Yamaha Tenere 700 in the 50,000 km endurance test

Yamaha Tenere 700 in the 50,000 km endurance test

18,334 kilometers already completed

MOTORRAD welcomes a new endurance test machine. A Yamaha Tenere 700 rolls into the fleet and has to prove itself over 50,000 kilometers in everyday life.

In the first driving report and in the comparison test, the new Yamaha Tenere 700 already scores well. Shortly before Christmas 2019, the MOTORRAD editorial team will be giving itself a present. From November 29, 2019, a Tenere 700 will be part of the long-term test family.

At the start of the test, the digital display in the cockpit shows a slim 480 kilometers. It is almost fully equipped. Thesis include aluminum cases, crash bars, Akrapovic exhaust and an aluminum tool compartment under the engine. But before the two-cylinder is finally released into everyday editorial work, it has to be measured on the test bench. This is followed by the input measurement as well as the sealing of the motor and a compression measurement. At around 25,000 km, MOTORRAD then publishes an interim endurance test; Final measurements are carried out after 50,000 kilometers, before the Yamaha engine is dismantled and examined.

You can read below how the Yamaha Tenere 700 fared in everyday endurance testing.

Mileage 18,334, 9/2020

MOTORRAD travel and RIDE editor Thorsten Dentges about the new tires on the Yamaha Tenere 700: "So far I have only known the Tenere with light to medium pedaling at high speed / Vmax. Never bad, but always a bit annoying. This may have been due to the tires and the respective load (full, heavy baggage roll at the rear). The first tires were Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR, the last time I had the already rather worn Dunlop Trailmax Meridian on it. Now the Bridgestone Battlax A41 (already 1,500 kilometers, mostly motorway). Track stability even with pillion rider and mini luggage at 190 km / h. Really good. Otherwise it turns in a creamy and spontaneous way, quick changes of lean angle feel precise and safe. Great road tires, that’s my impression."

Mileage: 17,804, 09/2020

Daniel Lengwenus

Trip to Holland by the sea.

Action team tour guide Daniel Lengwenus kidnapped the Yamaha T 7 on a wonderful late summer tower to Lelystad on the IJsselmeer in Holland to breathe some sea air. The long stage that started in Stuttgart brought two insights. First, a touring bench is urgently needed. Second, if you really give the 700 two-cylinder spurs and keep the speed above 180 km / h speedometer, then the Yami will run over seven liters per 100 kilometers through the small combustion chambers. The range of 400 kilometers already determined on previous trips then naturally drops drastically to almost 200 kilometers before you have to go to the petrol pump. It’s not exactly suitable for touring. The small disc protects surprisingly well even at these speeds.

Mileage 15,652, 9/2020

MOTORRAD travel and RIDE editor Thorsten Dentges: "After a grandiose tour through the French region of Doubs and the Jura mountains (curves, curves, curves!), During which the Tenere had already proven to be a completely uncomplicated travel buddy, on the way back we spontaneously cross the highest Vosges peaks again . Grippy asphalt that suits the inconspicuous road tires from Dunlop very well. It’s amazing how this enduro can hold up against fighter pilot attacks by Power Nakeds (KTM Super Duke, Aprilia Tuono), but it doesn’t have to let itself be left behind "just" just over 70 hp. If the strip of asphalt becomes narrower and more rugged, the better: Then the lightweight two-cylinder engine is always ahead. After eight hours of saddling, the narrow, only moderately comfortable bench becomes noticeable. Sitting ergonomics and wind protection are actually permanently comfortable for tall drivers, so daily internships over 500 kilometers are not a thing.

Thorsten dentges

Don’t drink, just transport: the editor got four boxes lashed to the Yamaha Tenere 700.

I still need a break and drive south of Colmar to a winery I know to get a present for home. In the end, the Yamaha turns out to be a suitable wine transporter in addition to its quality as a travel enduro. With four boxes in the luggage (see picture), the anticipation of a sociable evening with friends sweetened the remaining 250 kilometers of motorway."

