Via NSU Lux to Jagst and Kocher

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Via NSU Lux to Jagst and Kocher

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Via NSU Lux to Jagst and Kocher

Via NSU Lux to Jagst and Kocher
The discovery of slowness

When are you ready for an oldie? How does a small river trip turn into a self-discovery trip? And where is Langenburg actually?

Monika Schulz


Okay, then the front brake won’t brake.

Does not matter. Probably the good piece doesn’t run faster than 70 things anyway. By the way, my old man claims, you brake at the rear with a motorcycle like that. Well then ?? he must know. I am determined to miss him NSU Lux the ultimate kick, elicit this sonorous bubbling, which is not even reminiscent of the screeching saw sound of modern two-stroke strokes, get into position on the wide handlebars and lurch from the yard, trying to maintain your posture. It’s not that easy to look cool on a swinging saddle. In any case, the expressions of my nieces and nephews at the kitchen window do not allow any other interpretation. With undisguised amusement they follow the admittedly somewhat awkward departure of their aunt. Disrespectful brats. Do you realize who you are laughing at? At your age, this person already motorcycled over the Grobglockner several times a week. Down in the basement. With the Bellas. Yes, the two Zundapp lived in the house at the time. Were relegated to the carpentry attic when that silly freezer moved in. Between the suction system, damaged bicycles, wooden planks and carts, where the later lux found its temporary end. Under a gray tarpaulin thickly covered with sawdust. “But I stayed up there for three or four years at the most. Five at most, ”said Father. “And ran flawlessly until then.” There were ten. As the well-hung TuV badge proved. The battery was dead, the carburetor unconscious, the opening of the fuel tank cap profound: the stench of old canned fish billowed over a brown broth of rusty plaque and mixture, the intensity of which suddenly catapulted me to the brink of unconsciousness. Countless test series with steam jets, broken glass, chippings and chemicals passed before a refill with ten liters 1:50 came into question, one of which should have fizzled out in the last six kilometers alone: ​​Kreisstrabe 2007, Holzern-Cleversulzbach. For poetry pilgrims a pretty mixed forest passage along the Schwabische Dichterstrabe, for the local PS celebrities, a local hill climb route for the NSU and me a lesson in tolerance and perseverance. Hour, yes. One hour for six kilometers! Four operations on the open carburetor. Because the Bing, type 2/22/16, had pulled a foreign body into it. The single-cylinder dies for the fifth time at the Cleversulzbach cemetery. At least he’s in good company here. The mothers Schiller and Morike are on the top right. The problems of lux at half height, left. The fuel tap: it’s closed. Everything will be fine. Oldie driving is different. Driving oldies takes time. You have to find the right rhythm. Rhythm. Understood. Two forward, one back. Why not? You can see a lot more that way. Historic milestones, flattened crown corks, the “flowers you can pick yourself” on the roadside and the beautiful world beyond. Opened up by tons of unobstructed dirt roads. In the middle of the regulated southern Germany, directly on the house route and never registered because of the sheer performance. Lawn is obviously blind. The next branch is mine. Leads to a tiny, picture-perfect creek, over gravel, grass, through orchards, turns into old vineyards held together by dilapidated sandstone walls and finally descends into the undergrowth. Steep up, branches crack under the tires, twigs and leaves jingle between the spokes, while the Lux shows off remarkable enduro qualities. But the feeling of doing something that is seriously forbidden hinders my urge to move forward considerably. If someone comes now … I swear, Mr. Woodruff, there was definitely no sign to be seen. Hiking markings ?? Good heavens, it goes deeper and deeper into wood. It doesn’t end well, the forester is killing me. No idea where we are here at all, not ten kilometers as the crow flies from home, as it turns out later. The sun is already burning down vertically on the fields of Hohenlohe. Langenburg, my originally intended goal, seems further away than ever. Although the NSU is now running like the devil. On the sloping entrance straight into the deep green bends of the Ohrntal, the speedometer needle trembles close to 80. The two-stroke engine gives it its all, gets the last out of its 198 cubic centimeters: 8.6 hp! Hands, buttocks, feet, everything tingles to the gods mercy, while the chassis develops a remarkable life of its own. Until the quarry. The first bend is about to come. Then this nasty bump. Hold onto. Let’s see how … dear, what is that? The load crashes into the tarwave with full force and throws me