Yamaha XSR 700 XTribute in the test

Yamaha XSR 700 XTribute in the test

MT-07 meets XT 500

Yamaha is putting another derivative of the MT-07 in the shop windows. It is reminiscent of the XT 500. You can read here why our initial skepticism about the Yamaha XSR 700 XTribute turned into enthusiasm.

One thing in advance: Quite a few who owned and ridden an XT 500 themselves decades ago will stand in front of this bike, frowning, turning up their noses and wondering what it is all about. Because: How can you make fun of a legend in terms of design? Two things must be said about this. In 1978 things went the other way round and no one was upset. At that time, the XT 500, which had been presented two years earlier, was given a street dress and pushed into the shop window as the SR 500. Today the customer is simply happy that the very good MT-07 is now available in an additional dress. Because the clientele has changed. And Yamaha is well prepared for their wishes. This brings us to the technical aspect of the XTribute.

XSR 700 provides the basis

With the MT-07, Yamaha made a big hit in the first year of sales in 2014. The ultra-handy, only 5,995 euro expensive and only 182 kilo heavy machine advanced to a bestseller overnight. The high-torque two-cylinder engine with 75 hp, which stands well in the drilling in all speed ranges, plays a key role in this.


Pirelli MT60 RS tires roll on the 17-inch wheels, good for light terrain.

Two years later, the XSR made its debut, it’s basically a retro-inspired MT-07. The now presented XTribute is based on the XSR. In keeping with the XT history, the machine was given brushed aluminum tank covers (the real tank is made of plastic, jagged and stuck underneath), bellows for the fork, seat, rear fender and handlebars, which are designed to be based on those in the late 1970s XT models were used, gold rims and tires with light off-road attributes. The bundled package is available for 8,499 euros.

All round successful motorcycle

The formidable titanium complete exhaust system from Acrapovic is unfortunately only optional and costs a whopping 1,482 euros extra. But the investment is worthwhile, because the system is not only a visual pleasure, but also acoustically pleasing. Just like the overall package. The Pirelli MT60 RS are a perfect choice and work very well both on the road and on light gravel.


LED rear light and a bench that is reminiscent of that of the XT 500.

The machine is not suitable for harder scrambler inserts due to the 17-inch wheels and the low ground clearance. Otherwise everything is perfectly arranged. The wide handlebars sit comfortably in the hand and the knee angle is okay for everyone between 1.50 and 1.90 meters. Only on the forward sloping seat does the pillion slide more on the driver’s skin than he might like.


The motorcycle is an all-round success, but unfortunately it also has the disadvantage that you find in the sister models: the chassis setup was a little too soft. Anyone who doesn’t mind will find a reliable, cool partner for everyday life in the XTribute. Just like back then, by the way …

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