Yamaha Diversion 900 motorcycle test


Biker testing: Dom

I have been the proud owner of a 900 DIV for a few years
now. It’s a motorcycle that I tried like a few others,
but for economic reasons, state of mind, maintains
and cost, there was not another it was this one.

Yamaha Diversion 900

For reasons of comfort and practicality, I added a bottom
fairing, a personal comfort saddle, a wingrack 2 and
than a high bubble.

From an external point of view, sold as an original, it is pretty if
it’s this hole between the frame and the engine block that looks weird. We
wonders if they haven’t forgotten a part of the engine.

When mounted, the controls fall well under the hands, the position
driving is pleasant, back straight, arms slightly
forward. The dashboard is
complete and readable. The original saddle is slippery and when braking,
acceleration or cornering in a rain suit
and it is not reasonable to find your passenger doing the
yoyo between the pilot and the top case. So for better comfort I have
opted for a personal saddle, and this is the best.

The engine purrs like an air-cooled engine, with
its usual clicking sound. The noise is different depending on the vintage,
the 1995 one was deeper and harsher than the 2000 version.
The first is accompanied by the particular clonck like
the box in general. The motorcycle is heavy enough to
maneuvers at low speed but you get used to it quickly to
give way to serenity.

We travel 99% of the time on the departmental roads
and national, to travel on our beautiful country roads and there
it is his favorite ground, a driving course all
to torque and to the gas net. It’s a motorcycle that doesn’t like changes
untimely trajectories, last second obstacle, (it
must anticipate as much as possible) otherwise beware of fears, lack of bite to
the brakes (but hey we forgive him; it’s not a super sportswoman).

The full fairing and the high screen are ideal
in all situations, especially on the motorway.

For the tires, this is complicated. Tastes and
colors. The original ride of my last 900, it was
Bridgestons and when it was necessary to change them, I was praised
the BT020 and there GALERE, guidance at all speeds,
and in winter loaded as we were to go
on our resorts, it’s panic for the front. Any
too dangerous, more joy to drive – so
tire change – more axial band, to avoid wear
in stairs and I opted as usual for semi tires
tender Pirellis GTS 23 ET 24 and for the moment 1000 kms on the odometer
that’s great.

It’s a motorcycle that is made for easy riding and that likes to share
of life, vacations – I ride cool and therefore my consumption is
5 to 5.5 l / 100kms. at 100-110 kms / H and 7-8 L at 150-160kms / H.
In terms of maintenance, with the gimbal it’s perfect. The revisions
are expensive, so I started doing odds and ends.

Finally, this is a remarkable motorcycle in many ways – comfortable
– reduced maintenance – range – torquey engine – which is not
a racehorse but at 100-110 two, suitcases and satchel
reservoir to explore our beautiful national and departmental,
very very good.

Unfortunately, with the Euro, prices have climbed, and with 1500
euros more, Mr. Yamaha should think about the finish
(visible wires), under braking, a more enveloping fairing, a
little more power and remove that unsightly engine hole.

And finally, it is a pity that the dealers do not take the
time to discuss with you that the time of the purchase of the beast and
after chao, "if we have time" -The after-sales service is
not their forte, and it’s not very commercial either. This is

Strong points Weak points
  • protection
  • comfort
  • autonomy
  • weight


An essay by Dom

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