Yamaha Star Eluder 2018 excavator for US market

Yamaha Star Eluder 2018

Excavator with air-cooled XXL-V2

Bagger style motorcycles are in heavy demand in the US market. Yamaha wants to get involved with the Star Eluder with a 1.9 liter V2 engine.

D.he new travel bike for the US market, quasi a venture with a slimmed-down rear, relies on a powerful V2 engine with 1,854 cubic centimeters and a 48-degree cylinder angle, which only allows the airstream to blow around the cylinder heads as a coolant. A bore of 100 mm is offset by a stroke of 118 mm. The gas exchange is controlled by four valves per cylinder, which readjust themselves hydraulically. The right mixture is provided by an injection system, which is ignited by a twin spark. A six-speed gearbox with final overdrive and a belt drive transfers the drive torque to the rear wheel. According to Yamaha information, a maximum of 170 Nm should be applied here, the manufacturer is still silent about the maximum power – but this should be around 75 hp. The speed limit of the V2 should be 4,750 rpm. to reach.

High tech in the cockpit


The cockpit of the Yamaha Star Eluder offers everything the long-distance traveler needs.

Despite the seemingly archaic drive, the Yamaha Star Eluder has numerous contemporary features. The throttle valves are controlled electronically, the on-board electronics offer various driving modes and traction control. Cruise control, ABS, seat heating and an infotainment system with a 7-inch touchscreen should not be missing. Various functions can also be controlled via voice control and controls on the handlebars. Smartphones can also be integrated wirelessly or via a USB port. Water-resistant speakers allow you to enjoy music, and a navigation system can also be installed on board at an additional cost.

Just past the 400 kilometer mark


The Yamaha Star Eluder is the slimmed-down version of the Venture, but adopts its chassis concept.

For the chassis, the 397 kilogram Yamaha Star Eluder relies on a main frame made of tubular steel and a screwed-on rear frame made of cast aluminum elements. At the front, the 18-inch wheel with 130/70 tires cushions and guides a conventional telescopic fork with 46-inch stanchions. At the rear there is a central spring strut with deflection that can only be adjusted in terms of its preload. The 16-inch rear rim is fitted with a 200/55 tire. The Star Eluder adapts to different driver sizes with five-way adjustable hand levers and two-way adjustable running boards (front passenger). The seat height of almost 69 centimeters remains unchanged. For the stoppers, Eluder relies on an integral system with a double disc system with 298 discs at the front and a 320 disc at the rear.

Yamaha Star Eluder for US market only


The suitcases at the rear and the compartments in the paneling swallow up 72 liters.

Even if the Yamaha Star Eluder only has a stub disk on the frame-mounted half-shell fairing, the driver should be well protected from the wind. Four LED headlights bring light into the darkness. Luggage and small items can be stored in two cladding storage compartments and the fixed rear bags. All can be locked by central locking. The total storage volume is given as 72 liters. The 25 liter tank should enable ranges of over 360 kilometers.

The Yamaha Star Eluder is available in the USA in blue, silver and black. The base price is $ 22,499, the GT equipment package is charged at an extra $ 1,500.

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