WSBK – Fate hits the leaders at Monza – Supersport Race

Fate hits the leaders at Monza

WSBK - Fate hits the leaders at Monza - Supersport Race

Sunday at Monza, Spies should have won both races while Haga and Neukirchner could have accompanied him on both podiums. But the race wanted it differently! In Supersport, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Triumph still harass Honda…

Supersport Race

It’s almost historic – it had never happened in any case since Site follows this championship -: Sunday, Honda did not climb on the podium of the Mondial Supersport !

Eugene Laverty however rode at the forefront throughout the race, the Irishman even took control of the race on several occasions but the finish, worthy of this frenzied category, was not favorable to him….

"I’m not satisfied with the end of the race because on the last lap, I thought I could overtake the two in front of me", will regret Laverty, posted behind Fabien Foret and Joan Lascorz in the last two loops.

"I had done the biggest and messed it all up widening in the last corner", even let go the young Honda rider, whose confidence in his front end was not enough to surprise the Spanish ninja and the Frenchman installed in front of him…

Likewise, the world’s leading manufacturer could not count on its two world champions: the drivers of the unbeatable – albeit – team Ten Kate, Andrew Pitt (2008 champion) and Kenan Sofuoglu (2007 champion) finish respectively at the 5th and 9th place.

The Australian was up to speed at the start of the race but had to let go from the 10th lap: "I had problems controlling the bike in the corners, especially when entering", Andrew will conclude."In the end I had to use the engine brake to slow down because if I used the brakes too much, the rear wanted to go in front" !

As for the Turkish, his fall during testing would likely have lessened his confidence in his CBR. However Kenan continues to believe in his team: "we will work hard to improve this from here to the next step in South Africa". Four days will they be enough ?

The Yamaha team, on the other hand, is in jubilation: Cal Crutchlow wins his second victory of the season and Fabien Foret is finally back on the world podium. !

Coming to finish in the Top 5 on a circuit of which he did not know the layout, the Australian n ° 35 saw his claims on the rise during the race: "I did everything to win, it was seen on a few overtaking where I did not make quarters !", will observe the leader of the provisional classification.

Behind him, Joan Lascorz had to draw on his last resources to obtain 2nd place: "I almost fell at the very start of the race and my footrest crashed into my left leg", will explain the Spanish.

With his leg numb, the Kawa pilot momentarily loses contact with the leading men but takes advantage of the formidable fight between Fabien Foret and Eugene Laverty to see his podium hopes reappear.

"Foret allowed Cal to escape by attempting to win the race in each lap", will complain the n ° 50 of the Honda Parkalgar team, who had not seen the return of the Ninja n ° 26! No more than our Fabien Foret, ahead of 5 hundredths on the finish line !

Despite this, the tricolor n ° 99 is satisfied with his weekend in Italy: "i can clearly fight now and i’m no longer hurt", breathed Foret, who admits to having made some mistakes here and there and regrets that he was hit in the pot during the race. !

In addition to the good performances of the Yamaha – the astonishing Pirro finished 7th – and the two Kawasaki – Fujiwara finished 6th -, we also note the good results recorded by the two Triumphs prepared by the Parkingo BE1 team: McCoy and Nannelli supervise Sofuoglu, limiting the number of Honda in the Top 10 to only three !

So much so that in the general classification, the tuning forks brand is only 9 lengths behind the winged one (108 for Honda against 99 for Yamaha) while Kawasaki continues to progress (58). At the bottom of the table, Triumph (27) joins Suzuki (28).

Among the drivers, Crutchlow consolidates his 1st place: the Australian rookie now totals 99 points against 81 for Laverty, who can be satisfied to maintain his status as the first Honda representative ahead of Sofuoglu (72), Pitt (54) and West (47) . Lascorz (47) takes advantage of his 2nd place to pass in front of Foret (44) who remains in contact !

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