WSBK – The Marseillaise rings out at Monza! –

The Marseillaise rings out in Monza !

WSBK - The Marseillaise rings out at Monza! -

Yesterday was the 5th round of the Superbike and Supersport world championships. In 1000, the fight lasted until the last bends while in 600, Fabien Foret won with form! Full reports…

Contrary to pessimistic weather forecasts, the sun was there on Sunday afternoon, after shining brilliantly on the test sessions of the previous two days. But if the atmosphere was warm yesterday, it is not only thanks to the rays of "the old"…

Getting a little closer to the fateful 200km / h average on the Italian track, the World Superbike riders fought a superb battle during the Superpole. Despite everything, Troy Bayliss (Ducati Xerox) won again, pocketing his third pole position of the year.

By completing the lap of Monza in 1 ‘44.931, the Australian sets a new track record and leaves – far behind – his competition. Support him all the same on the 1st row, Max Neukirchner (Suzuki Alstare), Noriyuki Haga (Yamaha Santander) and Carlos Checa (Honda Ten Kate) … Four manufacturers in the first four places !

Then follow Yukio Kagayama (Suz ‘Alstare), Ruben Xaus (Ducati Go Eleven), Fonsi Nieto (Suz’ Alstare) and Ryuichi Kiyonari (Honda Ten Kate). The 3rd row is occupied in order by Max Biaggi (Ducati Go Eleven), Karl Muggeridge (Honda DF Racing), Regis Laconi (Kawasaki PSG-1 Corse) and Troy Corser (Yam Santander).

In 4th row we find Michel Fabrizio (Ducati Xerox), Makoto Tamada (Kawa ‘PSG-1 Corse), Jakub Smrz (Ducati Guandalini) and Gregorio Lavilla (Honda Vantaxia). Shinichi Nakatomi (Yam ‘RG Team) will start from 18th place, Sebastien Gimbert (Yam’ GMT 94 of course!) From 20th, and his teammate Mickael Beck (replacing David Checa) from last place, just behind the French Loic Napoleone (Yam ‘Grillini).

Finally, we regret the absence of the third Ten Kate rider, Kenan Sofuoglu: qualified in 17th position, the Supersport world champion left to join his family in Turkey after the tragic disappearance of his big brother Sinan, victim of a motorcycle accident. in turkish league…

Supersport side, it is Broc Parkes (Yam ‘World SSP) who seizes his second pole of the year while going down – it is the only one – under the bar of 1’ 50. Behind him, Josh Brookes (Honda Stiggy), Fabien Foret (Yam ‘World SSP) and Massimo Roccoli (Yam’ Lorenzini).

Then the 2nd row is entirely made up of Honda riders: Jonathan Rea (Ten Kate), Gianluca Vizziello (Berry), Andrew Pitt (Ten Kate) and Robbin Harms (Stiggy). On CBR600RR also, Matthieu Lagrive obtained a nice 9th place ahead of the Daytona 675 of Mark Aitchison (Triumph BE1 Racing), the CBrRs of Gianluca Nannelli (Honda Althea) and Craig Jones (Honda Parkalgar) and the Ninja – the first ZX-6R – by Katsuaki Fujiwara (Kawa ‘Gil Motorsport).

Joan Lascorz, championship leader will start from a distant 16th place, Garry McCoy the former GP star from 23rd. As for the third Frenchman, Gregory Leblanc, will start from the 32nd position.

First Superbike race

Troy Bayliss takes the best start but at the end of the straight, it is finally Yukio Kagayama who tackles the first chicane in the lead. On his exterior follow Bayliss and Neukirchner !

Behind, the pif paf is negotiated in a less fluid way: Max Biaggi is forced to pound to avoid hitting the young German, forcing Haga, Corser, Xaus, Laconi, Nieto and many others to do the same! Luckily, none of the pilots drop or even get out…

In front, Bayliss took advantage of the second chicane to attack the leader Kagayama. But the Australian is much too wide and gets passed over in the middle of the chicane. Neukirchner meanwhile failed to stop his GSX-R and made a straight !

