Triumph Daytona 955i motorcycle test


Centenial Edition – English elegance

Triumph Daytona 955i motorcycle testGSX-R1000,
R1, CBR 900 … There are the hyper-sports which are always on the front
of the stage and then there are the others. The Triumph Daytona 955i
is one of those … a good reason to understand by trying it.

When we see the Daytona 955i for the first time, it is certain
that the plain English livery contrasts with its sobriety
facing the Japanese. Here there are no gaudy and flashy colors.
In its limited version, produced for the centenary
of the brand’s first motorcycle, the Centenial Edition appears
even in a dark dress – "Aston Green" or English green
– particularly elegant and discreet. Triumph Daytona 955i motorcycle testBy
cons, when we approach, there is no doubt: it is a hyper-athletic
: taut line, jump seat for the passenger, half-handlebars
low … From a distance, externally, only the inscription 955 to
which is appended with an "i" (for Injection) possibly leaves
guess that there may be a sporting character.

Triumph Daytona 955i motorcycle testOf
closer, we notice the tubular trellis frame of large
section, identical to that of the Speed ​​Triple, the nasty roadster
of the brand. We admire, the single-sided swing arm highlighting a huge
tire in 190! We also notice the elements
carbons which discretely punctuate the tank, the sides
saddle and fairing returns. Quality, no
ostentatious: the class !

Day counter
Night counter

Once seated, however, there is no longer any doubt. The dashboard
reveals a huge tachometer on a white background with a red area
at 11,500 revolutions, in which is embedded a digital display
for oil temperature and on-board computer alerts.
Then to its left, a digital display is discovered for
the speed, the two trips and the clock.

When it comes to embedded computing, the Daytona is one
excellent example. The injection curves are regularly
updates directly by computer; the dealer receives
simply the new versions of curves by the computer network
and these are changed in less than a minute during overhaul
following, allowing to continuously optimize, the curves which will allow
to make the best use of the power of the machine.

Beyond this aspect, the computer keeps in memory
the various problems that may have occurred (oil, gasoline,
injection …) which will automatically appear to the dealer. In short,
we are starting to have a real black box !


Crutch folded, clutch maintained, the Daytona snorts
in a hoarse and muffled noise. The template places it well in the
900-1000 cc category. A relatively wide and low saddle,
the feet are still resting on the ground. We must arch
clearly to hook the half-handlebars. I just settle
the huge mirrors, attached to the fairing
and particularly adjustable in positions, to adapt to
the position of the pilot and his height. I expected
tiny retros, often almost useless. These are
exceptional in size and utility! First and it is

The turning radius is faithful to the sports: non-existent. Is this
really important? Here, it is the motorcycle that we tilt to turn. the
handlebar turns to the left or right only on bikes
! Second … slowly … I play with the clutch, otherwise I feel that
the bike will go off on its own and I’ll stay on the road. There
no delay between the right hand turning the handle and
the responsiveness of the engine. The frank and healthy push
starts from the two thousand revolutions, even on the gears
superiors. I had forgotten that such a motorcycle does not drive
not: it is piloted, by dosing the accelerator to the nearest millimeter.

You quickly feel on the first kilometers the character
three-cylinder … exactly between a big twin and a four-cylinder
often linear. The three-cylinder has its character or
simply character. Just what it takes to feel like
to be on a machine like no other.

city, the pressure on the wrists is quickly unlivable. And if you have
the habit of remaining kindly to follow the motorists … forget
! With a sportswoman like this, you are pushed
to scramble, to get out, to sneak
to act and move the wrists, both literally and figuratively.
And the handling is there, especially since it reacts
quarter-turn, both for acceleration and for
braking. The latter is progressive and never surprises. On the other hand,
the efficiency of four-piston calipers – stamped
Triumph – is at the rendezvous. The result quickly gives you confidence.

In fact, in town, it’s my left wrist that suffers with the grip
clutch, which gives me a real bodybuilding session.
This grip is really hard! On the other hand, it is true
that the gears shift by themselves, without catching, whatever the
tachometer level. A small exception, however, for the first
that it is necessary to switch the engine to slow: otherwise, the passage will be greeted
by a magical deaf, sympathetic and surprising "Klonk",
but fortunately without any danger, nor in the reactions of the
motorcycle, nor for the engine.

One the city gates passed, you appreciate
to find you on the highway. The motorcycle also appreciates…
and thank you by lowering the oil temperature
which had risen more than 130 ° below 100 °.
The speed makes it possible to lighten the pressure on the wrists. The passade
from one route to another is done naturally, quickly, very
very quickly if necessary, without any waiting time
: it always seems to have so much power in reserve.

Quick return to the national road, then to town. I come back to take my
passenger after these first tens of kilometers
which allowed me to calmly take control of the monument.

Duo installation

Saddle or jump seat
Saddle or jump seat
Saddle or jump seat

She climbs in the back, sits on the jump seat. She
is immediately surprised by the visibility. Above my head,
she can indeed admire the landscape. This high position gives him
even a slight feeling of dizziness which will quickly disappear.
She then looks for the handles to hang on. Oh no, we are
on a sports car: there is none. Is that so ?!

