WSBK – Superbike break: Randy de Puniet’s assessment –

Superbike break: Randy de Puniet’s assessment

WSBK - Superbike break: Randy de Puniet's assessment -

The 2015 World Superbike marked a month-long hiatus following the cancellation of the Moscow event. Site took the opportunity to question the French pilots on their mid-season record. Interview with Randy de Puniet, our rookie from MotoGP !

Site: First question, obvious but crucial: how are you ?
Randy de Puniet:
I’m fine thank you. I have recovered well from my injuries at the start of the season.

MNC: You’ve been riding WSBK for six months. What is your opinion on this championship, its regulations, its races (two per Sunday!) And its drivers ?
It’s a very tough championship. At the pilot level, those in front are pilots with a lot of experience in this category. Otherwise, I like the pattern of the two races but I find that there is not enough time between the two races.

MNC: What do you think of Jonathan Rea and Kawasaki’s dominance this year? ?
Jonathan is above the rest this season. He has one of the best bikes on the grid, which he didn’t have the opportunity to have at the start of his Superbike career. He deserves his results.

MNC: You are currently 18th in the championship, with 22 points and a Top 10 as the best result. What is your personal assessment of this first half of the season ?
My personal record is not good. How could we be satisfied with this kind of results ?

MNC: Suzuki changed electronics this spring and the adaptation was particularly difficult. Is it surprising ?
Surprisingly I don’t know, but in any case it’s very complicated. The team is doing their best to improve the bike, but it’s not easy at all. I really hope that we can get back to it very quickly.

MNC: Do you have enough engines left to end the season on top? ?
I think we have what it takes to finish the season

MNC: What points will you work on during the second half of the season ?
We must continue to work on the engine brake, traction control … Everything related to electronics.

MNC: Are there any tours you are looking forward to ?
I like all the remaining circuits. The one who can ask me the most to adapt is Magny-Cours. The last time I rode it was in 1996 !

MNC: What was your goal at the start of the season? Has he changed ?
Of course my goals have changed! I would just like to finish the season with the best possible results and have fun, which means fighting in interesting and realistic places given the situation..

Interview by Matthieu BRETILLE

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