At the end of this second chicane therefore, Kagayama still leads ahead of Bayliss, Neukirchner and Biaggi. The four leading men are joined by Xaus, Haga, Corser, Laconi, Nieto, Kiyonari, Tamada and Lanzi.

Just before entering the third chicane, Max (n ° 76 from Suz ‘) brakes with the n ° 21 Ducati which was somewhat left behind by the n ° 34 Gex. Karl Muggeridge and his Honda are already stopped on the roadside…

On the first lap, Kagayama was a third of a second ahead of his young teammate Neukirchner, a half over Bayliss and almost a second over Biaggi. Haga and Xaus are literally neck and neck down the straight, as are Corser and Nieto behind them !

Controlling his braking much better in the second chicane, Neukirchner took control of the race. Behind the top three, Biaggi is attacked by Haga on the inside and by Xaus on the outside! At the end of the pif paf, the Japanese are 4th, the Italian 5th and the Spanish still 6th.

At the start of the second lap, Max N. and Yukio widened a slight lead over Bayliss and Haga separated from the two Ducati Go Elevens. Moreover, when braking the first chicane, Xaus gets the best of his teammate Biaggi.

In this second loop, Australian kangaroo n ° 21 climbs up on the two Suzuki. These two are engaged in a great battle: on the third passage in front of the pits, Kagayama is placed in the asp of Neukirchner and the Japanese manage to take the lead under braking! Regis Laconi, then 11th, must return to the pits and give up on technical problem.

During this time, Bayliss but also Haga returned to the Suzuki pots … Behind, Xaus had to make a mistake because Biaggi is alone in 5th place ahead of Nieto and his compatriot n ° 111. In front, Neukirchner recovers the lead and Haga takes 3rd place from Bayliss under braking of the first chicane on the 4th lap.

On the 5th lap, Neukirchner, Kagayama and Haga cross the timing line almost head on! Under braking, Kagayama regains the lead and the Yam ‘stays behind the Suz’. Two Ducatis follow: Bayliss falls slightly behind and Biaggi seems unable to join in the fun.

The fratricidal duel between n ° 76 and 34 continues … But before the 7th passage, the R1 n ° 41 is inserted between the two GSX-R 1000. Better, braking at the end of the straight line, Haga s take the lead for the first time! Behind, Biaggi is again threatened by Xaus.

On the next lap, the leading trio is completely upset: it is now Neukirchner who leads ahead of Kagayama and Haga! Fourth in just a few lengths, Bayliss enjoys the spectacle. At the same time, we discover that Ruben Xaus was the victim of a highside in the parabolic which commands the straight line.

Halfway through the race, the fight is still just as intense "on" the podium. Troy Bayliss observes and Biaggi finally seems to be getting closer! Behind the Italian, Kiyonari, Nieto and Fabrizio do not let go unlike Corser, soon threatened by Lavilla and Checa.

Eight laps from the end, Kagayama got lost in the braking of the first chicane! The Japanese pulled straight ahead and joined the track in 4th position just in front of Biaggi. Neukirchner therefore leads in front of Haga while Bayliss tries to fill the handful of meters that separate him from the fabulous duo !

At the end of the 13th lap, Haga finally finds the Neukirchner fault: he swerves to the outside of the German when braking the parabolic and plunges into the long curve just in front of the Suz ‘! The last turns promise…

While we were no longer expecting him, Troy Bayliss joined Neukirchner and Haga: we are three laps from the checkered flag! In the next lap, Kagayama took advantage of the fight between the two leading men and almost got into the Ducati’s pots! But in the penultimate lap, the leading duo is calmer and more applied.

So much so that Max and Nori approach the last lap again alone … Haga seems particularly incisive: he is very efficient out of bends but cannot materialize in braking! Could he attempt an attack at the exit of the last curve so ?

And no ! Despite all the efforts of Nitro Nori, he is contained by the impressive Neukirchner who flies to his first victory in the SBK World Cup, the first for a German! Kagayama, however well back in the last section, suffers the same "failure" against Bayliss who keeps his third place.