It’s like the place under the saddle … It doesn’t exist either … Finally,
yes, room for a mini rain suit, a road map
and in the sides a can of coke! What about the anti-theft device? A block
disc maybe … but no approved anti-theft device. It will be necessary
install a u-holder on the motorcycle itself. Suffice to say that I was not
never really reassured when I left the bike in a parking lot,
with the only neiman as protection !

And here we go again … Hey, it’s funny, the Daytona is still
more secure with my passenger. I would have thought
that with a higher weight, the balance would have changed.
In fact, the extra weight noticeably dampens the trend
permanent take-off or it’s me who gets used to the power.
Still I’m starting to really appreciate.

National … I hear in the headphones "eh, you drag yourself …"…
well, no yet, I’m already speeding
and we drive faster than on the usual roadster, at a speed
where she usually tells me stop! Good and well,
so we go…

Triumph Daytona 955i motorcycle testReturn
on the motorway, direction the Chateaux de la Loire for the weekend that
looks promising…

The Daytona relaxes and me with it. All the rhythms are nice,
as long as you do not go below 100 km / h. I accelerate
regularly while staying in the flow of traffic,
then I pass it. The motorcycle is imperturbable. And when does
the great rapid curve on the horizon, I do not decelerate
not even, just tilting the bike which fits naturally
in the curve, without more effort on my part. And yet I’m fine
above a maximum speed in a roadster in a straight line. Pavement
is not perfect, but the bike is imperturbable: no jerkiness,
neither from behind moving in all directions, nor oversteer, nor rider.
While in town, alone, my back had felt the inequalities
of the roadway and that the motorcycle seemed to ‘bounce’ on it, in a duo
and on fast roads, the Daytona is comfortable, especially
considering that comfort is not particularly
a quality recognized to a sportswoman. In fact, it does not surprise
never and does not require any particular effort on the part of the pilot, except
that of mastering the accelerator. Even at
such a speed, the bike still has an incredible reserve
of power and liveliness. This is now my leather jacket
which flaps in the wind, and pulls on the arms, which forces me to come back
at a more reasonable speed.

It is my passenger who withdraws first … and
calls for a formal judgment. Higher than me,
she enjoys the view … and the wind. His helmet is too heavy, the necks
hurt and she is forced to fall back behind me,
to be protected, reducing the pleasure of contemplation.

We restart … And here we go again! … Pleasure … There comes a
moment when it is however necessary to return on the national one. The motorcycle evolves
here also in its element and swings left
on the right when necessary without real effort, nor any

Triumph Daytona 955i motorcycle testMy
only surprise will come from the pump, when
240 km, I just went to reserve, automatically. Only one
seeing tells me that it is necessary to refuel and I normally have
30 to 50 km of autonomy. At the pump, a quick calculation then makes me
realize that on this first course, mixed, I did not consume
only 5.5 liters per hundred! Admittedly, I did not really tickle the
red zone but I was nevertheless at speeds clearly
higher than those which are my average in roadster and
which then make me tickle the 8-9 liters. There is no need to say
: the English have made real progress and the injection is proving
particularly effective also on consumption.
We will really have to stay on intermediate gears and play
more in the towers, so that during the test, I climb to
a consumption of 7 liters per hundred. Consumption can climb up to
8-9 liters, maximum, but in intensive use.


Triumph Daytona 955i motorcycle test
Triumph Daytona 955i motorcycle test
Triumph Daytona 955i motorcycle test

The Triumph Daytona 955i is an extraordinary hyper-sports car. She will delight
all those who want an exceptional motorcycle, which we rarely see
in the street and love generous sensations. Like all
hyper-sports, it is more dedicated to singles
only to lovers who wish to go on a weekend. The absence of handles
passenger and tie-down hooks, not intended for roads
buccolic. On the other hand, it is an example of righteousness and behavior.
It always seems riveted to the ground, as on a rail. He must surely
be possible to fault her, but I leave that
to real pilots, on the track.

Have I really tested this bike? I will say that I drove her
over several hundred kilometers. I am on the other hand very
far from having exploited its possibilities and power.
Modesty? Not at all. Realistic! This motorcycle is reserved
to knowledgeable and experienced bikers. Like all
the hyper-sporty ones, you might say … Certainly, especially since the Daytona
is far from being the most excessive of hyper-sports, in particular
thanks to an engine approval from low revs and a
high torque, which does not require you to climb the towers to
to please yourself.

So why don’t we see more? At 13,500 euros, the English
is only 500 euros more expensive than the Japanese competition. In
fact, she does not enjoy all the successes in
races of its competitors. Its exterior sobriety
also points it out less to situate it more in
the GT Sport category rather than extreme hypersportive.

And yet … it is indeed a hyper-athletic, with more character
is, which like the others, cannot be exploited on roads
open and that’s my great frustration.

The Daytona is available in "Aston Green" (green) livery for
this Centenial Edition as well as in yellow or gray.

Consumption during the test: average: 5.5L / 100km – maximum: 7L / 100km

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the engine (mp3) | Your reactions
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