Tires – New motorcycle tire: discovery of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III – Presentation of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

New motorcycle tire: discovery of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

Tires - New motorcycle tire: discovery of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III - Presentation of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

Pirelli has just unveiled its new supersport tire: the Diablo Rosso III. Designed for the road – and a p (n) eu for the track – this compound benefits from the work carried out by the Italian manufacturer in World Superbike. Rea and Sykes are therefore in the game !

Presentation of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

For 12 seasons already, Pirelli has supplied all classes of the Superbike World Championship (and this will last at least until 2018). And the Italian brand naturally relies on this long partnership to praise the merits of its motorcycle tires. !

"We sell what we race, we race what we sell"… What can be translated by"we sell the tires we run with, we run with the tires we sell". The Italian manufacturer could even add:" we also promote our superb new products with our great champions! "Why deprive ourselves ?

Shot in Jerez (Spain) the day after the WSBK coronations of Jonathan Rea and Kawasaki (read), the presentation video of the last born of the Diablo family, the Rosso III, therefore features the 2015 world champion, his teammate titled two years earlier, and a pair of …! (see the video on the last page)

"After a considerable drop in the number of new registrations in recent years, the naked roadster segment has been showing encouraging signs of growth for some time.", emphasizes Pirelli, thus justifying the presence of the Kawa roadster on a track where we expected rather the or, at a pinch, the .

The manufacturer adds that like sports cars, roadsters are "become more powerful, more and more managed by electronics and equipped with the most advanced safety systems such as traction control". Too bad Jules Cluzel did not win in Supersport: seeing our national" Julo "test the Rosso III on one would have been even more telling !

Despite the questionable choice of the for this promotional film, Pirelli ensures that the Rosso "Tre" takes into account the latest developments in motorcycles that it is likely to fit, namely sports – it is a sports tire -, roadsters – it’s a road tire – and GTs – it’s a very versatile tire !

Big attack on the track, arsouilles on small roads or motorway trips … To believe its designers, the areas mastered by the new Pirelli are vast and there is hardly that on trails or in the mud that the talent of this Imp risks being overwhelmed by his pilot’s ambition !

And 1, and 2 … and 3 Rosso !

Successor of the Diablo Rosso II launched in 2011 and on the Magny-Cours circuit (58), the Rosso III is supposed to improve "strong handling, absolute grip and wet performance, while ensuring long-lasting and consistent performance throughout the life of the tire", assures Pirelli.

For everything ! – that, the sport-road tire of the Diablo range has changed its profile: closer to that of the Diablo Supercorsa used in World Supersport and Superstock, it is "higher in the central part and wider on the sides to provide a larger and more stable contact area when tilting".

"Sidewall height increased by approximately 3mm to promote better sidewall flexibility when accelerating out of a corner, with improved traction", continue the transalpine engineers who made sure that the front and rear tires move in the same direction (yes, it is more convenient).

Always bigomme, the Diablo Rosso III rear tire differs from its predecessor by the thinner central tread: it represents 20% of the tread against 25% on the "Due". "With this arrangement, the lateral compound, which guarantees the grip, comes into play from the start of the tilting phase, guaranteeing excellent grip which gives the rider confidence when tilting.", guarantees Pirelli.

In order to give full confidence in the dry as in the wet, and in terms of longevity as well, "the engineers played a lot with the silica content in the compounds of the new Diablo Rosso III"…

Not crazy, Italian scholars jealously guard their formulas, but beg us to believe that they "meet the needs of new and ever more efficient motorcycles and today’s bikers who want more versatile tires".

The front tire is satisfied with one and the same rubber since, according to studies carried out by engineers and tests carried out by pilots, "the monogum solution at the front is the best choice, as it alone can offer riders real feedback as well as great stability".

Finally, and this is undoubtedly the most remarkable, the design of the tread loses the ribbed appearance of the Rosso II to adopt the more dynamic one of the latest Supercorsa: "it was important to keep the groove with the distinctive lightning bolt pattern on the tread, as it is a recognized symbol of sportiness and aggressiveness", explains the brand.

More aesthetic, the flashes which cross the tire would allow at the same time a better evacuation of the water, a reduction of the stress on the rubber and a homogenization of its wear … All good therefore for this new tire, which will be available from the start of 2016 (see dimensions on next page).

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