WSBK – Changes to the WSBK regulations for 2013 –

Changes to the WSBK regulations for 2013

WSBK - Changes to the WSBK regulations for 2013 -

Each year, the FIM reviews the regulations for motorcycle speed championships to varying degrees. The year 2013 will mark in World Superbike a turning point more marked than the previous ones: Site takes stock of the new rules in WSBK.

The Superbike Commission of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM), made up of Paolo Flammini (General Manager of Infront Media Sport), Ignacio Verneda (FIM Executive Director Sport) and Giulio Bardi (representative of the teams), met in several times between 8 and 17 October to introduce several changes to the regulations, some of which are major…

The decision was taken several months ago and has just been printed in black and white: World Superbike motorcycles will be fitted with 17-inch aluminum rims from 2013 (against 16.5 today), in order to bring together elements equipping commercial motorcycles.

"The use of alloys based on Berylium (> = 5%), Scandium (> = 2%) and Lithium (> = 1%) is strictly prohibited.", specifies the official text of the FIM. In addition, the width of the new rims is set at 3.50 inches at the front and 6.00 inches at the rear (respectively 3.50 and 6.25 in 2012).

Motorcycles a little closer to the series

Likewise, racing motorcycles will have to be equipped with dummy front lights reflecting the appearance, shape, size and location of the real optics fitted on production models. This look "of the street" had already been adopted by the official Kawasaki last season and by the Honda during the final of Magny-Cours..

Material question still, the 6 kg ballast imposed last year on the twin-cylinder 1200 cc – understand the Ducati, we are still waiting for KTM and its RC8R! – is eliminated for the 2013 season. At least at the beginning…

After warming up in the Superstock 1000 yard in 2012, the 1199 Panigale will therefore enter the Superbike arena with the same weight as the 4-cylinders, namely 165 kg (minimum and not maximum value of course, tank fitted and full of fuel) !

However, if the "new" Bolognese bomb were to flatten the competition too frequently, two 3 kg weights could progressively weigh it down … If necessary, clamps at the intake could then be applied !

MotoGP gadgets of all kinds

Like the MotoGP machines, the 2013 Superbikes will be equipped with protection at the level of the brake lever to prevent any cabriolet in the event of contact. In the event of rain or reduced visibility, they will also be fitted with a red lens at the rear, already adopted by the Intercontinental Circus.

As always in the premier class, the starting grid for the World Superbike will now consist of rows of three riders instead of four. We can easily imagine that this modification tends more to lengthen the grid than to secure the start of the race. !

The FIM also announces, but without going into details, that the running of the Superpoles (depending on the weather) and the start and red flag procedures will all be "clarified". The Federation, on the other hand, is much" clearer "as regards the new course of the races themselves….

Non-stop races !

From 2013, a running race can no longer be stopped … except in cases of force majeure. Regardless of the changes in conditions and grip: the "show (especially TV …) must go on"! In compensation, the stands will remain open.

Unlike MotoGP riders, WSBK riders who have only one motorcycle will not be able, by definition, to jump on their mule … Three members of their team – and the rider if he wishes – will therefore be charged. make the correct wheel changes and suspension settings.

Superbike teams will therefore have to take inspiration (or even copy and paste!) From the systems used by SERT, GMT94, Honda TT Legends and other SRC Kawasaki in order to gain precious seconds! On the other hand, they will not have to prick their "endurance" type tank caps because any refueling will be prohibited..

When passing through the pits, the use of two tools (pneumatic or electric) will be permitted. The crutches or risers must remain manual and the motors can be restarted via starters or external batteries.

Finally, Supersport and Superstock motorcycles will also receive the lever guard and the red taillight. In WSSP, the number of engines per motorcycle – regardless of the driver or potential substitute – will be limited to eight for the entire season. He drops to three in WSTK.

The Superbikes, for their part, could always change engine as well as fairing … Unless the new big boss of the discipline (read in particular) decides – even before 2014 ?! – also to change this point of the regulation? Obviously to follow on the Site: stay connected !

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