state-of-the-art suspensions, brakes and electronics..

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Result: yet intimidating trails like BMW, KTM and other Triumphs allow a very dynamic driving which puts their tires to the test. In another register, the Honda and Yamaha also allow to tease the drumming virolo, despite – thanks to? – their reasonable power (95 hp and 74 hp).

Dunlop, aware of this phenomenon and the new needs aroused, essentially focused on efficiency and confidence in curves: the Trailmax Meridian – located above the Trailsmart Max – notably uses a new compound at the rear which would offer "sporty handling and increased traction".

According to Dunlop, these benefits would not be at the expense of the longevity of the rear tire: thanks to its dual-compound design, the Trailmax Meridian would have a "6%" longer life in a straight line on "the best performing tire of competition "and up to" 15% "with an average angle of" 40 degrees ".

Tires - New Dunlop Trailmax Meridian Motorcycle Tire -

The high silica content would promote grip on wet and cold surfaces, while reducing the time needed to bring the tire to its ideal operating temperature. Both tires use technologies proven at Dunlop, such as the "JLB" (Jointless Belt).

At ease on all terrains

The ice ax-shaped sculptures of the Trailmax Meridian would do wonders in off-road use, according to the manufacturer, which internally measured better traction than on the "three closest competitors and the Trailsmart Max on soft mud terrain. ". 

Tires - New Dunlop Trailmax Meridian Motorcycle Tire -

The novelty would also be on par with the Trailsmart Max on dry terrain and gravel, proving according to its designers that "Dunlop’s attention to outstanding performance and handling has not detracted from versatility. off road".

However, this type of tire is intended for a "light" off-road practice, for lack of real studs to maintain grip and steering capacities on soft ground like on the more radical D606. Versatile, the Trailmax Meridian remains a tire dedicated to primarily road use … just like the motorcycles it plans to fit. !

Tires - New Dunlop Trailmax Meridian Motorcycle Tire -

Trailmax Meridian tire is available in "four front and three rear sizes" to cover "wide range of models," says sole supplier of Grand Prix motorcycles Moto3 and Moto2. 

Dunlop notably cites the Honda Africa Twin and BMW R1250GS in its list of compatible motorcycles, which implies that its novelty will be at least available in 90 / 90-21 and 120/70/19 at the front, the two formats common in the category.

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