Tires – Pirelli presents its new Phantom Sportscomp –

Pirelli presents its new Phantom Sportscomp

Tires - Pirelli presents its new Phantom Sportscomp -

The neo-retro motorcycle niche is booming and like manufacturers, tire manufacturers must follow the trend. This is the case of Pirelli with its Phantom Sportscomp, chosen by Yamaha to equip its future XSR700. Presentation.

"The Phantom brand is one of the oldest and most prestigious ranges of Pirelli", remind the Italians to the youngest of us."Launched at the end of the 70s, it was at the time dedicated to large sports cars and high-end motorcycles.".

In the heart of the 80s, the Phantom range even became "the flagship of Pirelli production for all motorcycle road applications before expanding to the Supertouring, Supersport and Sportscomp segments", thanks to its" V max "of 240 km / h and its performance …"truly superior compared to the technologies used in 1985", considers the Italian brand.

30 years later, when neo-retro-style motorcycles are attracting more and more bikers, Pirelli has decided to re-use this name but has significantly changed the tire. And the result is so convincing that Yamaha has selected it as the original fitment on its future "Sport Heritage" model, the !

"Thanks to its excellent characteristics, the Phantom Sportscomp tire, like the new Yamaha XSR700, is a perfect blend of vintage style and modern technology", notes in return and very skillfully the manufacturer.

Seen from the outside, we must recognize the new roll a certain charm, mimicking the specific design of the tread of the old Phantoms. Its wavy longitudinal channel is responsible for evacuating water efficiently. An important point since motorcyclists, the real ones, ride in all weathers, no ?!

Likewise, "the compounds used have a high percentage of silica guaranteeing wet handling and above all a rapid rise in temperature, for excellent grip on both cold and wet asphalt".

In the dry, the advantages advanced by Pirelli are numerous: "excellent handling, precision when changing lanes, good handling during acceleration and braking, high power transmission to the ground, regularity of wear and excellent mileage". The Phantom has it all !

For this, the engineers have used their contemporary recipes: zero degree steel belt, one or more radial carcass fabrics (depending on the dimensions) and a profile less flat than those of the tires of the century – millennium! – latest.

Delivered on the new Yamaha XSR700 from November, the Phantom Sportscomp will adopt the "standard" dimensions 120/70 R17 at the front and 180/55 R17 at the rear. Attention, their speed indices being the "V", these versions cannot be (re) mounted on motorcycles with a top speed of 270km / h.

"From August", however announces Pirelli, retailers will offer aftermarket models of the same dimensions"but with a speed index (W) allowing its use for customizations, in a classic / vintage style, of all sports and naked motorcycles, providing the speed index (W) in brackets on the gray card".

Owners of older or more "classic" type motorcycles are not left behind since the Sportscomp range will also be available in sizes 100 / 90-18 at the front and 150/70 R17 at the rear. As always, the prices are not indicated by the manufacturer but a few clicks of the mouse allow the pair to be estimated at around 230 euros..

Matthieu BRETILLE – Manufacturer photos

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