Mileage: 11.001, 7/2020

On a short trip through the Bavarian Forest, our man from the MOTORRAD action team, Daniel Lengwenus, used the 4 liter reserve canister from the accessories specialist Kriega to test the remaining range on reserve. With a displayed 4.0 liter consumption, the Tenere 700 then drove a full 120 kilometers with the reserve indicator flashing until it was completely dry and stopped. It’s nice to have a handy reserve canister with you so you can continue straight away.

Daniel Lengwenus.

With a reserve canister in his luggage, Daniel drove the Tenere completely empty and covered 420 kilometers.

Incidentally, the Yamaha is one of the few motorcycles that shows more average consumption than it actually consumes. At 4.0 it was a real 3.8 liters per 100 kilometers. That’s why it came 420 kilometers with an officially 16 liter tank that can be driven completely empty.

Mileage: 5,900, May 2020

Test editor Rene Correra was on the road with the Tenere in the Odenwald at the beginning of May. Overall, perhaps the most balanced, harmonious, versatile environment for the famous CP2 engine, which is also found in the MT-07, Tracer700 and XSR700. Weasel-nimble, handy goal stable bike. Very suitable for traveling, comfortable chassis due to long spring travel, yet stable. Probably the highest quality chassis of any 700 Yamaha. With road tires, the enduro wheel sizes are hardly a disadvantage in everyday life. The super-narrow, super-large front wheel naturally shows its limits at a really deep lean angle and quickly. The comfortable, easy-to-use travel enduro ergonomics in combination with really low weight: Unique selling point and proof that the travel enduro theme works really well even under 250 kilograms. And the fierce rally look is well received, people often ask about the motorcycle. The front brake could, however, grab a lot more forcefully for my taste, you have to really reach in when you drive quickly and still the effect is not very strong. An adjustable or slightly larger windshield would also be nice.

Mileage: 2.354, 02/2020

The Yamaha unwinds kilometer after kilometer in a rock solid manner. She is very popular in the editorial office and cannot take a break. The rapid increase in mileage shows how popular the 700cc Enduro is: ten weeks in service and almost 2,400 kilometers on the clock despite rain, snow, sleet and bitterly cold outside temperatures. While at the start of the endurance test marathon it was criticized that the original studded tires might be suitable for riding off-road, but not for city traffic and country roads, Dunlop Trailmax Meridian was recently pulled onto the rims.

Mario steffen.

A small blemish on the otherwise white vest: the brake discs are slightly corroded.

While the front wheel with the original tires was still swinging noticeably at city speed, the Tenere now runs smoothly in a straight line. Our Yamaha is equipped with an Akrapovic rear silencer from the Yamaha parts catalog. The 700 two-cylinder presses 74 hp and 68 Newton meters to the test bench. Compared to the original pot, that’s two horses and four newton meters more. There were no defects, apart from unsightly corrosion spots. The front and rear brake discs are starting to corrode and show clear rust spots. Despite frequent use in the wet, this is definitely unpleasant.

Mileage: 1,753, 01/2020

Dignified in black and blue and equipped with original accessories from the Yamaha parts catalog such as crash bars or an Akrapovič rear silencer, the two-cylinder enduro is gaining more and more hearts in the editorial office. If you come to drive, because colleague Jens Moller-Tollner is relentlessly on the road with the Yamaha and finds it difficult to part with it.

Jens Moller-Tollner.

Cloudy weather? It doesn’t matter, the Tenere puts you in a good mood even when it’s cold.

The initial measurement with the original exhaust resulted in 71.5 HP (with Akra 74 HP), now compression and pressure loss measurement, the engine sealed and the performance are due. For this purpose, the motorcycle is separated from the original Pirelli Scorpion Rally tires with coarse treads and placed on more roadworthy tires.

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