Vanucci WP04 backpack test


A spacious and waterproof backpack

You often need a backpack and even more a waterproof motorcycle backpack. In the multitude of existing products on the market, there are several models meeting these criteria from the equipment manufacturer Louis, especially within its sub-brand Vanucci, which is rather the top of the range of the German brand’s products..

Among these, we find the range under the name WP, for Water Proof and in particular the Vanucci WP04 backpack. The latter combines elegant finishes and ergonomics.

Vanucci WP04 waterproof backpackWaterproof backpack Vanucci WP04


Looking for a roomy and waterproof bag? Here is a model that could appeal to you, on many points. Starting with his style. The WP04 snaps the metal buckles (11 in total) used for compression, adjustment and closure of the bag.

11 metal buckles11 metal buckles
Metal strapMetal strap

These elements stand out against its black TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) surface, a robust and also odorless material, a real plus in use, compared to all those bags that stink – sorry there is no other word. TPU also has a longer lifespan than conventional PVC due to its resistance to oxidation but also high resistance to impact, abrasion, scratches and weather. In short, it is the material to be preferred in general for a waterproof motorcycle backpack, whatever the brand..

Zipper detailZipper detail
Valve at the bottom of the backpackValve at the bottom of the backpack

A front zipped pocket lets you slide small items while openwork bands at the compression straps allow you to switch to other load carriers. Note the useful valve to ensure optimal compactness.


At the bottom of the bag, a reflective black insert provides additional visibility. Two more are present on the front side as well as on the shoulder straps. The WC04 has the good idea to fill their upper face with a waterproof material.

Carrying strapsCarrying straps

In terms of carrying, Vanucci provides good comfort to his bag, covering the contact areas padded with mesh. The lumbar level padding is particularly appreciable and the load-bearing straps ensure efficient use when walking. Two others (chest and hip) provide good stability in use. However, we regret that the carrying and support straps at the hips are too thin.

lower back reinforcementlower back reinforcement

In use

The WP04 model can be used as a backpack but also as an additional saddle bag. Its volume of 25 liters makes it both particularly spacious and limits the maximum weight. The inside of the bags in the WP range has a rather nice flashy apple green that allows you to see the various objects better so that they do not merge with the interior material.

Green interior and pocketGreen interior and pocket

An internal removable pouch will usefully receive your most precious small items. Like the WP06 duffel bag, be careful when loading the WP04. Its wide and comfortable opening needs to be folded and folded to ensure its closure and especially its waterproofness. And the straps provided for this purpose are a bit short at maximum load…. shame. Obviously and like the vast majority of luggage of this type, everything is not secure; a cable and padlock assembly could satisfy use on the saddle.

The backpack transformed into a saddle bagThe backpack transformed into a saddle bag

Like any backpack, accessibility is not the most practical. Fortunately, the volume without excess reduces the caving effect with use. All the same, remember to manage the importance level of your business by strata. A low opening would be an excellent development, but would undoubtedly make maximum tightness more delicate…. Because the strong point of this luggage lies in its perfect impermeability. In this regard, no fault of course, despite the hundreds of kilometers under downpours made with.

Finally, the bag is comfortable on the shoulders and its neat aesthetic will not make you pass for the quasimodo of backpackers..

The bag for use on the backThe bag for use on the back


The Vanucci WP04 is a versatile backpack (saddle use possible) whose studied volume ensures compactness and roominess. Its ergonomics and finishes are remarkable. Stylish, it is more elegant than the usual vertical duffel bags. Its closing system is however a little slower than on the latter. But what allure !

Priced at 129.99 €, the Vanucci WP04 will be a perfect accessory rather classy and very useful for your rainy trips and your daily journeys.

Strong points

  • Accommodation
  • Impermeability
  • quality materials
  • Accessorization
  • Ergonomics of fixation

Weak points

  • Not secure
  • Slightly short closing straps at maximum load

Technical sheet

  • Cross-roll closure with clip buckles
  • Outer pocket with rubberized zipper
  • Various stowage possibilities
  • Handle
  • Compression valve
  • Compression strap
  • Shoulder straps with clip buckles Straps for load control
  • Carrying system with chest strap and removable belt
  • Reflective elements
  • Welded, abrasion resistant and waterproof TPU material
  • Black color
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 250 x 500 x 200 mm
  • Volume: approx. 25 liters.
  • Weight: approx. 1,300 g.

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