WSBK – The leaders react! –

Leaders react !

WSBK - The leaders react! -

In Superbike and Supersport, the Ten Kate riders took advantage of the Brno event to consolidate their lead in the championship. Other pilots also performed well, such as Biaggi and Foret, but also Checa and Gimbert ! Story and videos.

Last Sunday on the superb Brno track took place the ninth round of the Superbike and Supersport World Championships. Somewhat shaken up lately, the respective leaders, James Toseland and Kenan Sofuoglu, must prove to their opponents that they are indeed the bosses of their category. !

This is what Kenan, author of the best times in each test session, will masterfully achieve: "a first in my career", he announces all happy !

The Turkish finally offers his 4th pole position of the season (in 2 ‘04.871) relegating Broc Parkes to more than half a second. Newcomer Josh Brookes and teammate Robbin Harms complete 1st row.

At the head of the 2nd row is our double world champion Sebastien Charpentier, whose return to the highest level we are still hoping for. Behind him slip Roccoli, Jones and Kallio. On the 3rd row we find David Checa and his R6 from GMT94, followed by Fujiwara, Foret and his Kawa and Vizziello.

Sebastien Gimbert leads the 4th row on which Veneman, Lascorz and Gregory Leblanc are also on his R6 from the Vazy Racing Team! Matthieu Lagrive will start from 23rd place and Julien Enjolras from 32nd.

In Superbike, James Toseland was in the Top4 throughout the tests and is also in 4th place at the end of the Superpole event. In front of him are Noriyuki Haga, the only one to drop below the 2 ’00 mark (1′ 59.603) or 415 thousandths faster than Max Biaggi !

Troy Bayliss posted a similar time – at 16 thousandths – to Max’s and finished 3rd. The second line consists of Troy Corser, Yukio Kagayama, Lorenzo Lanzi and Max Neukirchner, the 3rd line of Robby Rolfo Michel Fabrizio, Karl Muggeridge and Fonsi Nieto.

We have to wait for the 4th row and the 15th position to see the name of our only French representative: Regis Laconi. Contrary to what one might think, the ZX-10R is proving difficult to take on the Czech track…

First Superbike race

Max Biaggi took the best start ahead of Yukio Kagayama, James Toseland, Troy Bayliss, Noriyuki Haga and Troy Corser. From the first lap, two men were particularly quick: Haga who easily overtook the reigning world champion Bayliss, and Toseland who took the lead by overtaking the two Suzuki in two turns..

Noriyuki, who does not want to let James go alone in the lead, takes it twice to overtake his best friend Yukio and lodges in Max’s wheel. From the first chicane of the 2nd lap, Haga placed himself inside Biaggi under braking. The Japanese is ironed at the change of angle but manages to come out of the pif-paf in front of the Roman Emperor !

But by approaching the last chicane, Nitro Nori is passed by his sworn enemy. When accelerating, the Japanese don’t want to let go and ends up biting the dirt! Suddenly, Kagayama placed under the pots of his teammate doubles his buddy’s R1 !

Meanwhile, Toseland continues his effort but struggles to place a second between his CBR and his Japanese pursuers. Behind this small leading group, the two official Ducatis are bravely defending themselves against the Honda Rolfo, the Yam de Corser, the Suz de Neukirchner and the Kawa de Nieto. After a few lengths Fabrizio, Muggeridge and Laconi (12th therefore).

It was at the start of the 4th lap, at the end of the straight, that Haga recovered his 3rd place just behind Biaggi. Lanzi is still ahead of Bayliss while Nieto, in slow motion, has to give up !

Up front, the two Suzuki and the Yamaha have caught up with the Honda n ° 52: three of the four main players in the championship are fighting for victory in the same second! Laconi for his part tries to stay in contact with the second group made up of Lanzi, Bayliss, Rolfo, Corser, Fabrizio and Neukirchner.

In the 6th lap, at the end of the straight, Rolfo overtook Bayliss. Moments later, it’s Biaggi who attacks Toseland, quickly imitated by Haga: the pace in the lead goes up a notch. But Toseland has not said his last word.

The Briton tried hard braking but his rear wheel swept the track a little too much and prevented him from maintaining the optimal trajectory. Fortunately the wide and undulating track of Brno allows this type of improvisation..

However, at the end of the 7th lap, Kagayama took advantage of a further mistake by Toseland to grab his pal Haga’s wheel before the straight. While Toseland is doing the show at the head of the race, two young Italians also on CBR1000RR set the mood in the peloton and are quick to part ways: Rolfo and Fabrizio !

