WSBK – What future for Troy Bayliss? –

What future for Troy Bayliss ?

WSBK - What future for Troy Bayliss? -

Just four races from the end of the 2007 World Superbike, the first rumors of transfers for 2008 are starting to run in the paddocks. And the Italian press, in particular, are wondering about the rest of Troy Bayliss’s career next year.

At the time of the first rumors of transfers for 2008 (we are after all only four races from the end of the 2007 championship!), The Italian press is questioning the future of Troy Bayliss’s career..

Many are speculating that the Australian champion, who is battling for his third Superbike title this year, could end his career at the end of the season in case of a world crown..

However, this concern seems unfounded for several reasons. First, Bayliss signed a two-year contract with the Italian factory just before Christmas 2006. But a contract is denounced…

Then, Bayliss has never made a secret of his motivation which encouraged him to pursue his career after his second title in 2006. Troy wants to win three Superbike titles with three different generations of Ducati: 996 in 2001, 999 in 2006 and 1098 in 2008. It is his personal challenge and we know that he talked about it a lot with his wife last winter … His family is very important and he will never make any decision concerning his sporting career without it. opinion of his wife. This decision was made with full knowledge of the facts and he will follow through on his commitment..

Finally, proof that his motivation remains intact for next season, Bayliss, if he remains focused on the championship, wants to personally get involved in the development of the new 1098. We can therefore be almost certain that after the Brands test Hatch which will take place in two weeks, Bayliss will begin his first tests on the handlebars of the 1098.

So, rather than wondering about the end of Troy Bayliss’ career who will not intervene before the end of 2008, the Italian press would do better to wonder who Bayliss will have as a teammate on the 1098 in 2008. It will not be anyway. not Lanzi, announced in a Ducati satellite team next year … Stay tuned !

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