WSBK – Quasi-winter tests in Brno –

Quasi-winter tests in Brno

WSBK - Quasi-winter tests in Brno -

This week, the main Mondial Superbike and Supersport teams were invited to test the very latest Italian tires on the Brno track. And despite the weather far from summer, the handlebar pros have broken their own records.

Tuesday and last Wednesday in the Czech Republic, the temperatures were particularly cool: around 15 ° C in the air and barely more than 20 ° C on the track … Suffice to say that the pilots had to seriously wring the throttle to heat up their new Pirelli "summer collection" gums.

"The low temperatures caused some concern as the tires brought for testing were intended for the usually warmer temperatures in Brno", attests Troy Corser, fastest driver over the whole of the two days.

Taking advantage of these Pirelli tests to test new suspension settings on his official R1, the Australian posted the best time on race rubber. Curiously, Troy did not improve this time by putting on qualifying tires made available to certain drivers..

"It was good preparation for the race", finally rejoices Corser, who leaves Czech Republic by sharing the best time of the practice with his former teammate Yukio Kagayama.

"I am very happy", says the Japanese,"not because I was the fastest on racing tires but because I enjoy riding my bike and I really like the feeling".

Yukio, who recorded his best results during the last event in Misano (read), thus proves once again that he remains capable of setting excellent times … when he is having fun !

"At the start of the season I didn’t know where the limits of the bike were and it was scary", admits the Suzuki rider. But since he understands better his GSX-R 1000, Kagayama seems to return to his highest level. To be confirmed at the next event, on the same circuit in Brno on July 22 !

Behind him ranks his great friend and compatriot Noriyuki Haga. Author of a breathtaking lap time the first day – with his 2 ‘01.0, he stuck half a second to Bayliss 2nd and almost a second to Toseland 3rd! -, the Yamaha rider only improved his time the next day by two tenths…

Without his wrist injury – still vivid memories of Biaggi and his attack in the first round in Misano – there is no doubt that Nitro Nori would have turned even faster on the second day … "I think he (his wrist, Editor’s note) is 80% restored but it hurts me at the end of the day. It kept me from driving at my maximum but I’m sure he will be 100% restored for the next race", warns the Japanese n ° 41 !

Championship leader James Toseland set the 4th fastest time, gaining a full second between day one and day two! "We tested all the settings from A to Z and we really worked really hard these two days", explains the British pilot.

The electronic engineers having made the trip, the management of the CBR1000RR has also been refined. Suddenly, the whole of the Honda becomes again "pretty good", assures James. Slightly slowing down for two races, the n ° 52 leaves Brno"comfort", but the last five events promise to be disputed !

The two official Ducatis are following him very closely: a tenth of a second slower than Toseland, Lorenzo Lanzi regrets that the track was so dirty on the first day. "It went well for me, the problem is that it went even better for the others"note the Italian…

Riding his official 999, the young rider claims to have found "good solutions for the race". But this is likely to happen in very different conditions: at the end of July, the temperatures are likely to be twice as high! Will Lanzi’s settings be adapted to these conditions? ?

Coming back to the championship very strongly against James Toseland, Troy Bayliss was greatly disappointed by the weather: "we did two race simulations and things went well but we didn’t get what we were looking for", regrets the Australian.

The driver of the Ducati n ° 21 nevertheless wanted to gather valuable data for the next two races, but "the low temperatures and the wind did not facilitate the task"Because last year, neither he nor Lanzi had particularly shone in Brno on the 999 (read).

Small consolation, however, for the reigning world champion: on qualifying tires he gave himself the best time in 2 ‘00.2, two tenths faster than Haga during the 2006 Superpole … Everything remains possible !

Max Biaggi also returned disappointed with his tests in the Czech Republic: on one of his favorite tracks, the Roman Emperor only finished 7th while his teammate set the best time! "I love Brno and it’s been a good trail for me but coming here on a Superbike is very different from what I’ve experienced before", attests the Italian…

On a track supposed to correspond to his smooth and sunk driving, Biaggi failed to resolve all of his problems: "we worked on a lot of things these two days including engine braking and bike agility", summarizes Max.

Fortunately for him, two more days of testing will take place next week at his home in Vallelunga … But will that be enough for Max to get back to the title race? Case to follow…

On his ZX-10R, Fonsi Nieto also had some problems. "Yesterday it was not going very well even if the work done on the suspension was very important", said the Spanish,"and today we worked on the geometry of the chassis".

