Yamaha X-Max 250 ABS in the test

Yamaha X-Max 250 ABS in the test

Tight damping, full cornering stability

For people for whom the successful Tmax was too big, too heavy or simply too expensive, Yamaha followed up with the 250 in 2006. Freshly lifted, the Yamaha X-Max 250 ABS now has to undergo our test.

Known feels Yamaha decided to redefine the key data of the scooter world in terms of driving dynamics with the Tmax, which debuted in 2000. The equation roller equals wobbly rocking chairs for cozy contemporaries no longer applies, at least at Yamaha.

Yamaha X-Max 250 ABS in the test

Tight damping, full cornering stability

Hand lever not adjustable, socket missing

For 2014 the Yamaha X-Max 250 / ABS was lifted, the formerly rather rounded body gave way to a dress with real corners and clear edges. Underneath, he stayed the same, but let’s look at the exterior first. The two windy lids of the two compartments in the leg shield (one of which is lockable) are really noticeable due to the overall high-quality appearance and high processing quality. Otherwise there are no complaints in this regard. The digital cockpit provides information one floor higher. In addition to speed and engine speed, it also knows what time and how warm it is, it provides information about the thirst of the two-valve engine and much more.

All information can be called up conveniently from the handlebars. The hand levers on the Yamaha X-Max 250 are not adjustable, and there is no power socket. The bench is very, very tightly padded. The high step and the narrow and steeply rising running boards result in an immovable sitting position which, at least for the long-legged author of these lines, quickly became uncomfortably noticeable with a painful rump. In addition, if you want your knees to rest in the slipstream of the narrow paneling, you have to squeeze them quite tightly. In the unlit compartment under the seat, two full-blown full-face helmets plus small items can easily disappear despite the rather slim body.

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The Yamaha X-Max 250 ABS is easy to drive

The well-known two-valve drive offers few surprises. With 20 HP it is not a muscleman, it also runs quite rough, but drives the Yamaha X-Max 250 / ABS up to 125 km / h. When challenged in this way, he allows himself 3.7 liters, in cruising mode he gets by with 3.0 liters. But fast driving is clearly more to him, the light-footed handling, the firm damping and the full cornering stability compensate for the slightly nervous straight-line stability.

The righting moment when braking in curves is limited. With two fingers pulled firmly, the Yamaha X-Max 250 can be braked, the ABS regulates at quite long intervals.

What else stood out: the high beam is great, the low beam is acceptable, the rearview mirror is good, the window is loud, and it almost bounces on the main stand by itself. The bottom line is that the Yamaha X-Max 250 ABS for 4795 euros is a real offer for scooter fans who like it more tangible. Very hard ones save 400 euros and the ABS.

Technical specifications

At Yamaha, they prefer clean lines. The narrow but high windshield is not adjustable.

engine: Single-cylinder four-stroke engine, an overhead, chain-driven camshaft, two valves per cylinder, injection, centrifugal clutch and variator.

Bore x stroke: 69.0 x 66.8 mm

Displacement: 249 cm³

Rated output: 15 kW (20 hp) at 7500 rpm

Max. Torque: 21 Nm at 6000 rpm

landing gear: Tubular steel frame, telescopic fork, Ø 35 mm, drive unit swing arm, two spring struts, directly hinged, front disc brake, Ø 267 mm, rear disc brake, Ø 240 mm, ABS.

Cast aluminum wheels: 3.50 x 15; 3 .75 x 14

Tire: 120 / 70-15; 140 / 70-14

mass and weight: Wheelbase 1545 mm, front / rear spring travel 110/85 mm, seat height 785 mm, weight 185 kg with a full tank, load 168 kg, tank capacity 13.2 liters.

Guarantee: two years

Colors: gray, black, white

Price / additional costs: 4795 euros / around 180 euros

Offers for the Yamaha X-Max 250

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