Yamaha WR 250 F (model year 2020)

Yamaha WR 250 F (model year 2020)

Enduro is getting faster, stronger and lighter

The new Yamaha WR 250 F for the 2020 model year is based on the competition motocross bike YZ 250 F. It will roll out from October 2019 with, among other things, a new engine, new chassis and new fairing parts.

The new Yamaha WR 250 F for the 2020 model year comes with the 250 cc four-stroke engine with an inverted cylinder and the latest double-loop aluminum frame as well as the latest spring elements.

Motor based on YZ 250 F

The Yamaha WR 250 F takes the single-cylinder four-stroke engine from the parts shelf of the competition bike YZ 250 F, which competes in the MX2 World Championship. A new forged aluminum piston is intended to achieve a higher compression ratio of 13.8: 1 (previously 12.5: 1). Combined with a modified exhaust cam control and new intake valve seats, the engine in the 2020 model should provide more torque at low and medium speeds. The new enduro should generally have more power and torque than its predecessor across all speed ranges. How much, exactly, has not yet been announced by Yamaha.


The engine of the 2020 Yamaha WR 250 F is based on that of the current YZ 250 F motocross bike.

The injection nozzle of the predecessor had ten holes and will be replaced by a new injection nozzle with twelve holes for the 2020 model year. Also new is the 44 mm Mikuni throttle valve housing, the revised intake funnel and a newly developed crankshaft counterweight.

A starter with a diameter of 50 mm should ensure faster restarts, the long-geared six-speed gearbox has a new clutch that should be both lighter and more robust, while the engine with the cylinder head turned upside down is now equipped with an air filter that can be serviced without tools.

Configure via mobile phone app

Wirelessly and via app (Power Tuner app), the Yamaha WR 250 F can choose between three mappings and set 16 values ​​for fuel injection and ignition timing. The app also provides race logs, engine diagnostics, a real-time monitoring screen and a data backup function, and enables maps and race logs to be shared and compared.


In 2020, the performance characteristics of the WR 250 F can be adjusted wirelessly using a smartphone with the free Power Tuner app.

The Yamaha WR 250 F is equipped with an engine map mounted on the handlebar. Two factory preset modes can be used, but also custom maps created with the Power Tuner app. These can be loaded onto the CCU (communication control unit) of the Enduro, so that the pilot can switch between the individual maps while driving and adapt the mapping to the conditions.

Frame and chassis

For the Yamaha WR 250 F in the 2020 model year, the double-loop aluminum frame was revised so that the upper frame tubes are now straight and the main mounts for the engine are reinforced with additional outer plates.


For the 2020 model year, the WR 250 F is equipped with an air-oil-separated Kabaya telescopic fork, similar to that of the YZ 250 F..

A Kayaba telescopic fork with a diameter of 25 mm springs at the front, one millimeter more than its predecessor. It is also said to provide an increased oil flow rate. At the rear, a new shock absorber with a stronger and lighter coil spring, which should bring a weight saving of 350 grams. According to the manufacturer, the 30 cm³ increased capacity of the expansion tank ensures more stable damping properties.

Tank, fairing, ergonomics

The tank of the new Yamaha WR 250 F increases by 0.5 to 7.9 liters. In addition, it gets a new radiator cover, new airbox cover, new side covers and a newly shaped cover for the rear wheel as well as a new headlight cover and a new protective plate made of light and robust plastic. Overall, the Yamaha Enduro is slimmer than its predecessor and rolls with a flatter and lower seat.


There is greater range thanks to the fuel tank that has grown by 0.5 liters to 7.9 liters. Nevertheless, the new Enduro should be slimmer than its predecessor.

Main features of the Yamaha WR 250 F model year 2020

  • new look
  • new, YZ 250 F-based engine with Enduro specification
  • Revised exhaust camshaft control and newly shaped exhaust ports
  • new Denso injector with twelve bores and new 44 mm Mikuni throttle body
  • new multi-angle inlet valve seats
  • lighter piston with higher compression
  • new crankshaft counterweight
  • new, heat-resistant coupling
  • new, light and compact electric starter
  • long-geared 6-speed gearbox with revised switch cams
  • Enduro-specific coordination of fuel injection and ignition timing
  • Compatible with the free Power Tuner smartphone app
  • revised lower cylinder cutouts
  • new position of oil filler neck and oil level indicator
  • Aluminum fan wheel and newly laid pipe for the coolant
  • new double-electrode spark plug
  • lighter bolts and screws


"The new generation of the WR 250 F is the most modern 250-cc four-stroke enduro ever built by Yamaha," the manufacturer proclaims. And in fact, the fact that it is based on the YZ 250 F, which has been successful in competitions, has earned it advance praise. However, no specific performance data has yet been communicated and Yamaha is still keeping a low profile on the price. It will roll out to dealers in October 2019.

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