Behind this exceptional quartet, Max Biaggi signs his best result on the handlebars of the private Ducati since, ahead of Kiyonari, Nieto, Checa. In the last lap, Fabrizio and Smrz deprived Lavilla of a nice 9th place. Sebastien Gimbert scores the last point and Mickael Beck finishes last, 1 ’28 from Neukirchner.

"My compliments to Max who takes away his first Superbike victory, Nori gave him a great race and there was nothing I could do to pass them", humbly recognize the great Troy Bayliss himself !

First round SBK Monza:

Pilot Team Time Tours
1 Neukirchner M. Suzuki alstare 32 ‘02.851 18
2 Haga N. Yamaha Motor Italia + 0.058 18
3 Bayliss T. Ducati Xerox + 0.672 18
4 Kagayama Y. Suzuki alstare + 0.771 18
5 Biaggi M. Ducati Sterilgarda Go Eleven + 3.869 18
6 Kiyonari R. Honda Hannspree Ten Kate + 5.995 18
7 Nieto F. Suzuki alstare + 8,788 18
8 Checa C. Honda Hannspree Ten Kate + 9.374 18
9 Fabrizio M. Ducati Xerox + 10,667 18
10 Smrz J. Ducati Guandilini + 10,771 18
11 Lavilla G. Honda Ventaxia VK + 12,180 18
12 Corser T. Yamaha Motor Italia + 14,719 18
13 Nakatomi S. Yamaha YZF + 32,734 18
14 Lanzi L. Ducati RG Team + 36,550 18
15 Gimbert S. Yamaha France GMT 94 + 36,607 18
19 Beck M. Yamaha France GMT 94 + 1 ‘28.342 18
Laconi R. Kawasaki PSG-1 Corsica 3
Napoleone L. Yamaha Grillini 1

Superpole: 1 ‘44.931 – Bayliss – Ducati
Best round of the round: 1 ‘45.882 – Haga – Yamaha (3rd round)
Best lap in previous race: 1 ‘46.064 – Haga – Yamaha (2007)

Superpole: 1 ‘44.931 – Bayliss – Ducati
Best round of the round: 1 ‘45.882 – Haga – Yamaha (3rd round)
Best lap in previous race: 1 ‘46.064 – Haga – Yamaha (2007)

Supersport Race

Brookes and his Honda take off perfectly and cross the first chicane in the lead! The rest of the peloton follows cahincaha and, unfortunately for them, Walker, McCoy, Gowland and Scambia fall.

Only Walker and McCoy leave behind. But Garry makes a pit stop the following lap and will return there definitively on the 5th lap while Chris, forced to take a penalty – a passage through the pits – in the same 5th lap will prefer to stop his race there..

In front, Josh quickly widens the gap on the peloton which "gets organized" … with big overtaking shots !

On the first lap, the situation was somewhat clearer: Brookes leads ahead of Parkes, Harms, Vizziello, Foret, Roccoli, Jones, Rea, Veneman, Pitt, Rodriguez, Aitchison, Lagrive, Nannelli and Lascorz. In the 2nd lap, our national Fabien took 4th place in the last chicane before climbing to the 3rd step of the podium when braking the parabolic !

But once again, the Supersport race has many surprises in store for us! Transcended by his audience, Vizziello brakes very hard at the end of the straight line … The rear wheel across, the young Italian drifts from the inside to the outside of the track and leans on Foret !

The brake lever of the n ° 99 is momentarily actuated but the Yam ‘de Foret remains on its wheels: Fabien must trace straight ahead in the chicane while Gianluca cuts through the grass! In front, Brookes and Parkes did not notice anything, Foret reboots just in front of Harms and Vizziello loses precious seconds.

Somewhat taken aback, Fabien loses his 3rd place in the second chicane of the course but does not give up on the matter … Another who does not want to let go either – except his rear wheel when accelerating in the parabolic and its 6th place with! – Andrew Pitt is fighting against Craig Jones.

In front, Parkes has shifted into high gear and begins to separate from Brookes, alone in 2nd position. Yet Parkes is not at his best: "I had an ATV accident not long ago and my arm still hurts", later confided the pilot Yam ‘.

Third, Foret continued his effort and also separated from a Honda Hannspree: that of Harms. Behind, the Pitt festival continues: Australian n ° 88 passes Vizziello at the entrance to the parabolic.