almost out of the spring-loaded saddle. The teetering 150 meters continues, the dear nieces and nephews would scream with enthusiasm. The shock continues as far as Sindringen, where the two Neckar tributaries Kocher and Jagst are only separated by a two-kilometer-wide ridge. The road connection to Jagsthausen is correspondingly unsophisticated. Up, down, done. The Lux manages the high percentage increase in second gear. Get in, you have to get in. Enjoy the summer air, the view back into the valley, the last wooded bend that tastes like a brook before heading out onto the plateau. Rhythm, think of the rhythm. The heat of the wheat fields creeps towards me, infinitely slowly. Bittersweet. And suddenly I really get the charm of this area: It’s the contrasts. The expanse of the sky and the gently curving carpets of ears up here in connection with the dreamy river valleys down there, shimmering in all shades of green. »Welcome. Welcome. Bienvenue. «At the entrance to Jagsthausen, red and black posters advertise the open-air theater in the Gotzenburg courtyard. “Evita”, “Faust I” and, of course, “Gotz von Berlichingen”, the knight with the iron hand, to whom Goethe wrote that inexpressible quote in his mouth, are given. The fact that the rainbow press takes such an active part in the Castle Festival this year has less to do with their turn to great classics than with a modern “Sturm und Drang play”: “Former Federal President Roman Herzog marries Baron Alexandra von Berlichingen. The most unusual love story of the year. ”Well? Jagsthausen is good for some surprises. Below, for example, near the old train station, there is a real ford. “Stop, no, don’t,” yells an excited moped pilot. “A KTM rider was blown off the box just yesterday. Made long in the middle of the river. It’s a dangerous thing, I tell you. As smooth as a mirror. «The canoeists, who are already in spectator position, begin their journey again. The man with the moped was fishing for his lunch break. “Really lovely fishing water here. Carp, trout, eel, pike. And you caught a Max, didn’t you? Haha. ”“ No, no Lux. ”This is my answer for the umpteenth time today. “Pretty old, isn’t it?” “You could say it was built in 52.” The church tower clock strikes two. Langenburg is canceled for today. Too far. I’ve only made 47 kilometers so far. A detour to Schontal Monastery. Around the last bend behind Berlichingen ?? boom! Goose flesh. The way it suddenly stands in front of you, in its baroque splendor, that is breath taking. Children splash around down by the weir, pirates play with old car hoses. Take two deep breaths, then go downstream. In wide arcs down towards the Neckar. After 20 minutes, however, I’m through with the issue of the federal highway. Far too fast, far too loud and far, far too wide. The ingenious asphalt loops up to Mockmuhl yesterday were still one of my favorite hunting grounds. Here I fell in love with the Bimota DB 4, swore eternal loyalty to the Honda CBR 900 RR, succumbed to the charm of a Triumph 995i. A loosely 300 hp trio that gave me unforgettable lean angles. And now? In Ruchsen I turn onto this third-class road to Korb to drift along the Hergstbach under the primeval vegetation. “Neudenau 1 hour, cheap home ½ hour.” It is no longer progressing, but criss-crossing. I roam aimlessly over dusty dirt roads, rope myself down into every cool meadow valley, imagine myself far from civilization and get frightened if a car does come along. I reach Neudenau with the feeling of having been somewhere behind the moon. It’s just under 20 kilometers to Neckarsulm, the cradle of the Lux. Not a stone’s throw away, but doable. I’m ready for the museum: three storeys of two-wheelers from 1817 to the present day, and downstairs in the basement the collected works of NSU ?? once the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. When the Lux crashes on its stand in front of the Teutonic Order Castle, the museum gates have been closed for four hours. Rightly. It is 9 p.m. After a day of driving a classic car, you are lost to the world. The feeling of time and space are a thing of the past. The setting sun in the rearview mirror, a blossoming clatter in my left ear, I set off on my way home. And tomorrow, I’ll go back to Langenburg. Rattle-rattle. Because Langenburg is everywhere. Ticker ticker. Even if the Jagsttal is at its most beautiful there. Common Hopefully it won’t be serious. Where was I? Oh yes ?? no, something is wrong there. Looks strangely empty down there too. Sure, because the air filter bulb is missing. Damn. I’ll never find that again. “Is that yours?” Triumphantly, a Rixe cyclist, who is at least 100 years old, holds out the silver ball at me. “Have?? seen how you lost the part. And thank God you are not traveling that fast. Is it Max, right? ”“ No, no Lux. ”“ And where is the journey going, if you may ask? ”“ To Langenburg. ”“ Hui. But you have decided to do something. “

