Yamaha Workhorse XSR 700 2018


Yamaha Workhorse XSR 700 2018

Yamaha Workhorse XSR 700

Custom conversion for the sprint track

As part of Yamaha’s Yard Built program, the Belgian customizer Brice Hennebert and his Workhorse Speed ​​Shop converted a Yamaha XSR 700 into a real sprint bike for the Sultans of Sprint series.

The Yard Built bikes are actually supposed to inspire Yamaha customers to convert their own bikes into a one-off. Has for the Sultans of Sprint bike from Workhorse Shop Yamaha but broken his own rules. This bike should not please, not beguile, it should dominate – on the sprint track in the Factory Class at the Sultans of Sprint.

XSR 700 completely transformed


The XSR 700 is long and flat.

In order to grow into this role, Hennebert has extensively redesigned the basic Yamaha XSR 700 bike. It had to be long, flat and, above all, incredibly fast – so it is hardly surprising that almost nothing of the production bike has remained unchanged.

The frame has been lowered by a good 150 millimeters, the front paneling made of aluminum and the tank are inspired by the long-distance FZR with which Christian Sarron competed at the Bol d’Or in 1985. The footrests moved far back and the swing arm was even lengthened by 100 millimeters.

Laughing gas for the two-cylinder


With a nitrous oxide injection, the twin is sustainably strengthened.

Because the two-cylinder of the XSR 700 is one of the smallest engines in the Factory Class, it had to be doped a lot. The crankshaft was finely balanced, the oil circuit optimized, the injection modified and a new anti-hopping clutch installed. But the two-cylinder only becomes a real Herbrenner with the adapted nitrous oxide injection. A racing brake system provides adequate stopping power.

The Yamaha Workhorse XSR 700 can be seen and experienced at various Sultans of Sprint competitions, including in Italy, Belgium, France and from August 31 to September 2, 2018 at Glemseck in Germany.

Yamaha Workhorse XSR 700 2018


Glemseck 101 (2018)

The 13th round

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