In the second chicane of the 4th lap, Fabien Foret climbed to the second step of the podium due to Brookes’ deficit. The tricolor n ° 99 immediately sets out to hunt his own teammate Broc Parkes. On the 5th passage in front of the pits, Vizziello was forced to retire: "by overtaking Fabien I hit him and broke the tip of my selector", will regret the hot Italian.

Andrew Pitt and Robbin Harms ride together and compete for 4th place. Craig Jones is 6th, ahead of Massimo Roccoli and Matthieu Lagrive! Behind them, in the long straight, Barry Veneman loses the front of his Suz ‘and leaves the race in his turn.

Right at the halfway point, Fabien Foret literally puts down his teammate and takes command. Behind, it is another Yam ‘pilot, Roccoli, who makes the animation: after getting rid of Jones, the first Italian falls on Pitt and Harms !

With six laps to go, Foret seems untouchable. His teammate Parkes, on the other hand, was overtaken by Brookes in the first chicane. The fight for 4th place intensifies further: Pitt is put under pressure by Harms but also by Roccoli, Jones and Lagrive who are less than a second.

Despite the fight they engage in, Craig Jones and Gianluca Roccoli join Robbin Harms, still under the pots of Pitt’s Ten Kate. In front, Foret is still in the lead ahead of Brookes and Parkes now dropped.

Three laps from the end, the podium places seem distributed. But for the next five places, everything remains to be played! Jones and Roccoli keep passing and ironing. Then two laps from the end, the young Englishman surprises everyone braking the first chicane. !

In the next chicane, Harms regains 4th place ahead of Jones and Pitt, while a new fight opens between Roccoli’s Yam ‘and Lagrive’s Honda! From the next chicane, Pitt recovers 4th place ahead of Jones and Harms … The last lap can begin !

Fabien Foret is in the lead ahead of Joshua Brookes and far ahead of Broc Parkes. # 99 applies and keeps # 25 at bay. In the last curve, Fabien Foret leaves a small comma but is not afraid and crosses the finish line first in front of Brookes and Parkes.

Finally, it was Andrew Pitt who managed to take 4th place ahead of Harms, Jones, Roccoli and Lagrive. "The tire we had was not working properly for us", Pitt would later reveal,"I suffered from a loss of grip in the parabolic and I could no longer open the throttle".

Lascorz, leader of the championship, finished behind this fine team in 9th place. The first Triumph is that of Aitchison (11th) and the first Kawa is that of Fujiwara (15th). Gregory Leblanc finished 23rd, less than a minute from his compatriot Foret.

"I am very happy to win here. After the hard blow of the first event in Qatar, I needed points but I also wanted to win", notes Fabien, thanks to whom the Marseillaise resounded again in the world championship.

In the championship therefore, Fabien Foret jumped from 4th to 2nd place: the Charentais accumulated 71 points, or 6 less than Joan Lascorz who remains leader. Parkes remains 3rd with 65 points, ahead of Pitt and Brookes (both 63 pts).

On the constructors’ side, Yamaha scores 5 points more than Honda and now totals 96 points against 115 for the world number one. Triumph is 3rd with 30 points, Kawasaki and Suzuki follow with 24 and 19 points respectively.

SSP Monza Race:

Pilot Team Time Tours
1 Drill F. Yamaha World Supersport 29 ‘38.261 16
2 Brookes J. Honda Hannspree Stiggy + 1.199 16
3 Parkes B. Yamaha World Supersport + 6,736 16
4 Pitt A. Honda Hannspree Ten Kate + 11,398 16
5 Harms R. Honda Hannspree Stiggy + 11,477 16
6 Jones C. Honda Parkalgar + 11,716 16
7 Roccoli M. Yamaha Lorenzini by Leoni + 11,757 16
8 Lagrive M. Honda Intermoto Czech + 12,186 16
9 Lascorz J. Honda Glaner + 14,847 16
10 Rodriguez A. Yamaha Spain + 15,175 16
11 Aitchison M. Triumph Italia BE1 Racing + 21,256 16
12 Migliorati C. Kawasaki Puccetti + 24,899 16
13 Nannelli G. Honda Hannspree Althea + 25,077 16
14 Kallio V. Honda Benjan Racing + 25,160 16
15 Fujiwara K. Kawasaki Gil Motor Sport + 26,429 16
23 Leblanc G. Honda CRS Grand Prix + 58,057 16

