WSBK – Sylvain Guintoli: ” Ducati and Pata were the best opportunity ” –

Sylvain Guintoli: ” Ducati and Pata were the best opportunity ”

WSBK - Sylvain Guintoli: '' Ducati and Pata were the best opportunity '' -

To close the WSBK summer series, Site spoke with its main character: Sylvain Guintoli. The friendly Frenchie comes back for us on his weekend in Brno and confirms that he will participate at the end of this season. Yes !

To close the series "Les Aventures de Sylvain" (read,, and), Site spoke with its main character: Sylvain Guintoli !

The friendly Frenchie comes back for us on his weekend in Brno and confirms that he will participate at the end of this tumultuous 2012 season … Yes, he can !

Site: We imagine that you are reassured! Your fans are anyway…
Sylvain Guintoli:
Yes it is sure that after the hassle of this weekend, it feels good … Very quickly when I arrived in Brno, I looked for a solution, I knew I had some options. In fact, it was more a question of making a choice, of thinking in order to relaunch myself in the best conditions. Ducati and Pata represented the best opportunity. I am therefore reassured, especially happy to be able to bounce back like that, on a motorcycle that I know. It feels good to know that everything is in place.

MNC: You mentioned other possibilities, can you name them? ?
S. G .:
No, I mostly talked to Pata. The fact of leaving on the same bike was an asset.

MNC: Other motorcycles were possible ?
S. G .:
Yes, I had two other well advanced tracks as well, but the Ducati option was the best. In particular, I had a long discussion yesterday with Ernesto Marinelli (director of the SBK project at Ducati, Editor’s note) he guaranteed me that I will have good equipment. I will also be working with Flavio Prodolliet, whom I know very well: he was in charge of my "data" at Scrab in 250! He is also a suspension engineer, he accompanied me to Alstare in 2010 with the Suz ‘then last year at Effenbert. This year he was Maxime’s chief mechanic, but he too decided in Brno. He will join me in my new adventure.

MNC: Finally, what caused the old one to fail? Your supposedly insufficient results ?!
S. G .:
Ah their press release, it was rubbish (read again). They tried to discredit me but it was pretty ridiculous in fact, it didn’t make any sense … The problem was simple: they hadn’t paid the mechanics for three or four months, the pilots either..

MNC: What triggered the separation? Fed up ?
S. G .:
I arrive in Brno and they tell me that I cannot drive: you mustn’t push the plug too far … They have violated our contract on several occasions, particularly in terms of payments and there on the provision of the technical assistance. I am willing to help when there are problems, to be conciliatory but this is nonsense! Stuffing the 3000 km in a motorhome to hear me say that, it was a little average.

MNC: The problems of money … A widespread evil in World Superbike, no ?
S. G .:
No, I do not think so. I don’t know of any other team in the same situation, with such bad debts.

MNC: The 1198 that the Pata team is preparing for you will be close to the one you rode at the start of the season so ?
S. G .:
Yes, it will be very similar. I really made this choice because I find myself in the best conditions so that I can perform right away !

MNC: And you will benefit from this bike until the end of the season ?!
S. G .:
Yes, all the events from Silverstone, we will be in Moscow too … All the end of the season, until Magny-Cours.

MNC: On this subject, there are rumors about the cancellation of the Portuguese event !
S. G .:
Yes, there would be technical problems, the organizers are managing that at the moment. But I heard that Portimao could be replaced by the Sachsenring or Imola. If the race does not take place in Portimao, it should be replaced.

MNC: You are very active on Tweeter … For example, you congratulated Loris Baz on his podium! It’s nice. Beyond congratulations, you also give advice ?
S. G .:
Nah … not anymore anyway! (laughs) No, but it’s good, he’s progressing well, I don’t think he needs my advice too much at the moment. He did well, he had a good race.

Interview by Matthieu BRETILLE – Photos DR

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