Bayliss, who expected a difficult event, is only 10th, just ahead of Regis Laconi. The Australian’s 2nd place in the general classification is threatened but he can do absolutely nothing! In front, Haga does not release the pressure on the Roman Emperor and the Japanese even allow themselves to stealthily take the lead in the 9th lap.

Halfway through the race, the four leading men are still in the same second! Curiously, Haga passes Biaggi on acceleration. The Italian would he have missed a report? Possible since visibly deconcentrated, the Roman misses the rope in the next bend and goes through Toseland and Kagayama.

On lap 11, Haga leads ahead of Toseland. English is not spared: at the exit of the last turn, neck and neck with Noriyuki, James even spills over into the earth beyond the vibrators! Suz n ° 3 is passed in front of Suz n ° 71.

Then Haga was passed successively by Toseland then Biaggi. This inspires Kagayama who tries to put the brakes on his compatriot in the long straight before the climb to the pits. A bit optimistic, the Suzuki rider had to get out of the way and failed to unseat Nitro Nori by transplanting towards the rope !

Full angle, Haga lifts his left hand and throws again to stay in front of Kagayama. His R1 leaves a big comma on the track, the rear axle of the R1 wriggles wildly: the n ° 41 does not want to be again the victim of the excess of ardor of one of his adversaries and let it be known. !

Time to recover from their emotions and the spectators witness the fall of Bayliss, whose 999 is struck by the rear by the Honda of Muggeridge which slides alone on the track. Karl slips too but ten meters behind and watches the scene helplessly…

Laconi came close to Honda a few moments earlier and managed to keep control of his ZX-10R but Bayliss could not avoid the crash. "I went to see him (Muggeridge, NDLR) and I thanked him because anyway I was not having fun on this round in 10th place !", Troy Bayliss will finally joke !

At the forefront, however, the atmosphere is not for fun: on the 15th lap, Toseland increased his lead to a full second, ahead of Biaggi, Kagayama and Haga. Fabrizio and Rolfo are still fighting for 5th place 4 seconds behind the leader while Lanzi, Corser – in the grip "to grips problems all weekend", he confessed later – and Neukirchner are fighting for 7th position.

In the following lap, Haga takes advantage of a whirlwind tour of Kagayama beyond the buzzers to climb back up to the podium. Biaggi takes cover and joins Toseland: fight in the last lap promises to be bloody !

Indeed, Kagayama made a decisive attack on Haga in the last chicane of the penultimate lap and continued to abuse his rear tire to gradually outrun his buddy Haga. In front, in the break following the first turn, Toseland wrings the grip so much that he bites inside the turn and sends a volute of earth on Biaggi !

On the rest of the course, neither of them makes a mistake and the positions remain unchanged until passing under the checkered flag! Bloody, the last lap was literally for the gladiator Max: it is when arriving in the pits that one realizes that his fairing and his left index finger were struck by stones during the escape from Toseland !

SBK Brno results first round:

Pilot Team Time Tours
1 Toseland J. Honda hannspree 41 ‘02.730 20
2 Biaggi M. Suzuki Alstare Corona 41 ‘02.967 20
3 Kagayama Y. Suzuki Alstare Corona 41 ‘03.915 20
4 Haga N. Yamaha Motor Italia 41 ‘05.133 20
5 Rolfo R. Honda hannspree 41 ‘06.202 20
6 Fabrizio M. Honda DFX Corsica 41 ‘06.488 20
7 Corser T. Yamaha Motor Italia 41 ‘20.965 20
8 Lanzi L. Ducati Xerox 41 ‘22.383 20
9 Neukirchner M. Suzuki Germany 41 ‘24.960 20
10 Nakatomi S. Yamaha YZF 41 ‘34.392 20
11 Laconi R. Kawasaki PSG-1 41 ‘35.526 20
12 Xaus R. Ducati Sterilgarda 41 ‘50.090 20
13 Iannuzzo V. Kawasaki PSG-1 42 ‘04.713 20
14 Drazdak J. Yamaha Jr. Pro SBK Racing 42 ‘04.782 20
15 Cruciani S. Suzuki Italia Celani 42 ‘51.602 20

Best round of the round: 2 ‘01.543 – Haga (4th round)
Best lap in previous race: 2 ‘02.594 – Haga (2006)

Supersport Race

Kenan Sofuoglu took full advantage of his pole and left alone in the lead from the first corners. The n ° 54 Honda Ten Kate rider is ahead of the two CBRs of the Stiggy Motorsport team – Brookes and Harms -, soon overtaken by Sebastien Charpentier !