Pole: 1 ‘49.868 – Parkes – Yamaha
Best lap in the race: 1 ‘50.430 – Drill – Yamaha (5th round)
Best lap in previous race: 1 ‘50.550 – Sofuoglu – Honda (2007)

2008 SSP World Drivers Ranking:

Pilot Team Points
1 Lascorz J. Honda Glaner 77
2 Drill F. Yamaha World SSP 71
3 Parkes B. Yamaha World SSP 65
4 Pitt A. Honda Hannspree Ten Kate 63
5 Brookes J. Honda Hannspree Stiggy 63
6 Jones C. Honda Parkalgar 49
7 Rea J. Honda Hannspree Ten Kate 41
8 Harms R. Honda Hannspree Stiggy 39
9 Lagrive M. Honda Intermoto Czech 28
10 Vizziello G. Honda Berry Racing 26
11 Roccoli M. Yamaha Lorenzini 25
12 Nannelli G. Honda Hannspree Althea 20
13 Walker C. Kawasaki Gil Motor Sport 20
14 Aitchison M. Triumph Italia BE1 20
15 Veneman B. Suzuki RES Software Hoegee 19


Leblanc G. Honda CRS Grand Prix 5

Second Superbike race

At the end of the warm-up lap, Lavilla and Laconi join the pits but will be able to start well. Their little comrades are ready to leap from the gate !

Once again, Bayliss is the quickest to release the clutch but the two Suz ‘de Kagayama and Neukirchner climb to the head of the bear by rounding the first corner. Ducati n ° 21 narrowly saves its 3rd place against Nieto’s third Suz ‘ !

Xaus slipped ahead of Haga, Biaggi and the two Honda de Checa and Kiyonari. At the third chicane, Haga passed in front of Xaus and joined the fight for first place from the entire first straight line. Under braking, Neukirchner takes the lead ahead of Kagayama, Bayliss and Haga.

Very quickly, Noriyuki threatens Troy Bayliss. A gap widens between the four leading men and the peloton composed in the order of Nieto, Kiyonari, Xaus, Checa, Corser, Biaggi and Muggeridge. Up front, the pace picks up as Nitro Nori takes the lead ahead of Bayliss, Neukirchner and Kagayama.

The crowd is jubilant: Bayliss on his 1098 and Haga on his Italian R1 exchange 1st place in the 2nd lap! When braking the first turn of the 3rd lap, the German and his Gex add a layer of it by inserting himself between Haga and Bayliss.

The battle allows Nieto, Kagayama, Xaus and the rest of the peloton to grab the lead. Ruben does not fail to recover a little heat in the parabolic but does not go wrong this time. Ole !

However, Kagayama must give up on a fall. In the middle of a chicane, when the right sidewalls of its tires are dirty – brief exits from the curbs? – and he rocks his Suz ‘on the corner … to the right! La Gex picks up then hangs up abruptly, sending its unfortunate pilot waltzing….

In front, the Neukirchner trio, Haga and Bayliss again separate from their pursuers. Nieto is 4th ahead of Kiyonari then, at several lengths, are Xaus, Corser, Checa, Muggeridge and Biaggi. Last party from the pits with Lavilla, Laconi is in 16th place.

"When I fell I was on the verge of gaining places and I rode half a second faster than the leading group", regrets n ° 55 before concluding:"it’s a shame because we could have done something very positive".

His teammate will not be more varnished: Tamada will give up on running out of fuel despite all the attention of his PSG-1 Corsica team. "We filled the tank to the brim but it was not enough" !

