WSBK – For Johann Zarco, rumors of his time in WorldSBK at Honda are “bullshit” –

For Johann Zarco, rumors of his stint in WorldSBK at Honda are "bullshit"

WSBK - For Johann Zarco, rumors of his time in WorldSBK at Honda are

Faced with his difficulties adapting to MotoGP KTM, could Johann Zarco bounce back in the Superbike world championship in the official Honda team? The French driver strongly denies this incredible and improbable rumor, launched and then very quickly withdrawn from the official WSBK Twitter account… Focus.

Johann Zarco spoke with humor about the rumor of his stint at Honda in World Superbike, which arose from a tweet launched on the official WSBK Twitter account and then quickly withdrawn. According to this post, the KTM rider would consider a "shock change to the WSBK" and would be "in connection with Honda for 2020"… 

  • Catalan GP MotoGP 2019 :
  • Catalan GP MotoGP 2019 :
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"It’s a big mistake, several people called me because of it but I never spoke with Honda", reacted Zarco both perplexed and angry, on the sidelines of the Catalan Grand Prix where no less eleven falls have facilitated access to its . 

"The person who gave this information, I still do not know who it is, but she should lose her job very quickly because it is really bullshit", got carried away the n ° 5 who immediately expressed his dissatisfaction from Dorna Sports, the promoter of the MotoGP and Superbike world championships.

WSBK - For Johann Zarco, rumors of his time in WorldSBK at Honda are

"I don’t know where it came from exactly, presumably the Superbike site or the official Superbike Twitter account. They took it down, so it’s strange. I told Carmelo Ezpeleta (the boss of Dorna, Editor‘s note) because it’s not correct and it could have put me in difficulty with KTM "…

Zarco in WBSK in 2020? Unlikely

However, the former Yamaha rider – still in trouble with the KTM and who is currently at a distant 16th place in the provisional – clearly does not need additional difficulties with his employer, hence his legitimate annoyance at the noise of the corridors. a priori unfounded.

WSBK - For Johann Zarco, the rumors of his time in WorldSBK at Honda are

Spikes in tension also manifested themselves, especially during the Spanish GP where Johann had let his anger explode during testing: the n ° 5 had made very harsh words towards his team and the tubular frame dear to the Orange brand. , reviews that had greatly displeased the big boss of KTM, Stefan Pierer…

  • MNC of May 9, 2019 : 

The Austrian leader, who does not lack responsiveness or character, immediately reframed his pilot by qualifying his performance "" and ensuring that his problems of acclimatization with the RC16 would be essentially "the psychological spring" … Atmosphere !

Since then, relations have calmed down – at least in appearance – even if the French driver’s box does not particularly exude serenity and joie de vivre during the races … This rumor about his interest in Honda in WSBK therefore necessarily has found something to spread, although it actually seems very unreliable.

WSBK - For Johann Zarco, rumors of his time in WorldSBK at Honda are

Let the 28-year-old from Cannes examine options in case his marriage to KTM collapses before his contract expires at the end of 2020, why not. But that he plans to leave MotoGP seems highly improbable: we are talking about a rider who signed three podiums and two pole positions last year at Yamaha Tech3, and as many the previous season. !

The French driver, named "rookie of the year" in 2017, has often been seen as a contender for the win. Such a record and so much talent would be sorely lacking in the premier category of motorcycle sport, no offense to the communicators of the social networks of the WSBK.

New promising pieces 

Especially since the horizon is slowly tending to clear up for Johann, who has enlisted the advice of the former pilot to take a step back. The n ° 5, less tense, even plans to try to be inspired by his teammate Pol Espargaro who manages better to tame the RC16.

WSBK - For Johann Zarco, rumors of his time in WorldSBK at Honda are

"I’m trying to change my riding to find the confidence Pol has on this bike, but it forces me to do things that I haven’t done in ten years," he explains. "It’s like being asked to run a marathon in reverse, with the obligation to do the same time as in the normal direction".

  • MNC of June 18, 2019 : Yamaha dominates post-race test in Catalonia

The Frenchman also recorded progress during the aftermath of the GP de Catalunya, during which a new chassis and a redesigned saddle were introduced. The whole team was able to work at length on these parts because KTM stayed two more days in Montmelo for private testing.. 

WSBK - For Johann Zarco, rumors of his time in WorldSBK at Honda are

Johann particularly appreciates the better comfort of this new saddle, which would project him less forward: "we force less on the arms", he rejoices while the new tubular frame – validated by – would make it easier to enter. of curves.

"When we went from the old bike to the new one, I was really much more liberated on the new one," says the two-time Moto2 world champion, who repeats that it is not in his nature to let go: "I won’t give up, it’s not a solution and it’s not my type! " A good hearer…

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