Behind are Broc Parkes, Craig Jones, Massimo Roccoli and David Checa! Sebastien Gimbert is three places behind his teammate, Foret is in 13th place, Leblanc is 22nd, Lagrive and Enjolras 27 and 28th.

Harms took advantage of the first "launched" passage in the straight line to overtake Brookes, who was half a second behind Charpentier and a second behind Sofuoglu. In the 2nd lap, Jones also passes Brookes, imitated by Parkes.

In front of Sofuoglu quickly installed a barrier – impassable? – 1.5 seconds on his opponents. On the contrary, Charpentier is already starting to show signs of weakness and our No.16 is under pressure from Harms.

Deporting to the outside at the exit of the "pif", Jones places himself at the height of Brookes by approaching the "paf" … Finally this maneuver benefits Parkes and his R6 more, who were driving behind the two Honda and therefore return to their level.

The operation is also beneficial for General Seb, who again has half a second ahead of his opponents. Braking at the end of the straight line, if Harms retains his 3rd place, Parkes manages to pass the hot Jones.

Very quickly, the three furious again their delay on Charpentier in delicacy with his tires. "After 4 or 5 laps I no longer had any grip either at the front or at the rear. I think my riding style does not match the settings of the bike and at the moment I cannot find the solution", Sebastien will summarize.

Approaching a long straight, the Frenchman widens his trajectory slightly: this is enough for Parkes to grab second position. When braking the next chicane it is Jones’ turn to pass in front of n ° 16 … Hard for Number One !

Craig then continues to put pressure on Robbin. Indeed, if they want to go for victory – therefore Kenan -, we will have to increase the pace! Meanwhile, Checa and Foret are fighting for the lead of the 3rd group – 9th place -. The 2nd consists of Fujiwara, Brookes and Roccoli, the 1st of Harms, Jones and a little further on Charpentier. But all are far behind Sofuoglu.

On the 7th lap, the Turkish driver decided to increase his lead to more than 2 seconds and the positions froze. On the track, however, the Fujiwara trio, Brookes and Roccoli inexorably go back to Charpentier who will not be able to defend himself for long..

In front, Parkes concentrated on the CBR600RR n ° 54 but the danger lurks as Harms and Jones follow him very closely. Moreover in the 8th loop, Harms passes in front of the Yamaha rider n ° 23 while Jones continues his long crosses with each braking !

There follows a nice series of overtaking between Parkes and Harms which partly prevent them from getting closer to Sofuoglu … Carried away by his ardor, Robbin goes so far as to briefly leave the track, always giving Broc a little respite. 2nd.

Behind, Brookes and Roccoli outrun Charpentier, who would see in his mirrors – if they were kept – a green motorcycle swooping down on him. It is naturally Fabien Foret’s ZX-6R, which has accustomed us to thunderous ends of the race !

For his part, Parkes nibbles a few tenths at Sofuoglu on the 11th lap but the Turkish reacts instantly by taking almost half a second from the official Yamaha rider in the following loop … In the same lap, Foret takes his 7th place from Charpentier and is now aiming for the Yam de Roccoli located a few lengths away.

Meanwhile, Jones was definitely dumped by Parkes and Harms who have not bothered each other for several rounds. In the 14th lap, Fabien Foret is in the wheel of Josh and Massimo. Then a superb fight began for 5th place, the intensity of which can be read directly on the track: the rubber brands are more and more numerous !

Two laps from the finish, Harms is still in Parkes’ wheel and Foret cannot find the breach! The tension rises a notch, except for Sofuoglu who sees victory fast approaching. Jones being relegated to 5 seconds from the Harms – Parkes duo, the latter will be able to fight a beautiful battle with disjointed trajectories if necessary…

But from the first chicane of the last lap, Harms launches hostilities, with contact on the corner which forces Parkes to slightly straighten his R6: 1 point for Harms! The two men do not leave each other and offer a superb show.

Before starting to climb back up to the pits with heavy braking on the last straight, Parkes pretends to shift but Harms is the strongest again: 2nd point for the Dutchman! The two men keep their positions in the penultimate chicane … 2nd place will be played in the last sequence !

Parkes tries a new attack under braking, shifts inside, hoists his R6 to the level of the Honda but cannot compete and sees the Honda regain a little lead … So little that when Harms decides to dive into the left, his rear wheel hooks up the front wheel of Parkes who can do nothing … It’s the fall !

