WSBK – Regis Laconi seriously injured during testing in South Africa –

Regis Laconi seriously injured during testing in South Africa

WSBK - Regis Laconi seriously injured during testing in South Africa -

The French rider Regis Laconi suffers from a severe trauma to the cervical vertebrae after a violent fall on Friday at the Kyalami circuit (South Africa), during the practice of the 6th round of the Superbike World Championship.

French rider Regis Laconi (Ducati DFX) crashed violently during the first round of free practice on the Kyalami circuit (South Africa), the sixth round of the Superbike World Championship, between turns 11 and 12.

His head having hit the ground violently, Regis would suffer from "severe trauma to the cervical vertebrae", say the organizers.

Taken by helicopter to Sunninghill Hospital in Johannesburg where "he was admitted to the intensive care unit and placed on artificial respiration, in serious condition", according to a nurse quoted by AFP, the pilot will probably have to be operated by a neurosurgeon in the coming hours…

Update Saturday May 16. After examining Regis, Dr Maurizio Zorzi, a South African neurosurgeon who works at the hospital in Pretoria, decided not to operate on him for the moment and postponed a possible intervention for a few days..

The condition of the French pilot is now judged "serious but stable", according to a spokesperson for the Superbike who clarified that Regis had broken two cervical vertebrae. He suffers from a severe head trauma and a contusion to a lung.

On the other hand, there does not seem to be any neurological damage. The Meuse pilot is currently in a coma and if there are no complications, it will take three weeks to see the evolution of the situation. Until then, Regis Laconi will have to remain completely still.

Sunday May 17th update. Regis came out of the artificial coma on Sunday in which the doctors had plunged him. He should be operated on Tuesday and recover for ten days in South Africa before he can leave the country..

The entire Site team naturally wishes him a speedy recovery, see you very soon Regis !

Update Wednesday, May 20 : read .

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