Yamaha Tricity 300: three-wheel scooter for the city

Yamaha Tricity 300 – scooter tricycle for the city

Market launch in July from 7,999 euros

With the Tricity 300, Yamaha is launching another tricycle. The premium scooter for urban traffic will be available from July 2020 from 7,999 euros and may also be driven with a class B driving license.

With the Tricity 125 and the Niken, the Japanese already have two three-wheelers in their model portfolio. Findings from both sister models flowed into the new Tricity 300 scooter in order to also be present in the larger scooter segment with a tricycle. The Tricity 300 is based on the 3CT study, which was presented in 2018. With the Tricity 300, Yamaha has a particular eye on drivers who would like to change, because the 300 can be driven with a class B driving license.

Characteristic of the Tricity 300 is the leaning multi-wheel tilting technology, in which both front wheels tilt into the curve. With the two front wheels, Yamaha promises more stability and more grip. The tilting technology can be locked in place so that the scooter stays upright.


Motor from the XMax 300

In terms of drive technology, the single cylinder from the XMax 300 is used, which, with Euro5 coordination, produces around 28 hp and 29 Nm. Also on board are large disc brakes with a combination braking system and ABS, a compartment under the seat with LED lighting, a smart key system and traction control.

In the meantime, Yamaha has also announced the price: The Tricity 300 will be available from July 2020 from 7,999 euros (plus additional costs). Buyers can choose from Tech Kamo, Nimbus Gray and Matt Gray colors. Yamaha also offers various accessory packages that are tailored to customer preferences. A sports package, a winter package and a city package are available.


The Tricity 300 should be of particular interest to all motorists who are not interested in obtaining a motorcycle license, but still want to be on the move on a two-wheeled vehicle.

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