In the 9th round, Haga made the interior to Bayliss in Lesmo. Coming out of the curve, Haga takes out his left hand and plays "the little puppet". Intrigued, Bayliss cuts the gas and inspects his Ducati! The Australian gradually disappears from the leading group…

The next lap, it was Corser’s turn to attract the public’s attention: on the first braking, the "old crocodile" made a sharp change of course, preferring to overtake Muggeridge on the inside rather than on the outside. . But on the right of his compatriot is already Carlos Checa, whom Corser comes to jostle !

Honda n ° 7 and Yam ‘n ° 11 trace straight ahead and lose precious meters on the competition by regaining the track. At the same time, we see the Ducati n ° 21 returning to the stand: Bayliss gives up! "For the 2nd round, let’s just say that I’m happy to leave Monza with a bigger lead in the championship", will be content to slip Troy.

Shortly after, it was Checa’s turn to give up on a fall … "A lot of things happen when you ride in the tail of a fast group", will explain the Spanish,"when Corser hit me, I lost places and I had to attack hard to come back but he must have hit something because I lost the feeling with the back of the bike and I fell".

Too bad: Carlos loses the opportunity to reduce the lead that the two-time world champion has over him … and his two main rivals in the championship are heading for victory !

Because the head is still occupied by Neukirchner, ahead of Haga, Nieto and Kiyonari. The latter, double British Superbike champion, could he get his first world podium? Hidden behind Max, Nitro Nori takes the asp of n ° 76 and overflows it in the straight line !

After the 2nd chicane, the Yam ‘n ° 41 makes us shiver: smoke emanates from the front of the rear wheel! This feeds some hopes of a double for the Germanic posted behind him: "I expected him to slow down or pull over but he kept going! "", wondered Max. We fear an engine problem but we quickly realize that it is the poorly fixed wheel arch that is heating the Pirelli to white !

Seven laps from the end, Neukirchner takes the lead again at the end of the straight. Nieto, unable to keep up with the leading men, gives up his podium to Kiyonari, who lodges himself in the wheel of Haga !

In the straight line before the parabolic, the rear wheel arch of the R1 is still playing its own. The white smoke reappears and we begin to wonder if the rear tire will hold the remaining six laps … Fortunately, this friction does not prevent Haga from taking the asp from Neukirchner and taking the lead !

Neukirchner and Haga are fighting for the lead in front of Kiyonari who, in comparison, seems much wiser but not slower. Behind, another great battle oppose the two Ducati de Biaggi and Fabrizio for the gain of 5th place. Two other 1098s are less than a second away: those of Xaus and Smrz.

With three laps from the end, the Suz ‘n ° 76 and the Yam’ n ° 41 could not decide to separate ahead of the Honda n ° 23! In this same lap, Jakub Smrz – far too optimistic in the chicane Ascari – cut the trajectory to Max Biaggi. In fact, he cuts off the front of his Ducati: the Roman Emperor falls and does not start again.

It was in the penultimate passage that Kiyonari made his first attack: he passed Neukirchner in the straight line and got behind Haga. This one keeps the 1st place until the last chicane where his compatriot carries an unstoppable attack. The last corner is before them: on the brakes, Kiyonari stays ahead of Haga and Neukirchner…

But at the start of the curve, the leading Japanese must move aside slightly and let Haga infiltrate! "I was delighted to be with the leading group. When I passed Neukirchner and saw Haga in front of me, I told myself that it would be impossible to pass him", Kiyonari reported,"when i did that i made a mistake and widened in the last curve. Haga stayed inside then joined the outside and I had to give up the gas"

In the middle of the curve, Nori is just in front of Ryuichi and Max. No.41 takes advantage of the full width of the track, opens wide and crosses the track towards the checkered flag located on the other side of the track.

The n ° 23 cannot therefore pass inside … whereas the n ° 76, which took advantage of the asp at the start of re-acceleration decides to go as short as possible and leaves the wheel of Kiyonari to cross the finish line in 2nd position !

Nieto finished alone in 4th position, far ahead of the trio Fabrizio, Muggeridge and Xaus. Sebastien Gimbert scores two more points and his young American teammate, Mickael Beck, scores his very first point in the World Superbike !