Sofuoglu therefore had his revenge on Silverstone – even Misano where he finished "only" 3rd – and won his 6th victory of the season! Behind, the fall of the two main leaders of the race benefits Craig Jones who obtains his 1st podium in the World SSP and Fabien Foret finally inherits the 3rd step, beating on the wire the Italian Roccoli.

Note the excellent results of the GMT94 team: David Checa finished 7th and Sebastien Gimbert finished 9th just behind Charpentier! "We still lack experience, but this is promising for the future", Christophe Guyot told the GMT site, before adding:"we start to fight with top teams, and even in front of several official motorcycles. This gives us even more ambition" !

Gregory Leblanc is missing the 15th place occupied by a Nannelli further reduced by his fall in England. Julien Enjolras is 22nd less than a minute from the winner. Disappointment on the other hand for Matthieu Lagrive who had to regain the pits in the 7th lap…

In the championship, Sofuoglu takes his lead to 70 points against Fabien Foret: "I’m almost there", rejoices Kenan. So from his next outing at Brands Hatch, the Turkish driver offers himself the possibility of winning the world title, synonymous with 5th crown for the Honda Ten Kate team. !

Behind, the positions do not move for Fujiwara (4th with 87 pts), Harms (70) and West (66 pts in 3 races!). Roccoli climbs two places and totals 59 points. Charpentier grapples three but remains far from the leaders: 12th with 37 points.

On the constructor side, Honda still dominates with 206 points against Yamaha and its 145 pts. Kawasaki is back on the ground and is only 18 points behind the mark in tuning forks. Suzuki is 4th with 63 points, Ducati 5th with 44 points.

SSP Brno results:

Pilot Team Time Tours
1 Sofuoglu K. Honda hannspree 38 ‘09.132 18
2 Jones C. Honda Revè Ekerold 38 ‘20.445 18
3 Drill F. Kawasaki Gil Motor Sport 38 ‘26.659 18
4 Roccoli M. Yamaha Lorenzini by Leoni 38 ‘26.698 18
5 Brookes J. Honda Stiggy Motorsport 38 ‘27.241 18
6 Fujiwara K. Honda althea 38 ‘29.295 18
7 Checa D. Yamaha GMT 94 38 ‘29.673 18
8 Carpenter S. Honda hannspree 38 ‘32.580 18
9 Gimbert S. Yamaha GMT 94 38 ‘32.987 18
10 Veneman B. Suzuki Pioneer Hoegee 38 ‘34.995 18
11 Kallio V. Suzuki Pioneer Hoegee 38 ‘35.093 18
12 O’Halloran J. Yamaha World SSP 38 ‘41.455 18
13 Parkes B. Yamaha World SSP 38 ‘42.846 18
14 Alfonsi L. Honda althea 38 ‘43.594 18
15 Nannelli G. Ducati SC Caracchi 38 ‘43.710 18


Leblanc G. Honda Vazy Racing Team 38 ‘46.774 18


Enjolras J. Yamaha Tati Beaujolais 38 ‘59.852 18
31 Lagrive M. Honda Intermoto Czech 15 ‘22.458 7

Best round of the round: 2 ‘06.089 – Sofuoglu (2nd round)
Best lap in previous race: 2 ‘06.604 – Tiberio (2006)

Provisional SSP classification:

Pilot Team Points
1 Sofuoglu K. Honda hannspree 186
2 Drill F. Kawasaki Gil Motor Sport 116
3 Fujiwara K. Honda althea 87
4 Harms R. Honda Stiggy Motorsport 70
5 West A. Yamaha World SSP 66
6 Roccoli M. Yamaha Italia 59
7 Veneman B. Suzuki Pioneer Hoegee 56
8 Parkes B. Yamaha World SSP 50
9 Jones C. Honda Revè Ekerold 45
10 Nannelli G. Ducati SC Caracchi 44
11 Pitt A. Honda hannspree 40


Carpenter S. Honda hannspree 37
13 Alfonsi L. Honda althea 36
14 Salom D. Yamaha Spain 34
15 Sanna S. Honda Parkalgar 30
17 Checa D. Yamaha GMT 94 29


Tiberio Y. Honda Stiggy Motorsport 29
23 Gimbert S. Yamaha GMT 94 22
25 Lagrive M. Honda Intermoto Czech 14
28 Enjolras J. Yamaha Tati Beaujolais 7
30 Leblanc G. Honda Vazy Racing Team 6

Second Superbike race

It was again Max Biaggi who took the best start ahead of Bayliss, Corser, Toseland and the 19 other competitors. But at the exit of the second corner, Corser, Toseland, Neukirchner and Lanzi pass in front of the Italian. Lorenzo on his Ducati n ° 57 takes advantage of the following chicane to take 3rd position.

