Yamaha T7 Concept 2017


Although the trend is for maxi-trails, Yamaha does not intend to abandon one of the flagship sectors for which it is famous: medium-displacement adventure. In Milan, the T7 concept heralded the revival of an emblematic model of the manufacturer, the legendary XT600Z Tenere, unveiled 33 years ago at the Paris Motor Show..

The famous XT600Z Tenere conquered a wide variety of pilots who adored its simplicity, its robustness and its competitive pedigree. Derived from motorcycles developed by Yamaha for the Dakar and then driven by legendary riders like Stephane Peterhansel, this trail has become one of the best-selling models in Europe..

During its first 10 years, between 1984 and 1994, this motorcycle sold 61,000 copies. La Tenere still attracts an unconditional clientele today, including many proud owners, members of clubs dedicated to this model..

The original spirit of the Tenere, which made Yamaha one of the biggest names in rally-raid and adventure with a capital “A”, is still firmly anchored in the company’s DNA today. . Adventure represents a unique way for Yamaha to appreciate motorcycles: sensations of total freedom and discovery available to you by exploring exceptional sites not served by road..

Today, few models are able to go looking for ruts and dunes. The world of adventure needs a new type of motorcycle capable of offering real versatility over long distances, reliability identical to that of the original Tenere and a contemporary look associated with an engine and chassis of point.

A committed team, made up of engineers, designers and product managers from the Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team in France, R&D in Italy and GK Design in the Netherlands, has developed this new T7 concept. Each member of the team is driven by the desire to create a motorcycle that would adapt to the needs of an adventurer and represent what Yamaha envisions for its next generation Adventure range..

Taking on the DNA that has made Yamaha one of the most iconic names in the rally world, Yamaha’s T7 concept is a fully operational prototype. It has been developed to achieve a perfect balance between performance on roads and dirt tracks.

This lightweight machine features an all-new chassis created from the widely acclaimed twin-cylinder. The CP2 of the MT-07 is designed to deliver an angry torque associated with an easier passage of power to the ground for perfect traction in all situations..

This concept is equipped with an aluminum tank, 4 LED headlights, a carbon fairing and protective shoe as well as an Akrapovi exhaust line? tailored. Also with an ultra-sophisticated KYB fork, the T7 represents a vision of the ideal trail. He will play a major role in the development of the new generation of Yamaha Adventure models..

A new chapter in the book of legends will open on the roads – and on the slopes – from 2018.

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      The technical aspect

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      • Frame
      • Frame: tubular steel structure
      • Train before
      • Tele-hydraulic inverted fork NIX30 Ø nc
      • 1 disc Ø nc, 2 piston caliper

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017 technical

      • Transmission
      • 6-speed gearbox
      • secondary by chain
      • Rear axle
      • Mono-shock absorber
      • 1 disc Ø nc, 1 piston caliper
      • Motor
      • Twin cylinder
        in line
        , 4 stroke
      • Cooling: by water
      • Injection Ø nc
      • 2 ACT
      • 689 cc
        (80 x 68.6 mm)
      • ≈ 60
      • Crit’air:

      Detached pieces


      chain kit


      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

      Yamaha T7 Concept 2017

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