Touratech R9X off-road boxer special series


Touratech R9X off-road boxer special series

Touratech R9X

Off-road boxer as a special series

With the R9X, accessory provider Touratech has put an extremely loadable boxer on the studded wheels. Only five copies of the R9X are to be built.

There are accessories providers for everything to do with the air / oil-cooled 1,200 BMW boxer Touratech built a real off-road motorcycle for its works team. Now, based on this, there will be a small series limited to five machines.

BMW R nineT as the basis


The R9X is said to be extremely off-road.

The BMW R nineT provides the chassis base for the Touratech R9X. The frame was reinforced with two bolted beams. In addition to a plus in torsional rigidity, the tubes also allow a robust underrun protection to be installed, decoupled from the engine. An adaptation of the series component reinforced with struts serves as the rear frame. There are no pillion arms, there are two robust recovery handles. An extra slim, specially made sports bench gives the pilot the freedom of movement they need in the field. The sporty look of the rear is rounded off by tiny combination lights that combine the function of indicators, taillights and brake lights. The front has been reduced to a 7-inch round headlight with LED technology.

The footrest system and the hand lever are CNC-milled from aluminum, are foldable and can be adjusted in length. For the chassis, the R9X relies on a 48 mm upside-down fork with specially designed light metal bridges. Closed cartridge inserts from TT Suspension replace the original interior. The sport shock absorber made by Touratech Suspension is also fully adjustable. The wheels in the typical enduro sizes 21 and 18 inches are spoked on special hubs and have high-strength aluminum rim beds from Haan Wheels.

Price on request


Only 5 copies will be built.

The 1,200 boxer engine itself remained untouched, only the series clutch was replaced by a sintered clutch from ZF Race Engineering. A stealth exhaust system from Schnitzer delivers the right sound.

Each of the five R9Xs available for sale is assembled by hand in the Touratech factory. As part of a two-day handover workshop, the buyer receives an intensive briefing in the coordination of the sports suspension as well as one-to-one training in the field. The interested party can only find out the price on request.

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