A few bends further, the young Ducati rider even takes the lead in the race: for the first time, the 999 has beaten the Japanese! But the most fit man at the start of the race is undoubtedly Noriyuki Haga, who successively gets rid of Bayliss, Kagayama, Biaggi and Neukirchner.

Laconi is not left out: he takes advantage of the drying track conditions – and a "good risk taking", he will declare at the end of the race – to hoist his ZX-10R in 5th position at the end of the 1st lap. Lorenzo Lanzi for his part totals almost a lead of one second on Toseland, Haga and Corser.

At the end of the straight, Nitro Nori overtakes "JT" and sets off in pursuit of Lanzi. The track is completely dry, but the race declared wet and delayed by a few minutes because of a downpour will count one lap less than the first run: a good point for Haga whose R1 does not spare the rear tire !

On lap 3, Biaggi began his usual comeback in the peloton while Haga made short work of Lanzi. Somewhat blocked by the same Lanzi, Toseland is caught braking a chicane by Corser.

Bayliss in the middle of a fight for 10th place with Fabrizio and Xaus makes a straight ahead but stays on the track and momentarily loses contact with his two comrades. Lucky for him, Nakatomi, Smrz and Nieto are too far away to take advantage of his little mistake. Very quickly, the Australian kangaroo gets back into the rhythm and climbs the rankings…

Fabrizio gains a few places from the deficit of Rolfo and Laconi. At the head of the race, Corser joined his teammate while Toseland still ran into Lanzi! Fabrizio swoops down on Kagayama who occupies 6th place and in front of them, Biaggi gets closer to Toseland who manages – three laps after Haga! – to double Lanzi…

On the other hand, Biaggi does not bother for long with Lanzi, whom he overtakes in the last chicane. The pilots are only on their 5th round and already Corser must give up due to an engine problem. After Troy B., it is Troy C. – author of the best time in the race of the weekend! – which leaves large points…

But the race continues: Haga finds himself alone in the lead, Toseland is joined by Biaggi, Lanzi slows down in 4th place, Fabrizio passes in front of Kagayama, Rolfo is alone in 7th position and Bayliss begins to covet Laconi’s 8th place. !

It took two laps – the 8th – to see Fabrizio then Kagayama overtake the official Ducati n ° 57. Michel Fabrizio is now 4th two seconds from the podium, which he has not climbed since … Brno 2006 ! ?

Biaggi for his part is only two lengths behind Toseland and Haga seems to be content to manage his two-second lead over his opponents, just to keep some rubber for the grand final? Laconi will not be able to finish the race as well as he started it: he is overtaken by Bayliss and Xaus … The ZX-10R unlike other 4-cylinders is definitely not in its element.

That said, even on a motorcycle very comfortable on this track, the race is not won in advance. On his GSX-R 1000, Kagayama drives very hard and could have "go get the first three"… If he hadn’t lost the front halfway through the race."It happened very quickly and I couldn’t do anything", explained the Japanese who left empty-handed from this 2nd round.

In the 11th lap, Biaggi the pirate goes on the attack: he overtakes the Honda n ° 52 of JT and goes to attack the Yam n ° 41 of Nitro Nori! In this round, he stings Haga for a full second. Warned by his signage, the Japanese reacted in the next lap but gave the Italian half a second all the same..

After having signed an excellent 2’00 at the start of the round, Nori turns in 2’02 and cannot ward off the return of Max and James … and of Michel Fabrizio because the Italian continues to grab the lead by tenths. the top three have on him !

At the very end of the 13th lap, Biaggi takes command in an interior on Haga much cleaner than the – missed – one of Misano. Toseland opted for the outside at the end of the curve opening onto the straight line. The Japanese braked the British after the pits but could not resist another attack from the driver Ten Kate in the next chicane…

"My big problem today was the longevity of my tires, especially in the 2nd round", Nitro Nori will regret. Having nevertheless carried out satisfactory race simulations during testing, his front tire would not have"lasted only ten laps". Haga and Pirelli will still have to work…

With five laps remaining, a second Toseland – Biaggi duel is getting ready but Fabrizio who will quickly replace Haga on the podium is only 2.5 seconds behind the leading duo. Will he have his say? Bayliss is still in Rolfo’s wheel but fails to find the loophole.