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Via NSU Lux to Jagst and Kocher

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The discovery of slowness

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Burgenstrasse, Limesstrasse, Dichterstrasse, Weinstrasse: a lot converges on Jagst and Kocher. Last but not least, a dense network of ingenious motorcycle routes.

THE ROUTE With a little more than 8.6 HP under your bum, the route on the left turns into a leisurely weekend tour. Unless you get lost on the sometimes unbelievably steep off-roads that lure you through the undergrowth, along extremely idyllic streams or up into the vineyards and plateaus everywhere in the Heilbronn / Hohenlohe area. A few of them are of course already incorporated into the route. Here is a mini road book of the relevant places, course west-east, Jagst: Billigheim, Waldmuhlbach, Reichertshausen, Mockmuhl, Sennfeld, Leibenstadt, Korb, Dippach, Ruchsen. Schontal Monastery, Neuhof, Schleierhof, Sindeldorf, Krautheim, Assamstadt, Laibach, Rengershausen, Dorzbach. Langeburg, Hurdles, Leofels, Dorrmenz, Diembot, Eichenau, Kirchberg. Course east-west, Kocher: Ohrnberg, Unterohrn, Schwollbronn, Langenbeutingen, Cleversulzbach, Eberstadt, Buchhorn, Gellmersbach, Weinsberg. History freaks are guaranteed to get their money’s worth at Jagst und Kocher. One of the highlights is the renaissance castle Langenburg with a docked car museum. Completely different in nature: the 500-year-old pilgrimage chapel St. Wendel zum Stein built into a shell limestone wall and the caves around it. Jagsthausen advertises the Gotzenburg, birth towns of Gotz von Berlichingen, who is resurrected every summer at the Castle Festival in Goethe’s play of the same name. The knight with the iron hand was buried in the Schontal monastery, a former Cistercian abbey with a magnificent baroque church. In Neckarsulm, the German Two-Wheeler and NSU Museum invites you to travel back in time from 1817 to the present day. ACCOMMODATION There are plenty of pensions, hotels and holiday apartments even in the farthest corners. A particularly beautiful location: the Gasthof zur Post at the Schontal Monastery, phone 07943/2226, double room 110 marks and the Jagstmuhle in Heimhausen near Mulfingen, phone 07938/90300, double room 138 marks. Campsites are rare and mostly contaminated with garden gnomes. Our tip: Braunsbach am Kocher. Here you can camp close to nature right by the river.MARTS / ADDRESSESMairs general map sheet 16 describes almost all worthwhile roads in the region on a scale of 1: 200000. If you want to know more, you can use the cycling map, sheet 57 “Tauber-Hohenlohe” in 1: 100000 from the Baden-Wurttemberg state survey office. Further information: Touristikgemeinschaft Hohenlohe, phone 07940/18206, Internet

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