Tried out Rukka Spektria: textile suit for women

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Tried out Rukka Spektria: textile suit for women


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Tried out Rukka Spektria: textile suit for women

Tried Rukka Spektria
Textile suit for women

The Finnish accessories specialist Rukka is offering a textile combination for women with the Spektria. How does it fare in the first test?

Mona Pekarek,

Tobias Beyl


The Spektria is Rukka’s top model among the women’s textile suits – and you can feel it immediately: the jacket and trousers not only feel very valuable, but also extremely supple. Thanks to a good mix of abrasion-resistant surfaces and stretch inserts, the suit fits well and is both pleasant and safe to wear. This is also ensured by the D3O protectors on the shoulders, elbows and back.

Good quality but not a bargain

In the test drives at the beginning of the year, both the removable thermal lining and the reliably waterproof Gore-Tex laminate were convincing. Many small details are also popular in practice, for example the additional collars or sleeves that can be stowed away if desired, which can be opened wide and contain waterproof inner cuffs. The trousers are also convincing, thanks to the large selection of short and long sizes.

In addition, it can be individually adjusted using Velcro strips on the waistband, Velcro fasteners at the bottom allow it to be tied tightly. The fact that the pants are high enough at the back and have anti-slip padding on the bottom are other nice details. For complaining at a high level, there is actually only one trouser pocket left, the jacket has five. Apart from that, the Spektria delivers a very good performance, despite or perhaps because of its self-confident price tag.

Noticed positively: Features, wearing comfort, adjustability

Noticed negatively: few pockets

Sizes: 34 to 50

Price: 899.00 euros (jacket) and 699.00 euros (pants)

MOTORRAD verdict: 5 stars out of a possible 5


The women’s textile suit Rukka Spektria scored well in the first test with good features and great wearing comfort. However, the station wagon has its price: the jacket and trousers together cost almost 1,600 euros.

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