Yamaha TY-E 2018 electric trial bike

Yamaha TY-E (2018)

Yamaha develops electric trialers

Yamaha takes another step in the direction of electromobility and has developed the Yamaha TY-E, a purely electrically powered competition trial bike.

With the one now presented Yamaha TY-E is a competition trial bike that will in future compete in the FIM Trial-E Cup under rider Kenichi Kuroyama from the Yamaha works team. The Yamaha YT-E was presented at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

With a carbon frame it weighs less than 70 kilos

The focus in the development of the Yamaha TY-E was on low weight, compact dimensions and a high torque yield in order to enable relaxed, agile and controllable driving behavior.


When ready to drive, the electric trial bike should not even weigh 70 kilograms.

A compact, high-speed, high-power electric motor should ensure excellent off-road performance thanks to powerful torque at low speeds and improved acceleration. The new motor control technology enables excellent responsiveness from the lower speed range up to high speeds and makes the performance of the bike controllable at all times. The direct power call can also be controlled via a mechanical clutch and an optimized flywheel. The rear-wheel drive is via a conventional chain.

The AC synchronous motor and the lithium-ion battery were embedded in a monocoque made of carbon fiber laminate. The frame is surrounded by a few slim fairing parts, which should give the pilot optimal freedom of movement. Ready to drive, the Yamaha YT-E weighs just under 70 kilograms. The wheelbase is 1,310 millimeters and the ground clearance is specified as 350 mm.

The FIM Trial E-Cup was held for the first time in 2017. There are two dates in 2018: Auron in France (July 14/15) and Comblain Au Pont in Belgium (July 20/21).

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