Testing all possible and imaginable configurations on his Ninja, Fonsi would have finally obtained "encouraging improvements". What his teammate Regis Laconi confirms … only partially !

In the grip of strong vibrations on his motorcycle, the French was happy to discover Tuesday that his Ninja was no longer wriggling. An observation unfortunately due to the constant and very fluid profile of the curves of the Czech track…

"I thought we had solved the problem but today, by fitting the qualifying tires, the "chattering" has reappeared"complained Regis. Although less annoying, the bad vibrations of the Kawa n ° 55 relegated our national driver to the last place of these tests, one tenth behind Roberto Rolfo…

Supersport side, the Ten Kate team once again dominates the top of the list. Author of a better time than Sebastien Charpentier on the first day, Kenan Sofuoglu is at the top of our table but the two teammates end the practice by setting the same time: 2 ‘04.1 !

A time which not only beats the fastest lap in the race recorded by our young Frenchman Yohann Tiberio during the race in 2006, but also the pole position posted by General Seb !

Behind the two CBR600RR is the R6 of Broc Parkes. Juggling between his two motorcycles "set completely differently", the Australian had set the best time of the first day but had to admit defeat on Wednesday.

Even if he does not come out "winner" of these Pirelli tests, Broc declares himself "confident for the race", which he finished 2nd last season behind his teammate Kevin Curtain. The latter still not recovered from his right thigh injury, could Parkes replace him on the highest step on July 22? ?

This is all the more possible since Anthony West, winner of the last two races in Supersport, will not be there to prevent it! Replacing Curtain during the last three events, the young Australian prodigy has made the big jump in MotoGP (read).

On the second official R6, Steve Martin has therefore returned to service: "The tests went well for me and, I hope, for the team as well"Says the Australian, survivor of the Honda DFX Superbike Team. Sure that after West’s blows to the Yamaha, replacing Curtain – vice-world champion anyway – is putting pressure !

Seventh in these tests – in front of his teammate Riba but behind the Suzuki of Kallio and Veneman – Fabien Foret is reassuring: "the circuit was not in perfect conditions and I’m sure it will be a lot hotter on race day".

Slightly "cooled" by the weather, the French still "worked on tires and new engine maps", without finding a tire on its rim."We’ll have to work hard on the race weekend to find the right tires for the race.", admits Fabien,"but i think we are not the only ones".

Before returning to the Brno track for the 9th event of the year, new private tests will take place on July 7 and 8 in Vallelunga. So stay tuned !

SBK Brno test results:

Pilot Team Tuesday Wednesday
Racing tires Qualif tires
1 Kagayama Y. Suzuki 2 ‘02.2 2 ‘00.4 2 ‘00.4
2 Corser T. Yamaha 2 ‘02.3 2 ‘00.4
3 Haga N. Yamaha 2 ‘01.0 2 ‘00.8
4 Toseland J. Honda 2 ‘01.9 2 ‘00.9 2 ‘00.3
5 Lanzi L. Ducati 2 ‘02.5 2 ‘01.0 2 ‘00.4
6 Bayliss T. Ducati 2 ‘01.5 2 ‘01.1 2 ‘00.2
7 Biaggi M. Suzuki 2 ‘02.9 2 ‘01.2
8 Nieto F. Kawasaki 2 ‘03.7 2 ‘01.6 2 ‘00.8
9 Rolfo R. Honda 2 ‘03.5 2 ‘01.7 2 ‘01.4
10 Laconi R. Kawasaki 2 ‘03.2 2 ‘01.8

Best lap in the race: 2 ‘02.594 – Haga (2006)
Best time: 2 ‘00.457 – Haga (2006)

SSP Brno test results:

Pilot Team Tuesday Wednesday
1 Sofuoglu K. Honda 2 ‘05.3 2 ‘04.1
2 Carpenter S. Honda 2 ‘06.0 2 ‘04.1
3 Parkes B. Yamaha 2 ‘05.2 2 ‘04.4
4 Martin S. Yamaha 2 ‘06.1 2 ‘05.2
5 Kallio V. Suzuki 2 ‘06.0 2 ‘05.5
6 Veneman B. Suzuki 2 ‘06.4 2 ‘05.5
7 Drill F. Kawasaki 2 ‘06.2 2 ‘05.6
8 Riba P. Kawasaki 2 ‘06.7 2 ‘05.9

Best lap in the race: 2 ‘06.604 – Tiberio (2006)
Best time: 2 ‘05.900 – Carpenter (2006)

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