Triumph Trophy recall: short circuit possible

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Triumph Trophy recall: short circuit possible
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Triumph Trophy recall: short circuit possible

Triumph Trophy recall
Short circuit possible

Triumph has to recall 5,380 Triumph Trophy machines to workshops around the world. An incorrectly routed brake line can cause chafing and a short circuit on the wiring harness.

Uli Baumann


An incorrectly routed front brake line can chafe against the cable harness in the area of ​​the steering head and lead to a short circuit. The ignition and / or the lighting can fail.

Models from the construction period 2013 to 2017 are affected by the recall. 5,380 machines are being recalled worldwide, 1,585 models in the USA and 291 in Germany.

In the workshops, the routing of the cable harness and the brake line are checked and any damage is inspected. If there are no problems, the action is done in five minutes. If cables have to be re-laid, around 30 minutes should be planned for the workshop visit. The campaign, which is managed under the internal code SB574, is to start at the end of April 2020.

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