Wellbrock Honda CBR 600 RR in the test

Wellbrock Honda CBR 600 RR in the test

Wellbrock conversion to a race bike

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Tatutata! When the fiery red Wellbrock Honda CBR 600 RR appears in the rearview mirror, resistance is futile. Wolfgang Harbusch refined the Honda for more than five years. Our conclusion from the test: faster than the police allow.

The Wellbrock Honda VS.BR 600 RR is already a small premiere at the Tuner GP in Hockenheim – at least in terms of development time. For more than five years, Honda dealer Wolfgang Harbusch worked on the rough diamond, built in 2007. A lot of time that the tuner only invested because he knew that he would save it again later on every lap on the racetrack. But of course Harbusch’s devotion digs deeper: “If you cut open my veins, then Honda blood will flow."

A look at the heart of the Wellbrock Honda CBR 600 RR shows what that means: engine kit and racing control unit with modified ignition timing from HRC, matched to a complete Arrow system made of titanium. At the same time, Harbusch increased the engine compression significantly. He reduced the running clearance of the pistons in order to minimize internal friction and thus the loss of performance in the moving parts. The cylinder head was machined according to the house recipe and all ducts were flow-optimized. And when Wolfgang Harbusch speaks of “flow-optimized”, it’s not just because that sounds particularly good at the regulars’ table.


Finest ingredients: HRC engine kit, greatly increased compression, reduced friction, Moto2 slipper clutch.

From idle, the Wellbrock-Honda CBR 600 RR accelerates ultra-directly and sensitively, pushes hard for 600 ratios from the boiler and lets it crack from 9000 rpm. So everything actually seems to flow as it should. And because the Honda is allowed to turn a full 700 tours further than its base, there is a broadly usable speed range with evenly increasing pressure.

With the chassis, the optimization craze is entering the next round. Ohlins TTX rear shock, cartridge fork conversion front, both coordinated by the chassis specialist Lothar Kraus. Pure World Cup material. The Wellbrock-Honda CBR 600 RR hits the desired line as precisely as a sniper rifle and is extremely stable in an inclined position. It is as handy as a pocket bike in fast changing bends without looking wobbly. If you fully squeeze out the 134 hp, brake extremely late and accelerate again extremely early, then … nothing happens. She remains calm and relaxed, has no quirks that the driver would have to submit to.

The retrofitted anti-hopping clutch from SuterClutch from the Moto2 contributes to this serenity. Chosen a gear too deep? Miiiibibi .. the clutch keeps the gear clean in the speed limiter and only allows the frictional connection when the speed has dropped to gear level.


The measurement data of the Wellbrock-Honda CBR 600 RR.

But why does the Wellbrock Honda CBR 600 RR develop such a special driving experience? And that in a world in which 1000s athletes are increasingly dominating? The explanation is simple: No matter how much time and money you invest in a current Superbike, be it a BMW S 1000 RR, a Ducati Panigale or an Aprilia RSV4, it is that last spark of agility, precision and sharpness that is the one reserved for a well-built 600. The small CBR plays this advantage even on the high-speed circuit in Hockenheim. When superbikes settle down on the straight, the CBR evaporates this lead again until the end of the curve. And it doesn’t tear the driver’s tires or nerves to pieces. Harbusch raised them in a friendly and gentle manner.

A comparison with the Kubiak shows how well his concept works & Mohr-YZF-R6, with which Jesco Gunther won the IDM in 2011. With the championship motorcycle, we were three seconds slower on the big Hockenheim circuit than with the Honda. So if you are looking for a few seconds on any course with your CBR 600 RR, you should stop by Wolfgang Harbusch. He’s guaranteed to find her.

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