WSBK – Max Biaggi, Emperor of Monza in World Superbike – First Superbike race

Max Biaggi, Emperor of Monza in the World Superbike

WSBK - Max Biaggi, Emperor of Monza in World Superbike - First Superbike race

The Mondial Superbike made its first Tour of Italy this weekend. At home, Max Biaggi and his Aprilia RSV4 took the opportunity to achieve a second double this season while in Supersport, Eugene Laverty won ahead of his two rivals.

First Superbike race

Installed on pole (read), Max Biaggi made an excellent start and took the reins of the race ahead of Leon Haslam, Troy Corser, Michel Fabrizio, Cal Crutchlow, Ruben Xaus, James Toseland, Tom Sykes, etc..

Biaggi’s Aprilia moves a lot, especially when setting the angle, but Max is unfazed and starts the race at an impressive pace. Haslam however manages to follow him like his shadow, while Corser, 3rd, has to defend against Fabrizio, himself under pressure by Crutchlow and Toseland..

The two Yamaha riders are unleashed: under the eyes of Ben Spies, Cal and James pass in front of Troy Corser on the 4th lap and set off to attack the RSV4 and the Gex 1000 posted a small second in front of their R1s. Fabrizio in turn overtakes Corser to gain 5th place.

Haslam passed Biaggi in the 5th lap but the Roman Emperor remained glued to the young Briton. Toseland and Crutchlow take advantage of this simple overtaking to return to the aspiration of the two strong men of the start of the season…

From the next straight line, Biaggi lodged in the aspi ‘of Gex n ° 91 and released it well before braking. Timed at 328 km / h, Biaggi recovers 1st place. Leon Haslam, James Toseland and Cal Crutchlow haven’t said their last word !

Corser’s fall in the standings continued: he was overtaken by Jonathan Rea at the end of the 6th lap. The young Irishman and his Honda are discreet but do not amuse the gallery! Tom Sykes and his ZX-10R are in 10th position, so the seven manufacturers of the championship are in the Top 10.

Up front, Biaggi tried to part ways with his three British comrades but was unsuccessful. Toseland goes on the attack in the next lap and climbs on the second step of the podium. The double world champion fails to go highside in the parabolic but controls the glide of his R1. Haslam remains 3rd.

Jonathan Rea for his part, continues his crazy recovery: 11th at the end of the 1st lap, he catches up with the chasing pack before halfway! Haslam was passed by Crutchlow in the 9th lap. But the highlight of this halfway is the fall of Johnny Rea…

Too generous on the brakes when braking the parabolic, Honda rider n ° 65 loses the front! The Irishman is so hot that he gets up instantly and goes in search of his motorbike, but the poor man can’t find it! And for good reason: his CBR1000RR left to rest on the tires, all tired as it is with its violas in the gravel…

Max Biaggi remains firmly attached to his 1st place ahead of James Toseland. Leon Haslam is 3rd a few lengths behind, followed by Cal Crutchlow. Michel Fabrizio, Leon Camier and Troy Corser are more than 2 seconds away and are fighting for 5th place.

Eight laps from the end, Toseland is showing more and more pressure on Biaggi. Haslam kept in touch and, against all expectations, passed Toseland at the very start of the 13th lap. Overtaking gives Biaggi a bit of air and allows Crutchlow to get closer to his teammate.

Passing the next chicane, Leon Haslam attacks too hard, slips two-wheelers into the exit of the pif-paf and must give way to James Toseland, then Cal Crutchlow! Max Biaggi has a few extra lengths.

Paradoxically, the second official Aprilia does not please all the tifosis: Leon Camier seized the 5th place occupied by the other Italian couple Fabrizio – Ducati … "The first run went pretty well, it was just a shame not to have the top speed necessary to stay in contact with the others in the straight line.", will underline Michel Fabrizio. Haga meanwhile will complain about a 1098 difficult to turn and lacking grip … Nothing is going any more with the Reds ?!

Slowly but surely, the reigning British Superbike champion, Leon Camier, gets back on his three very dissipated compatriots: Toseland, Crutchlow and Haslam! "In the last four-five laps I had some grip issues and couldn’t get out of the corners as fast as I wanted", regrets Haslam, forced to stay behind the two official R1.

Four laps from the end, Biaggi has only a small half a second ahead of the three hooligans. Leon Camier makes an effort to try to get back on the chasing pack and Fabrizio whips his Ducati to stay out of reach of Xaus and Corser who are having mad fun riding their BMWs..

Finally, Max Biaggi manages to win at the controls of his RSV4 Factory, despite the tenacity of the R1 boys housed in his backsplash. N ° 3 remains impassive – "impassable" … – and offers no opening: professional work.

"I’m really happy, it was a great race", declared the Roman Emperor."I felt the pressure from the Brits behind me"… But the Italian did not waver in front of his audience !

James Toseland climbs on the second step of the podium, followed by his teammate and compatriot Cal Crutchlow. A great performance for the Yamaha team, whose headquarters are adjacent to the Monza circuit. "I want to congratulate the team, it’s their home race and putting both of their drivers on the podium is awesome", will recognize" Dji-Ti ".

Fourth, Leon Haslam pockets big points which allow him to keep the lead of the provisional classification. The second Leon (Camier) crosses the finish line 4 seconds after the leading quartet, and 3 seconds before Xaus and Fabrizio, separated by 2 small hundredths !

Team BMW can be satisfied: Troy Corser finished 8th, far ahead of Tom Sykes and his Ninja, Sylvain Guintoli and his Gex, Haga and his Ducat ‘.

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