WSBK – World Superbike and Supersport Regulations: the Dorna takes stock with MNC –

World Superbike and Supersport regulations: the Dorna takes stock with MNC

WSBK - World Superbike and Supersport Regulations: the Dorna takes stock with MNC -

Last week, WorldSBK organizers announced the introduction in 2019 of a unique electronic powerhouse in World … Supersport! Why this choice ? Why not in Superbike ? Is the WSBK championship on the right track (that of MotoGP)? La Dorna responds to Site.

Le has been living a prosperous and furious period for several years. Now the Dorna, which manages the motorcycle Grand Prix with a master’s glove – it must be recognized today – intends to do the same with the other motorcycle speed championship: the .

Often criticized for its convoluted regulations – in GP as in WSBK -, can the Dorna revive the public’s interest in World Superbike, a discipline followed on MNC by ten times fewer Moto-Nautes than the premier category (a report strictly identical on Facebook, with 13 million "likes" respectively against 1.3) ?

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The Superbike commission (Dorna, FIM and MSMA) has rightly taken Superbike fans on the wrong foot by announcing the introduction, from 2019 (or even Portimao 2018 for teams who wish), of a World .. . Supersport !

WSBK - World Superbike and Supersport Regulations: the Dorna takes stock with MNC -

The Superbike commission has selected the MKE7 electronic control unit offered by MekTronic, a company based in Cerea (Italy) which has not updated its official website for seven years … MNC therefore conducted its small survey with Dorna.

Site: The 2018 World Supersport takes on the air of "Yamaha R6 Cup". Last October, Daniel Carrera told us that the Dorna, the FIM and the MSMA were studying the possibility of running other types of motorcycles. What about ?
Different brands are working on it. At the moment, there is the possibility of updating or designing new machines that match the current World Supersport. We will work hard to maintain this category, which must remain because it represents an important springboard between the 300 and the 1000 cc.

MNC: You just announced the adoption of the single ECU in Supersport next year. For what purposes ?
We seek to improve the balance of forces on the board and facilitate its control.

WSBK - World Superbike and Supersport Regulations: the Dorna takes stock with MNC -

MNC: Why did you choose the Italian company MecTronik and its MKE7 box ?
Because the MKE7 is already used by three brands as an ECU kit. This choice will therefore have the minimum impact in terms of costs..

MNC: Is the arrival of the single ECU in Supersport from 2019 a step towards the unique ECU in Superbike ?
Not at all ! If we wanted it right now in Superbike, we would have it … Decisions are made in the best interests of each category: we don’t sacrifice one for the other !

MNC: In 2018, the SBK regulation established maximum engine speeds per brand (14,700 rpm for Aprilia, BMW, MV Agusta, Suzuki and Yamaha, 14,300 for Honda, 14,100 for Kawasaki and 12,400 for Ducati). Where are we today ?
There have been some changes in accordance with the regulations and the results obtained:

  • Aprilia: 14,700 rpm (unchanged)
  • BMW: 14,950 rpm (+250)
  • Ducati: 12,400 rpm (unchanged)
  • Honda: 14,550 rpm (+250)
  • Kawasaki: 14,100 rpm (unchanged)
  • MV Agusta: 14,950 rpm (+250)

WSBK - World Superbike and Supersport Regulations: the Dorna takes stock with MNC -

MNC: Michael van der Mark and the R1 won their first victory at. Yamaha and Lowes confirmed to. Eugene Laverty and Aprilia took the podium at … is WorldSBK on the right track ?
The rule changes have effectively enabled other brands to be more competitive. But the biggest difference at the forefront is that a brand drives Jonathan Rea.

MNC: The latest WorldSBK regulations should also help contain costs. Do you consider that this mission is accomplished ?
You give the impression that it was the only goal. It’s done, but technical regulations are only a limited part of the budget. Equally important was the reduction in personnel and development budgets.

WSBK - World Superbike and Supersport Regulations: the Dorna takes stock with MNC -

MNC: On the other hand, the differences between the official and private teams have not been reduced, since only the Ducati Barni team managed to shine at the start of the season (nine Top 5s over the first ten races). The parts that factories have to make available to private teams do not change the situation enough. Should we also include human support: engineers, mechanics, computer scientists ?
This statement is clearly incorrect! The difference between the bikes is clearly smaller and the private teams have a chance to have equal machines. Razgatlioglu finished second at Donington Park and his bike was clearly not behind the factory machine (admittedly, but the Turkish "rookie" only won 8, 9 or 10th places, editor’s note. ). Fores’ bike is the same as the factory Ducatis (hence the excellent results of the first "independent" rider, Editor’s note …). The pieces you mentioned are indeed available. But you also need technicians, pilots and budgets: that’s where the difference lies. Now that’s not something you can regulate.

MNC: The inverted grid spices up the start of the second heats a little and makes it easier for some drivers to reach the final podium, or even victory. But in general, this does not prevent the best ("the" best …) from winning. Consider increasing the handicap of the pilots arriving on the podium on Saturday ?
The aim was to give more visibility to the teams which were doing well in the first round but did not reach the podium. Visibility obviously increased on the grid and in the first few laps of the races – so in the media – but we didn’t expect that to be a determining factor for the final result. We are analyzing this year’s results and will take them into consideration for the future. What we (Dorna) think is that if the gaps between bikes are narrowing, then this rule may not be necessary anymore. Decisions will be shared with the teams, we will analyze the pros and cons before deciding for next season.

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