The young Italian’s attack on the Japanese comes in the penultimate chicane. Fabrizio is therefore on the 3rd step of the podium, the second is 2 seconds away, the first is 3 seconds away….

Finally, the long-awaited battle takes place through interposed panels: from 1 sec in the 15th lap, the gap between Biaggi and Toseland goes from 0.9 sec to 1.2 sec then 2.2 at the start of the last lap! "The second run was better for the tires as it was cooler", will ensure later Max, who will keep his neat style until the end.

Aware of the good operation he can perform in the championship, Toseland gave in, just like Fabrizio delighted to be back on the podium! "The goal was to keep the championship lead and tonight I’m even increasing my lead", James will reveal,"of course the circumstances were favorable to me, but I will not be choosy".

Thus, freed from all pressure, Biaggi can release a superb wheelie under the checkered flag – although less beautiful than that of 1998 with his Yam 500cc! -to celebrate his second World Superbike victory! "It’s been a long time since I won !"exclaims the winner of the opening race of the 2007 SBK World Cup !

Toseland crosses the line 1.5 seconds behind the Roman Emperor, but remains the favorite for the 2007 world crown. Reigning world champion Troy Bayliss finished 6th behind the entrenched Rolfo. Regis Laconi fails him in a disappointing 14th place…

In the championship, Toseland is consolidating his position in the championship: while there are eight rounds to go, the Briton is now 43 points ahead of his closest rival Max Biaggi! The Italian thanks to his 45 points climbs to 2nd position, 2 points ahead of Noriyuki Haga and 13 ahead of Troy Bayliss who only scores 10 points this weekend.

Another change in the ranking: Michel Fabrizio (85 pts) steals his 11th place from our national Ninja Regis Laconi who totals 83 points. His teammate Fonsi Nieto also gains a place: he passes 13th but is 25 pts less than the Regis.

Among the manufacturers, the fight is still as close! Honda (319 pts) moved from 3rd to 1st place ahead of Yamaha (303) and Ducati (302) who both had a disappointing Czech race. Suzuki remains 4th but comes closer to the top three with 278 points. Kawasaki lags behind Honda by 204 points and MV Agusta brings up the rear with only point scored in its first appearance in Misano.

Next meeting for the SBK World Cup in England in two weeks on the Barnds Hatch circuit. Stay connected !

SBK Brno results second round:

Pilot Team Time Tours
1 Biaggi M. Suzuki Alstare Corona 38 ‘53.022 19
2 Toseland J. Honda hannspree 38 ‘54.532 19
3 Fabrizio M. Honda DFX Corsica 38 ‘58.441 19
4 Haga N. Yamaha Motor Italia 38 ‘59.787 19
5 Rolfo R. Honda hannspree 39 ‘00.932 19
6 Bayliss T. Ducati Xerox 39 ‘02.263 19
7 Lanzi L. Ducati Xerox 39 ‘12.446 19
8 Nieto F. Kawasaki PSG-1 39 ‘17.213 19
9 Nakatomi S. Yamaha YZF 39 ‘19.702 19
10 Xaus R. Ducati Sterilgarda 39 ‘21.117 19
11 Muggeridge K. Honda Alto Evolution 39 ‘26.278 19
12 Neukirchner M. Suzuki Germany 39 ‘26.374 19
13 Smrz J. Ducati SC Caracchi 39 ‘26.517 19
14 Laconi R. Kawasaki PSG-1 39 ‘33.475 19
15 Iannuzzo V. Kawasaki PSG-1 39 ‘50.306 19

Best round of the round: 2 ‘00.674 – Corser (4th round)
Best lap in previous race: 2 ‘01.543 – Haga (2007)

Provisional SBK classification:

Pilot Team Points
1 Toseland J. Honda hannspree 305
2 Biaggi M. Suzuki Alstare Corona 262
3 Haga N. Yamaha Motor Italia 260
4 Bayliss T. Ducati Xerox 249
5 Corser T. Yamaha Motor Italia 191
6 Lanzi L. Ducati Xerox 150
7 Xaus R. Ducati Sterilgarda 140
8 Rolfo R. Honda hannspree 131
9 Neukirchner M. Suzuki Germany 111
10 Kagayama Y. Suzuki Alstare Corona 105
11 Fabrizio M. Honda DFX Corsica 85
12 Laconi R. Kawasaki PSG-1 83
13 Nieto F. Kawasaki PSG-1 58
14 Smrz J. Ducati SC Caracchi 56
15 Brookes J. Honda Alto Evolution 40

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