Yamaha R6 Race: 600 series only for the racetrack

Yamaha R6 Race

600s only for the racetrack

Yamaha is giving itself an adaptation of the R6 to Euro 5 and is bringing the 600 super sports car to the model year as a pure racetrack version R6 Race.

Now it happened. With the Yamaha R6, another 600 super sports car says goodbye to our streets. The Yamaha R6 is not disappearing completely, however, because Yamaha continues to offer it as a pure racetrack variant. The version then baptized Yamaha R6 Race comes without street approval.

Ready to race with kit

Trackday pilots and national racing drivers can purchase an R6 Race as the basis for their ultimate racing motorcycle at a special price. However, Yamaha has not yet revealed how high this special price will be. If you want to go a little further on the special price, you will receive a racing kit with GYTR (Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing) parts for the R6 Race.

The kit includes, among other things, an electronic GYTR package with a lightweight wiring harness and a programmable ECU. A special air intake system benefits performance. The Akrapovic Titan Racing complete system was developed to increase engine performance and significantly reduce overall weight.


Stainless steel brake lines provide direct feedback and an improved brake feel. The GYTR ABS emulator allows the ABS unit to be removed for further weight reduction. Parts prescribed by the FIM for races, such as brake lever protection and a chain fin, are also included. Yamaha has not yet given any prices for the kit either.

The Yamaha R6 Race will be available from January 2021.


Also a way to deal with the Euro 5 changeover. Yamaha keeps the R6 in its program, but without street homologation and only for race track use.

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