In the provisional classification, Troy Bayliss increases his lead! Certainly the Australian has fallen, but his direct rival, Carlos Checa too! Thus, the n ° 21 leads with 78 points ahead of the Spaniard (194 points against 116) while Noriyuki Haga and Max Neukirchner each score 45 points and respectively reach the scores of 112 and 111 points. !

Fonsi Nieto loses one place (5th with 107 pts) and Troy Corser loses three: he is 6th with 101 points. "I did not manage to get a good adjustment today (…), the bike seemed unbalanced, I found it hard to brake in the bends and the tire was slipping too much out of a corner ", will complain Troy C.

Difficult weekend also for the Ducati Go Eleven teammates: Xaus only scores 9 points, Biaggi 11 … Laconi’s score does not change, unlike Gimbert who doubles his: 6 points and 23rd place ahead of his teammate David Checa (5) and his replacement Mickael Beck (1).

"We are particularly satisfied with our progress in terms of the chassis which makes our bike an excellent racing machine. We are impatiently awaiting engine upgrades which should arrive soon. We are also waiting for David Checa, who is impatient to come back. This could be done at the next race in the USA", points out the GMT 94 team of Christophe Guyot on its official website !

In the constructors’ championship, Yamaha (171) and Suzuki (158) grab some ground from the leader Ducati (217). Honda is 4th with 135 points, far ahead of Kawasaki (44) who can thank Badovini and his Pedercini team.

The next meeting is set for June 1 in Salt Lake City, this 6th event marking the big comeback of the SBK World Cup in the United States … But only the Superbike category will cross the Atlantic: for the next Supersport race, it will be necessary wait two more weeks: it will be June 14 at the Nurburgring !

Second round SBK Monza:

Pilot Team Time Tours
1 Haga N. Yamaha Motor Italia 32 ‘07.576 18
2 Neukirchner M. Suzuki alstare + 0.009 18
3 Kiyonari R. Honda Hannspree Ten Kate + 0.051 18
4 Nieto F. Suzuki alstare + 4.489 18
5 Fabrizio M. Ducati Xerox + 10.272 18
6 Muggeridge K. Honda DF Racing + 10,376 18
7 Xaus R. Ducati Sterilgarda Go Eleven + 10,496 18
8 Corser T. Yamaha Motor Italia + 12,498 18
9 Badovini A. Kawasaki Pedercini + 19,429 18
10 Lavilla G. Honda Ventaxia VK + 26,373 18
11 Lanzi L. Ducati RG Team + 26,544 18
12 Nakatomi S. Yamaha YZF + 26,895 18
13 Holland R. Honda DF Racing + 27,761 18
14 Gimbert S. Yamaha France GMT 94 + 29,661 18
15 Beck M. Yamaha France GMT 94 + 1 ‘29.001 18
Laconi R. Kawasaki PSG-1 9
Napoleone L. Yamaha Grillini 6

Superpole: 1 ‘44.931 – Bayliss – Ducati
Best round of the round: 1 ‘46.363 – Haga – Yamaha (10th lap)
Best lap in previous race: 1 ‘45.882 – Haga – Yamaha (2008)

2008 SBK World Drivers Ranking:

Pilot Team Points
1 Bayliss T. Ducati Xerox 194
2 Checa C. Honda Hannspree Ten Kate 116
3 Haga N. Yamaha Motor Italia 112
4 Neukirchner M. Suzuki alstare 111
5 Nieto F. Suzuki alstare 107
6 Corser T. Yamaha Motor Italia 101
7 Xaus R. Ducati Sterilgarda Go Eleven 90
8 Biaggi M. Ducati Sterilgarda Go Eleven 65
9 Kiyonari R. Honda Hannspree Ten Kate 65
10 Lavilla G. Honda Ventaxia VK 59
11 Fabrizio M. Ducati Xerox 55
12 Kagayama Y. Suzuki alstare 54
13 Lanzi L. Ducati RG Team 49
14 Smrz J. Ducati Guandilini 41
15 Muggeridge K. Honda DF Racing 35
18 Laconi R. Kawasaki PSG-1 Corsica 21
23 Gimbert S. Yamaha GMT94 6
24 Checa D. Yamaha GMT94 5
25 Beck M. Yamaha GMT94 1

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